Monday, 24 September 2018

Gentle As Jam Me and My Autism

The other day I thought of a phrase as it was "Gentle as jam " and that very much describes me and I am that I am gentle I am kind I have a righteous indignation. Oh and I have Autism I have had it all my life and only an official diagnosis since Thursday , and I don't even a T short or a badge to the club.It doesn't mean I have Rain man abilities trust me , I have yet to come across the questions "like you don't look Autistic or everyone is a bit on the spectrum "

I don't see my diagnosis as a prejudice ye there might me prejudice out here but I will deal with it as and when and if I come across it , there is so much support out there if you want it. I am going to carry on being me I am still Claire who likes Tea, Cat and Bobble Hats and it is refreshing.

When I was shunned years ago when things when wrong for me in the blogging community and elsewhere is one of those things and would I want friendship back from those people who didn't know I had Autism well no I don't think I would. I understand life enough to know we don't get on with everyone and that's just so and what it is .If life was how we always wanted it to be then I would be drinking tea in a museum surrounded my cats.

I am clever I Am bright I am me and I have the social skills of a a tea spoon but I do follow rules mostly and I thinking being British and Autistic I do not mind queueing ~ weird eh . I throw grammar rules quite frankly out the window well because it is part of my Autism I think.

As I am only 4 days into being diagnosed it feels like very much like I am the whale falling through the sky in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

I can hold a conversation though I might get overwhelmed I will be able to tell you this , I will give eye contact on occasions and more so if I really like and trust you . It is not going to stop me doing things I just need to plan to anticipate and humour is my socialising you might not always get it my humour is really an essential part of me. I do feel empathy I will feel especially sad if you spill your cup of tea , forget crying over spilt milk cry over spilt tea.

I will go to blogging events and don't be afraid to invite me places and I will review stuff and I will write about things , I am still me.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Jacamo Wish List For Autumn

Autumn is well and truly up here with warm days and  evenings including very blustery winds and everything in between it suddenly Autumn is a colourful season one I love to embrace. And you can be assured with the right clothing you will be able to tackle anything the weather has to throw and you and if you're a gentleman then Jamaco is where it is at . And of course ladies can wear their stuff as well as I have borrowed my husbands clothes before and not necessarily given back as possession is nine- tenths or something like that !

Jacamo offers everything you need online from hats, coats,boots,shirts and many accessories, Mr T loves shopping online as it gives him the freedom to take me to National Trust places ! Mr T likes relaxed clothing which is especially  important as he has to wear corporate clothing all day at his job at a big worldwide company. So he is glad that Jacamo offers such a range of comfortable clothing , Mr T likes hoodies and there is a superb range from their own brand to other brands you'll know love and trust.

Mr T has been a rebel at work and started to wear dark jeans which he is allowed to do prior to this he was always wearing smart trousers but since seeing everyone wearing jeans thought why shouldn't he join in ! It doesn't matter to Mr T if his jeans develop a hole he will wear them to destruction frays around the ankles and holes in the pockets which means I get any resulting coins that fall out !

And the struggle for jeans for Mr T is real when it comes to inside leg measurement as he has to hunt high and low to find his correct length or take them up ( luckily his sewing skills are legendary and he paid attention in sewing class ). At Jacamo the jeans are just right for him as he can select his correct waist size along with his leg length so no more hassle or fretting if he can't find the perfect pair.The prices are no more than you would pay in the high street either ranging from say £20 to about £75 in Mr T's sizing's.

And Mr T likes his functional footwear at an affordable price as well , he says I have more footwear than him though personally I think this topic is up for debate ! And these trainers at the bargain price of £15 would be perfect for him as well.

Jacamo has a wide choice and you're bound to find something for either that special occasion or just casual wear as I truly believe Jacamo has it all..

