Friday 28 August 2020

How Do You Keep Yourself Relevant To Today ?

Hello out there

I have just published a blog post which is the one prior to that and I thought about

" how do you keep yourself relevant to today "

I think the simple answer is you don't have to unless your face is your business and perhaps you're an international catwalk model , I mean the most thrilling thing I have done today is empty all the bon round the house ( exciting ) but that is relevant because I am actually getting up and doing something about it and then subsequently writing about it in this here blog post.

I did have some excitement when my garden waste bin was not collected for the second week period and I was a thing possessed firing off politely worded emails and result the bin got collected.I mean it was a only a few bin collection emails but I had such passion behind it and in this strange times any passion is a bonus I say.I hadn't blog for a week and no one noticed and nor should I expect them to ,  my cat however got some sexy requests over on Instagram and I have to say he is rather bemused by it all. Yes I know I know , I know my cat has an instagram account and no it isn't twee.

I do say what I feel and blog what I feel and there is no mystery in that , I am beyond my years and a wise old soul like a wizard trapped in a cat except I am not fluffy except for when I have not shaved my top lip.Not that I have a moustache that I can wax but if I did I would defiantly go for being in a Victorian curiosity side show and perhaps be able to do circus tricks as well.So I think I really think that keeping yourself relevant really does come down to being you and there is only one of you and it would be a shame to waste that.

My Mines Eye In Photography

My mines eye in photography is very important to me as it’s what makes me go oooooh with wonder at what I see and I rush of to capture it immediately.Though that’s been a little harder with social distancing but with places opening up with spaced out ticketed entry that is becoming somewhat easier.

When on a walk I tend to scan everything and everyone like a giant meerkat but not because I’m looking out for danger but I’m looking to see what catches my eye.Sometimes I’m hit immeasurably like a train with the view or shot and other times it is through my scanning of my surroundings.

And even before lockdown I was walking it’s a great form of exercise and when you’re out on a walk it’s like a anvil is lifted off your head ( bit like a cartoon character hit by an anvil )

Photography gives me a peace and acceptance of  being autistic and It helps me with my anxiety .

Friday 14 August 2020

A Cat Birthday Card

I made my good friend Jane a birthday card she’s 21 plus a little more for social distancing

I embossed the inner bit with a Happy Birthday on a piece of card

I then used a card blank and stuck on a Simon Drew postcard I clip holes through both pieces and card and tied together with ribbon 

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Staycationing In Kent

I have to admit I was awfully nervous about going away especially in this current climate but with my husband a key worker and working non stop , we felt a break was necessary.We though long and hard about where we should go and finally settled on Kent as we both know it so well and that’s where my late Grandparents used to live.But using points I had with Holiday inn I booked two nights near Canterbury, I also booked a time slot to go into Canterbury Cathedral one of those days.


This was where we started our Kent staycation arriving around midday just in time for a spot of lunch , Whsitable is a seaside town the North coast of Kent in South-East England , it is 5 miles North of Canterbury and 2 miles west of Herne Bay.Do check out places to park as we parked near the sea front and it was something like £2 a hour , I 'm pretty sure if you park further away you could grab yourself a bargain.Now if you go to Whitstable at the minute I would advise to take some cash for your eating and snack needs as some of the places we went to were only accepting cash which did seem a little odd in the current climate. You can do some lovely walks along the coast we walked round up to Tankerton Bay and nearly got to Herne Bay, when I am along the coast I could truly walk and walk for miles there is just something about it that embraces one.

Whistable Harbour 


Canterbury is a UNESCO World Heritage historic centre and the cathedral attracts visitors from all round the world. wee started our day milling round the city of Canterbury and it was not crowded and though it picked up later it still was not crowded and there is plenty of space to socially distance .We had plenty of time to wander around as we weren't booked into the cathedral till later on in the afternoon and Canterbury is a pure gem of a city never have I seen such a clear river and you can go punt trips down the river.

Canterbury Cathedral is the heart of the Church of England.The cathedral was founded in 597 AD by missionary St Augustine and over the years it was rebuilt by both the Saxons and the Normans.You can see where Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 and also you can see the Toms of the Black Prince and Henry IV and be prepared to have your breath taken away by the impressive medieval stained glass windows.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Fried Portuguese Green Beans

First time cooking Peixinhos da horta (fried Green beans ) in my own kamikaze style , yes I know the beans should be whole etc etc but I was cooking on a wing and a prayer.


100 grams of plain flour ( though you could reduced the amount , it’s totally up to you)

3  eggs ( I only had 2 so added some milk )

Some salt and pepper 

Some herbs dried or fresh 




Wash and remove the Green beans strings and cut the ends, then place them in a saucepan full of water and season with salt.

Cook for around 10 -15 minutes 

Drain and set aside

Mx the flour eggs and a little salt in a bowl and any other flavouring I threw in some chicken seasonings

Dip around 3 -4 green beans at a time ( My Green beans were a bit more chopped up but it doesn't matter )  keep going till all the beans are coated

Heat a frying pan or skillet up and gently fry the beans on both sides 

Set aside on a plate that has kitchen towel on

I served mine on a bed of chopped chicken but it pretty much goes with anything I think and it’s a quick and easy lunch or supper perfect for humid hot days . You could add some diced shallot to the batter just to make a bit of a change , it is I think a really adaptable recipe.

Fried Portuguese Green Beans
Fried Portuguese Green beans