Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Slowness Of Time

It’s 5 Am 

You can’t sleep 

You try to get back to sleep but you can’t 

You finish the internet 

It’s now 5.01 

You get up to find even your cat is asleep 

It’s not even 5.05 

You drink tea and more tea 

The cat wakes up and you do edgy band photos with it 

It’s now only 5.10 

Time is very very slow early in the morning!

And this is good because it’s a good time to reflect and one of the biggest kindnesses you can have is being kind to yourself.You have got to try and love yourself and not left the self doubt win life is really honestly too short to let it drag yourself down.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Friendship Is A Lot Like Socks

 Friendship is a lot like socks ,the oddest of pairings will and does work.

Why should some socks (friends) not be paired ? 

If we're were the odd one and you didn't get to get that special friend or friends ; then you'd feel quite left out. If you think someone is aloft, weird, unique and not running with the crowd who is to say that they couldn't be the friend that you didn't think you needed.

Opposites attract.

Give an odd pairing a chance.

It could be the new joyful lease of life that they need.

Say Hi to someone

The simplest kindnesses are everlasting.

Open that door for someone.

Thank people.

Reach out and be the the kindness in someones life just letting someone know you're there really helps.

It is anti bullying this week and I better in my life than I have been in a long time , I was bullied as a child because I was different I have Autism but no one knew it then . Children could see and sense I was different and I was bullied without bullied and hard as I tried it got worse I spoke to my parents and teachers and people did their best but my bullying followed me from school to school.With Autism it is really hard to articulate yourself and when your are bullied you end up in a tailspin and bullying can leave you without a lifetime of hurt.

I struggled to make friends because of my issues with social communication and when sometimes people did decide to be my friend it was to use me , they said horrible things behind my back . They hid my glasses then suddenly found them to get praise from the teacher , they were in a word manipulative.

Which each new school there came the hope that everything would be ok and everything would be different , I didn't understand how you were supposed to be . I didn't understand how you were meant to make friends and people just thought I was weird.I hate the name calling ,the silent treatment , the spreading of rumours like you had sometime contagious, the polls to see if people like me the physical bullying , the bullying happened outside school as well. I was beat up on the way to my piano and harpsichord lesson people could just sense and see I was different like a injured zebra I suppose.

Being Autistic I take things literally and you believe what is being said to you , someone is telling you are stupid and worthless and no one ones to be your friend then being autistic why would someone tell me something that wasn't true.

My school reports are sad there is no getting away from it and it screams that schools should have seen that was something up with my learning and done more to help me but if I can help people recognise the struggles of others then I am doing good !

I was the little girl who couldn't ballet it was just dancey and pink i was the child who loved and was lost in their thoughts in a museum.

Life continued like this well into my adulthood as being in work it was like school but with a whole new list of social rules that you had to figure out and as a result I drifted in and out of jobs .

You are not the child who cried buckets when they were bullied because you can not express your emotions this is why it is so important to have perpetual kindness and I know life isn't play sailing and the ripples of emotion cause various problems but talking and reporting is a must.

Also tomorrow is World Kindness day but let us all be kind each and every day and not just for the day , kindness should be natural and part of our being.

BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion


I was kind enough to be send for review some BetterYou Magnesium Sleep mineral lotion for me to try and I was really excited as the older you get the more you struggle to sleep and whilst I refuse to be a number age wise ! I do have autism and this messes up my sleep no end and I welcome anything to try and get some sleep.I struggle to fall asleep and sometimes find myself waking every few hours.So when this arrived I was hoping it would be my miracle saviour cure.

The mineral lotion is rich in magnesium chloride, lavender and camomile, designed to relax your tired muscles, slow sensory activity and quieten the mind to promote a restful night's sleep.I love that the formula is free from paragons ,synthetic fragrances and colour , it also contains 100 percent natural ingredients ,making it gentle enough to be used during pregnancy ,BetterYou is also against animal testing.Each 5ml dose will provide you with an impressive 150mg of magnesium which is 40 percent of the recommended daily allowance.

Magnesium is a natural sleep aid which has a calming effect on the body ,relaxing muscles and easing the tensions of the day away.
Application is made easy by a pump bottle, you simply twist the top to unlock and push the pump down to release the lotion.The lotion is smooth and easy to apply it is just the right consistency.It is quickly absorbed into the skin it is highly moisturising, and my skin was left feeling soft and nourished. I am a huge fan of lavender though I don't like it to be overpowering which this is not. Lavender is well known for promoting relaxation and sleep.

For best results,BetterYou recommend applying after showering or bating, up to 30 minutes before sleep , it is now part of a my bedtime routine and I look forward to sleep more know rather than fearing it.The lotion is suitable for use all over the body and BetterYou suggest focusing on area such as the neck shoulders and legs.

BetterYou's new Magnesium Sleep Lotion is available now, priced at £9.95

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Blog My Identity

This is me the person behind the blog , the beating heart warts and all , I share in order to help myself and other people.Whilst on twitter my picture is of my late cat that’s because of my blog so it’s all emcompassing.

So cat photo on twitter or not it really doesn’t matter it’s really at the end of the day words that matter.My words are very important and I struggle to get them out at times and plain and simply it’s my autism .I don’t mind the disability not in the slightest it has list me friends who didn’t understand me.This was before the official diagnosis.