This is a collaboration blog post.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why I think you need to try AirBnB

If you are a follower and a reader obviously go my blog then you will probably me aware of the hilarity Mr T and I had when first trying out AirBnB it was very much like something form a Carry on film.You can read all about the hilarity at our first stab at AirBnB here but with hilarity comes a range of should I try this again and the short of answer of it all is a big yes and yes , we have stayed twice now at AirBnB and I think it makes a nice affordable alternative to hotels.

You see stopping at hotels especially in the gorgeous city of York can at various times be very expensive it is a massive draw for tourists from all round the world, with Fish and Chips being very popular for Chinese tourists ever since Tony Blair took the Chinese president for this meal.

You might be a little resistant to stopping in someones home and it is certainly a weird feeling but we are slowly getting to grips with it , first of all we go for the superhosts option which is as the name suggests a stop that has all the bells and whistles attached not necessarily in physical form but in hospitality and the affable nature of the hosts.

I think AirBnB gives you an affordable springboard to visting magical places and none more so than Mounts Priory in Yorkshire.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Visting Epiacum Roman Fort

We had to go up to pick the teen up ( who will be called the teen till he turns twenty next week ) we had to pick up up from a dig at Epicaum way way way up on the roof top of Britain up in Northumberland on the Penine way . This has truly truly dramatic scenery as you can be literally driving along and you think you're going to fall off the edge of the world.

Apparently one of the people from Time team had been surveying the site a gentleman called Stewart.We didn’t get to meet him as he had left by the time we had got there and but Josh was aware of someone with a beard .Apprently there is a lot of people with beards in Archaeology. I donated just £5 to the archaeology dig at Epiacum and didn't think much of it as it is nice to support people in preserving our history and making it more accessible to the general public

Archaeology changes lives in understanding the past we can help preserve it and help the future, it is all very exciting and Acracheology is a career I would have loved to pursue when I was younger and I was very much in my element visiting this dig in fact I wouldn't have minded if they had left be behind to be honest. All the archaeologist were very well taken of care of on site including excellent catering so I am told and of course the great British cup of tea !

The scenery of Northumberland is breathtaking and it is a part of the world I would like to come back to one day without the picking up of a family member!

We drove hundred of miles to go pick our son up he wasn't camping like some where neither was he in a B & B instead we had installed him into the local YHA at Alston which proved to be good value. We purchased a year YHA membership for him which gives you not only money off stays at Youth hostels but also money off things such as a Young Persons Rail card ( sadly I am about 20 years too late for that one ) The membership for under 25s is only £5 and for those over 25 it is £15 which I think is this day and age is a true bargain.

"Romans what have they ever done for us ?! "

You can't help but smile at the brilliance of this Monty Python sketch and I do love my Monty Python  they're pure genius.You feel pride that your offspring is doing something useful and you do still check they have had their breakfast that part of parenting never stops !

So please do drop by the  Epiacum Roman Fort if you're in the area or plan to be and if you can't get to the area then please do either donate or visit the fabulous website that is bringing the Romans back to life.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Blogging Absence

I was thinking I had a blogged for exactly one week and a day did you notice did I notice ?
I noticed because I’m always blogging and doing stuff on it.I share my life within reason and that of my car and my family.I even blog recipes on occasion in a kamikaze style.

But what concerned me was ( you should never start a sentence with because my English teacher told me ) .What concerned me was the blurring of lines between social media and real life.It is good to blog and how ,why, when you do it is up to you.I saw then someone hadn’t updated their Instagram for 2 days and they were flooded with messages asking if they were ok ? They were ok of course and they were grateful for people asking think they had a cold something.

So I’ve been absent for a week and I had exactly zero messages asking where either I or the cat was .Hell does anyone even comment on blogs anymore or is that a bit 2010?!

Cat picture for dramatic effect ...

Monday, 3 September 2018

A Cat Reviews B & M

No I didn’t literally take my cat on s shopping trip to B & M but you never know one day that’s something you might see ! ( an emotional suppport cat maybe !) .Literally when I was walking home I did see a gentleman taking his 4 little dogs for a walk and a cat was walking along as well . This was much to everyone s heartwarming amusement as it was very endearing to see.

