Monday 17 May 2021

Getting Back to Socialising Without breaking the Bank

 I know you will be be spending your pennies socialising but hold on and keep those pennies in the piggy bank just a little bit longer . I am sure that you will have picked up some great baking skills over the various lockdowns we have had and are a dab hand at baking the infamous banana bread.We can all agree we have had a jolly challenging year and hopefully the end is it site. So we the current restrictions in mind why don't you :

1. Use up those Spirits with your friends at an indoor / outdoor cocktail party as well all have those odds and ends of spirits tucked away at the top of the fridge that you can't reach without fetching a step ladder.

2. Start a combined hobby with friends what about hiking and walking with friends as it mostly free apart from a good pair of walking boots and sensible clothing.And of course a good rain coat is essential and honestly you will be amazed what is on your doorstep.

3. Garden party and make it a working one , help each other with the gardening tasks that make have mounted up and then at the end celebrate your hard work with that cocktail party you have been promising yourself.

4. Check what you can sell to fund a special meal out or drinks with friends , you will be amazed at what is kicking 

5 Pick a location where you can either park for free or a small cost , we did this the other day at Holy Island where the parking cost £7 but no other cost was involved except a cup of tea soup and a shared cake .

Darley Abbey World UNESCO Heritage Site

There is nothing like a super wander in the sunshine on a Sunday especially round a UNESCO world heritage site of Darley Abbey that is up there with the Pyramid s and the Taj Mahal to name but a few.

And all this on my door step and how lucky am I and even more lucky for you that I’m sharing I’m my adventures. I like nothing more that adventure s and seeing the architecture and the marvels of the Industrial Age . While some pubs in the area have gone the way of the pandemic other building s have had new life breathed into them in the ways of bars and cafes. Darley Abbey is a vibrant area list in time with plenty of places to explore and river walks a plenty .

And though my hair has not seen any scissor action , I am pleased to have lost some 2 stone in weight and I have been working hard to do so.It was tough last year with all the restrictions which put the brakes on me going to the gym and then the stay at home order. But now with restrictions starting to lift I am going all out with bells and whistles to lose more and that is my smiley face which I have been praising hard on.