We had to pop to B & M for a few bits and bobs for ourselves but also ended up getting something for the cat as well.

This is the 4 stages of shopping at B & M cat or human 

1.You see it and try to deny it.

2. You step in for a look but it doesn’t mean you’re going to commit.

3.You just touch it to feel the quality.

4.Ooops it’s fallen in your basket!

Friday, 31 August 2018

Cat Rules For Humans Part 1

Rules for cats

When you have a cat flap don't use it just sit confidently by the front door and demand for it to be opened then meow 30 seconds later and repeat ( this is much fun and allows your human to be exercised they won't appreciate this level of exercise but it is for their own good )

NO door should be closed anywhere demand that all doors be opened and try to burrow under them if these are not opened  ( you probably won't be popular but as humans do like to update their furnishings pretty regularly I really wouldn't worry your little furry head about it.


Now visitors you will get visitors who either just love cats and talk to you in that high pitched voice or they loathe you , now if they loathe you make a beeline for them and sit on their lap just ever so slightly embedding your claws. Also follow visitors to the toilet and just stare and stare slight over kill would be to cross put your paw along your throat.


If a human picks up a laptop , kindle tablet etc then kiss the corner of the item like it has catnip in it, or sit on the item for maximum effect.

In the kitchen it is import to be behind the heel of the cook it is like herding them to do what you want them to.

If there is a rare occurrence of a human reading a newspaper then jump on it they do love surprises as variety is the spice of life.

Humans carrying stuff upstairs dart quickly in fant of them in the dark as well , this helps with their coordination skills , humans love learning new skills.

Bed making the position you should take up with this is curl up in the middle and pounce every time a sheet is rearranged , also protest if you are evicted and protest loudly.

If the human is daft enough to sort out clean laundry on the bed then duly sit on laundry keep moving around until the laundry isn't warm anymore.If you are moved return, it is now playtime and there are no rules for added fun run off with a sock ( this is the call reason humans have only one sock )


There are no blurred lines when it comes to food , there is stuff cats can't eat but other than that it is mitts off , do dip your tail in their food when they aren't looking.

If you catch something alert your human to its presence they will have so much fun sharing your dining experience with you , though your food may try and run away.The wife of the male human will not be convinced that the mouse has decided to leave through the cat flap and every appliance will be pulled out to search for your food.


And if the human responds with "I know"

then they have joined your cult the cult of cat ...

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Un Jumbled or Jumbled I love the way I write

I think I am I know I am finding joy it stuff again , stuff slots into place slowly and in just over a month I will be back at work , It is only at dinner times but nothing strenuous looking after children at dinner time. I was a teaching assistant but that was stripped from me last year restructuring and such , the way of the world is ever changing and I believe I was in mourning for my job for well over year. I had lots of stuff cracking off this year as well trouble with my mother and her bi polar ( fighting to get help  ) my husband and his diabetes. It bothered me that some people didn't seem to appreciate my efforts to try and deal with my stress and anxiety and they just saw me popping off to various places taking pictures. You see taking pictures and going places is my way of de stressing and it makes me very happy as well , I am very grateful so very grateful to my core fiends and family for pulling me through.

When you are recovering you have to do it at your pace and no one else and I have started dabbling in recipes again , I am very much of a kamikaze cook and do it with a blind flair. Cooking is a passion as well I have yet to overcome my fear of the Nutri ninja as I am convinced it is going to ninja chop my fingers off.

And I was messed about regarding a blog post and I wasn't chuffed and people think oh influencer or bloggers shouldn't say anything , I am aware if corrections need to be made my English at times is a little unconventional and grammar purists will ultimately be holding their heads in their hands and then chucking a dictionary at me , it is up to them if it is the Oxford English dictionary.

I am here , I will continue to be here and to blog and to write in my own words jumbled or unjumbled I still have a voice to tell , I still have a purpose . I am still me no matter what I go through .I think of myself as one of those magic colour books as I just need to be brought into colour.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Pomegranate Apricot Halloumi Broccoli couscous Salad

Can salad be exciting ? can it I mean I know the last vapours of summer have disappeared and I have to admit that I did indeed turn my heating on over the bank holiday despite being told to out a jumper or cardigan on.You see when I am cold I am cold I am colder than anyone and I just need my temperature to be right I do like sunshine but I like my sunshine with a bit of a breeze.


You guessed it salad ingredients 

Pitaschios < which I forgot in the finished fish , I think I’ll be using them tomorrow instead!

Pomegranate seeds

Tenderstem Broccoli 

Enough cous cous for however many people 

Tinned Apricots


Prepare the amount of cous cous you need and set aside , you could even use rice if you like .

Next heat some oil in a pan and fry some tenderstem broccoli, put this to one side.

Next fry your halloumi until it is nicely brown on each side again set this aside.

3 Florence Must Sees

Florence is an amazing city full of charm and history and only the stones hearted wouldn’t fall in love with it and there is really so much to see here you’ll marvel at the architectural spldendour and the Renaissance is definitely worth getting the Florence card and you’ll end up seeing more that 5 places of interest in the 3 days the card is valid. A Florence card won’t allow you to skip the line at the cathedral you’ll have to wait in line like everyone else but the Florence card does allow you to get your tickets as a priority though. Kids under 18 go free with you on the Florence (Firenze) card which is an added bonus.

Uffizi Gallery

This art gallery is one of the oldest and most famous in Europe ,The renaissance art will really knock your socks off and are unique and certainly one of a kind.These include painting by Leonardo De Vinci and Michelango.

It’s stuffed full of art and it’s all very nice and I do like to put my own captions to the paintings as you can get a bit arted out at times.

I will let you into a secret if you go to Florence the first Sunday in the month then all the museums are free you be had pressed to see them all in this day but you could get a Florence card afterwards or before to see the ones you want or have missed.

Museums also offer a respite from the heat of Florence and a chance to rest your feet while you admire the art.

Piazza della Signoria and Loggia dei Lanzi

This is a breathtaking piazza in front of the Palazzo Vecchio and it hosts many astonishing statues such as a David replica and the Fountain of Neptune ( which is currently being done up )There are many bars and restaurants where you can admire your surroundings of which we did many a evening.One evening we even got locked in a restaurant for a bit as there was a bit of a terrifying weather bomb of hail and rain and wind!

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is one of Florences most photographed landmarks , it is the most photographed bridge in the city and is the one remaining one with shops and houses on it. Did you know there is a secret passage way build at the top of the bridge ? is is called the Vasaru corridor and was built by Vasari for the Duke Cosimo I de Medici. The reason that the jewellery shop are there are because Ferninando a Medici didn't like the smell of the butcher shops that were there previously.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Sorting Out A Suitable Office Chair For A University Student

We have been helping our son move into his new university accommodation and it’s going to be a shared house. He is one of the first to move in and so far, has had to sort out various problems from no hot water to a heavily lime-scaled toilet. Now with regards to the cleaning of the toilet, he’s been throwing everything that is recommended to clear it and I had some really useful tips to pass on how to clear it so fingers crossed on this. Regarding the hot water, he’s had to ring up the letting agency to get that sorted but it took a few days, luckily it was fixed while he was away for a few days so he’s come back to hot water!

We have also been helping him make his rented home feel a bit homelier and his, everyone loves a home to feel like their own. So, over the bank holiday, we are going up armed with his curtains for his room, bread crock and his special cushion and a few other supplies. Honestly, I feel like I’m running two houses at the minute but he’s doing a good job I think. It is a lot for a young person (teenager) to move into their first home even though it is rented. And they can get overwhelmed especially when you go through the basics of their own home with them, it really is so much to take in.

We are taking up his own office chair as he can't get on with the one supplied in his room (so we will just store that one in the garage). If you are looking for an office chair that will look stylish and functional in any setting then you could look at somewhere like Ikea or even Next.I think it is important not to write off shops like this as they produce very study furniture.

Also, worth looking if you need any sort of office furniture to look at Ikea ,Next etc as it will last through the stages of study and beyond. I have a neighbour who went to Ikea to kit out his home office as he runs a business from home. So whether you’re need office furniture for home study or work it it well worth a look.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Writing To Help With Anxiety

I was once told by a friend that I shouldn’t document my anxiety in my blog and that it was the worse thing I could do to draw attention to myself and my anxiety.I was told I shouldn’t keep my blog ~ Update : I kept the blog and lost the friend ~ my blog my rules my

It is impossible to think that friends should impose rules upon you how they think you should act how you should feel and how you should be and every other how you should in between.People are control freaks beyond wanting to control their own lives.In this day at age we should be supporting each other and not putting each other down , what happened to me was a while a go .But people are unaware of how lasting their actions are at times is as life you emotions are emotional fly paper and of course emotions are going to be caught up in them.

Anxiety is a journey and it will have its up and down s throughout a lifetime mine of late has been brought on with issues with my mother and then everything else go wrong all at once.Luckily the shower door coming down on me hasn't not added to my anxiety which is nicely boxed at the minute with air holes. I say boxed with air holes as anxiety doesn't simply go away well for me it doesn't and we all mange our conditions in our own way.I am not going to be naive and same it won't come back but I hopefully have a better understanding of it and the situations that bring it on.

SO I say to you sing your anxiety , write your anxiety ,draw and paint your anxiety and do anything you want to help you with your anxiety !

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How A Cat Feels When You Come Back From Holiday

How does a cat feel when you come back from holiday and how long will you have to apologise for?

Cats are very independent creatures and really don’t like change whether you place them in a cattery or have a house sitter , they’ll let you know on your return.We have used catteries in the past but now Jack is alone without Rollie we don’t we use a pet sitter instead ( friend ) .She lives across the road and loves looking after Jack and he’s got used to my friend.We either leave Classic FM for him but of late it’s been Radio 1 , maybe he’s more of a Radio 2 cat ?

You will spend your time when you get back off holiday saying “I know “ when they meow at you .This will leave you wondering what on Earth you’ve agreed to and what your cat will now be expecting.

A box will make a peace offering to your cat but this won’t be enough to make peace with them.Making time also to brush your cat will help relax them and especially in this hot weather they’ll be grateful as they shed fur.Playing with your cat is another way to relax them and just as you rotate toys with children be sure to do this with cats as well.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Back To Reality

This week has been crashing back to reality after holiday

“This morning I was gazing out over Florence having breakfast “ to “ I’m now cleaning the fridge “

Firstly we realise how lucky we are to go on holiday as a family it is a real treat.We value our time away as a family as it’s “us” time even though I ‘might’ possibly get a tad cranky on occasions when we have walked at least 8 miles round breathtaking Florence.

We are now preparing for our second goodbye before the teen heads back to University and I don’t know why but it feels as poignant as the first goodbye.We have brought new bedding from Ikea then returned a sheet as who knew they did a sheet that cost £30.And we didn’t even come out with a tealight ! though we did have meatballs there though.

And it won’t be long before he’s helping out on Freshers week to help settle the newbies into university life.This time he’s sharing a house and will have to cook more of his own meals.But the thing is having more personal space which is a real bonus.University rooms are great but you’re limited on space a lot of the time.

I am not a believer of the “ you only get 18 summers with your child “ 

I mean we are on our 19th and I know they’ll come a point where we will holiday apart but then come together again for holidays.Holidays are a marvellous avenue to relax rest recuperate and just chill out.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Vibe Of Florence

Florence is an assault on the senses from the food to the architecture, the moment you step into the glorious honeycomb stone city you’re enchanted.Being in the heart of a city is very much a key to being part of the vibrancy of the flow .People watching a plenty and it is never dull when you’re doing that.

I like spotting the unusual and the whacky things in life it makes the world so much sweeter.

Update I’m now locked in a restaurant as a whirlwind struck Florence, hailstones rain everything but a plague of locusts.Tables were shifting outside, table clothes were a flutter.It was straight out of the film Wizard of Oz!

Normally you’d be able to see a tower across the square.The hailstones were big ! the restaurant looked after us laughing and joking about how we were all partying and we should play hide and seek.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Surviving The Heat In Florence

How do you survive the heat in Florence?

Luckily there is plenty of museums and churches to dip in and out of , and many of these themselves will have air conditioning units.

1. Gelato is a must !

2.Cool churches and museums are essential to escape the city heat.

3 Eat light or what you think will be a light meal !

4. Explore the city at night time irs such a vibrant place to be you’ll lose your heart here.

I have to say with all the heat here I succumbed to the pressure of the designer Magnum.I know you can get them in Asda cheaper but it was so hot and we just needed to cool down.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Twinning is Winning

Just had my hair done again I’m not exactly high maintenance I do have to say  that’s my style.I am very much a free spirit and having my hair done is very much not be and the faster I can get away the better.I know there are products I should be using in my hair to try and tame.I bet the blooming Mona Lisa never had this problem with her long luscious locks.

Also my cat is flying in the face of don’t jump on the surfaces , as we all know cats don’t give a fig.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Black Is The New Cat

Black is the new cat they say it’s bang on trend this season to be to be a black cat .Never one to be imitated and very much an original and the muse of so many.

Being exclusive do I welcome in change you say , well darling I tried a lower brand cat food and it was all fur coat and no knickers.I’m  very much a middle class cat and as such I demand only the finest out of life .

Strutting the catwalk is my thing and I don’t get out of bed unless you’ve thrown that ping pong ball 10,000 times.

And the cat in trouble in the news isn’t me as I deny it all ..

“Cat got your tongue they ask ?”

Yes I say .

Not enough room to swing a cat , no sorry I’m not into Strictly come dancing nor do I watch Love Island .

New host of Question Time obviously needs to be me .. I think I will be just the cat the public need to ask those searching indignant questions and not letting those sneaky politicians get away with things.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Halving Your Costs As A University Student

How on earth in the day and age do you halve your costs as a university student ,it is possible to halve your costs as a student however in particular by the second year.The first year I feel as a student is hard for all from the poor parents ( me and my husband ) to my son who is the pasta eating champion of England.The costs for the first year are pretty much absorbed by the grant you get for accommodation and livings cots , halls are horrendously expensive but you do get your breakfast and evening meal in term time.However at the weekend you do have to cater for yourself , I still haven't recovered from the pit of hell that was the fridge in the shared kitchen in his halls of residence how o none got ill I never know !

We have taken a hit finically as parents but that is what you do right in order to give them a leg up in this world as without trying to sound middle-aged things are not as easy as they used to be.

1.Getting a job while studying at university really does help your costs if you can manage it with your studies , in getting a job not only does it help your time management skills it also looks good on your CV.

2 Check what funding you’re entitled to beyond your living Grant again from a disabled grant to help if you do t get on with your parents.

3.Have a no spend day each week where literally you don’t spend , meal planning helps with this so you’re not tempted to splash the cash on impulse buys.

4.Literally know your discounts the Nus Extra ( 3 years is the best value ) and your parents will literally love you more if you produce this vardvwhen eating out and who know they might give you the money they saved!

5. Get a student rail card 

6. Join the YHA association get money off stays and other discounts like money off a rail card .

7. Shop in the evening fir the yellow sticker items .

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Getting Help In The Garden

We really have enjoyed our garden this year and the weather has been glorious for ever and ever and I do wish it would rain a little ( well actually a lot ) preferably at night time ,then that would be a real winner.There are still a few jobs we would like to do in our garden and though Mr T is more than capable of doing a lot of these jobs ,that he and I have planned and because he has a recent diagnosis of Diabetes he can get a little tired at times. ( His diabetes was diagnosed in May and even though it is under control he is hovering between type 1 and type 2 ) .Mr T does like to be different in all manner of way s and we compromise on many things in the house and in the garden.Compromise is part and parcel of achieving what you both want and it is important when you are both going to be enjoying the garden space.

The garden really has been a labour of love for Mr T and various rockeries have sprung up here and there as they are easy maintenance , we have made full use of a weed suppressant in the garden .We have covered this with pea shingle as this is a cheap product and looking out for bargain is speciality of mine.I am more of an artistic director when it comes to the garden though I am by no means Chelsea Flower show standard.

Back to those planned jobs and as mentioned even though Mr T is more than capable, he is wanting to take it easy at times though you wouldn't think it the way he is cycling like a demon on his bike ( he now has a choice of bike a e bike or his normal mountain bike). And in taking it easy he would be more than happy to hand over some of the planned jobs over to someone one else. This is where a service like MyBuilder could come in where you can choose a gardener to helper you out on what ever jobs you have planned for in and around the garden.You can choose a gardener that is in your area and you can see the review from other people which will help you make your decision and you invite them to give you a quote.It is always best to get at least three quotes then go for the one that you feel will deliver what you want best.

So we are excited for the ever evolving garden and I hope to grow some vegetables next year in some form or another though not courgettes or aubergine s I am not a fan of those despite people making courgette spaghetti and every other vegetable in sight into spaghetti . We have grown vegetables in the past and we are quite successful and we enjoyed doing so there is something really satisfying about growing your own crops.

This is a collaboration post.

Recovery From A Breakdown

I’m 4 years into a recovery from a breakdown and I’m doing ok , I’m a survivor! You might think that I should be more than a survivor that maybe I should be recovered completely .I think everyone deals with mental health in their own way and I am one that deals with that.

Time is very much the healer and 4 years on through the passage of life I’ve been hit with anxiety but I’m getting through it.Having good support around you is key I think either through friends / family or through your doctor ( it is a postcode lottery it shouldn’t be but it is ) 

Finding something you enjoy does helps you and I very much enjoy my photography and travel .I get twitchy feet if I stand still to long as I need to be capturing the moment.And though I have been off work since March I am planning to go back it is only dinner time with kids as a midday supervisor  and it isn't really a just only to have any job is a good thing.I still really miss my time as a teaching assistant but as a level1 I had to make way for restructuring and budgeting such is life.

I do have have an autism assessment in September and I am sure this will help me further either way , I do think I am autistic some where along the spectrum but I do not see it as a hinderance in either telling you or finding out.We are in a more open society nowadays and I am one of the lost generation in terms of diagnosis.

DO I feel I will be treated differently if I am autistic no I don't well leave I wouldn't expect to be treated as such.

It is hard enough to write this as it is there for all to see and absorb but in being open I do hope in doing this it will help people to go for that autism diagnosis if they wish , to go and get that help with anxiety and depression.

DO remember you are never alone reach out talk and keep talking ...

Sunday, 22 July 2018

You Need To Visit Calke Abbey

The collections are ordinary you might think but it is collections through the centuries and it’s so joyful in the “ House that time forgot “

A National Trust membership will soon pay for itself and it’s especially good value for families.We literally live down the road from
Calke Abbey and we are always visiting it’s our go to place for a walk , mooch and relax.

But however many times you go to a property there is always something new to see or focus on.I think Calke Abbey is such a place and it is worth a visit ( there’s a few stairs there ) You can not help but be captivated with the lost beauty of Calke.

Collecting everyone loves collecting we start collecting at a very early age and we never really stop.Be transformed back to your childhood when you see the collection of curios which include an ocean of shells.

I’m in love with all the shells and I could simply spend all day looking at them and I think also of who collected them.

And as Calke Abbey is the unstately home then I feel totally at home as I’m not near by any stretch of the imagination.



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