My blog is very special to me it’s a testament to my survival and that’s what I feel and having a diagnosis is part of my personality.I am now pulling all parts of my life together and sorting out things that should have been sorted in my childhood.

I’m am learning to roll with my brain and jumping about in a conversation or my writings is just part of me in this world.
I put my heart into everything I’m very much heart thoughts and deeds , I go above and beyond .I’m no matyr but I’m just a genuine human to the core , I help where I can and I love a happy conclusion though it’s not always so.

I seek my minds eye it soothes my heart and head and soul, I’m slowly knitting myself back together but I can’t actually knit.A cup of tea steers me through the day 

Monday, 5 November 2018

Cats Have Their Own Agenda

Cats I really do love cats they’re my favourite pet so much so that they’re my only pet, despite being allergic to cats I keep them.My allergy is lessened because I grew up with a cat but I didn’t know I was allergic then.

Cats have their own agenda like Jack sitting on the sky remote and fast forwarding to the conclusion of the program.

That time you changed the door and installed a new cat flap and they weren’t impressed especially as they really prefer the front door.

You just know in your heart of hearts you shouldn’t have watch the Shining with your cat.

Cats are the only entertainment you need to watch , try anything and they know it.

You save cardboard boxes just for them even though your efforts are weak in your cats eyes.

Cats dramatic divas that they are will control every aspect of your life , really you’re their servant.You are at their servant and they will never let you forget that you’re further at their beck and call.

You’ve fed the cat , played with cat , talked to the cat yet you find yourself reasoning with the cat that you’re doing the best for them.

Cats they rule 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

HoMedics Deep Sleep White Noise Machine


I can either sleep or not sleep and this quite frankly is down to my Autism where I either struggle to sleep or don't sleep , sometimes sleep is perfect and I am joyous then other times it is not. I do all that you are meant to do put down the life sapping soul destroying social media a few hours before bed.But I have a few tricks up my sleeve and one comes in the form of a white noise machine

The HoMedics Deep Sleep White Noise Machine is the only white noise machine that is truly adjustable. Its simple design and elegant speaker helps block outside noise and mask excess inside noise for a more peaceful sleep. Tone and volume controls allow you to create the perfect white noise for your environment. With four distinct white noise tones to choose from – including soothe, mask, relax and calm – you can easily fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. The Deep Sleep White Noise Machine is perfect for at-home bedside or portable use.

Advanced white noise therapy offers 4 distinct tones to help you fall asleep and stay asleep:

·         Soothe: Like a gentle rain, this tone has the lightest pitch - gently easing your mind
·         Mask: Designed to mask external distractions including noisy neighbours and road traffic
·         Relax: Modulated to disrupt interfering room noise, such as snoring
·         Calm: The deepest of all tones. Perfect for small children
·         Tone control allows you to manually adjust the tone of the white noise to best fit your needs
·         Bedside or portable – use adaptor or 4 “AA” batteries to get a good night’s sleep wherever you are (batteries not included)
·         Built-in timer – set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes

And I am finding it not only useful for nighttime relaxing but also when I need to do some work at the computer or perhaps some jobs that need doing round the house.

I am finding the calm sound on this particular useful as I am suffering from tinnitus and I have got to wait till January till I get the the local ENT clinic about it.

You can buy this direct fromHoMedics Deep Sleep White Noise Machine – RRP £49.99, PROMO £39.99
Available from: HoMedics.co.uk, Amazon

Disclosure I was sent this very kindly for review and I love it.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Pushing Myself Forward

I think you have to push yourself forward a lot of the time ,especially when it comes to the ice grips of Winter and you want nothing better than just stick the fire on and never leave the house again till Spring.But alas the only way to get out there is to well get out and actually meet people  , it is an irksome job practically if you have Autism as you might not wish to tell people and I am. Mostly I am getting good responses and some people are a little perplexed as they might not understand the condition.

In telling people you have Autism I truly believe it spreads awareness and I am all about awareness , I am just branching back into singing and I am going to try for 2 choir that require audition ~ yikes . I shall only go to one of them but I am going to give it my best shot as that is what you need to do in life.Now I am fully aware that despite me being able to sing that I might not get into either of these and yes I will feel crushed but no more so than constantly getting picked last for rounders.

You can not make people like you or bend to your will that is impossible , I am me and that is all I can be as I settle into my unique character that is me. I haven't gown an extra eye since I had been diagnosed but I can see with a certain nuance of clarity that how different I was , a joyful misfit that was just one step out of phase with the popularity of the moment.

But oh so happy to be !

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Why Self Resilience Is Important

Why self resilience is important because not only is it empowering but it’s a life skill as life isn’t always a smooth ride.

Emotional resilience refers to one's ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. More resilient people are able to "roll with the punches" and adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties; less resilient people have a harder time with stress and life changes, both major and minor.

And being autistic this isn’t easy I feel I’m saying that rather a lot lately but it’s true.Especially  as I come up against different situations in life especially after going back to work after 6 months off.

‪Yesterday I had my headphones on ( I could still hear outside world ) I crossed looking round me before I did to enter the narrow lane done which I work and then started walking up the lane to which a car beeped me aggressively. There was no where else to go except walk down the middle of the narrow lane as the cars tend to park on the narrow stretch of pavement. The driver then proceed to gesture about my headphones etc shaking head etc then finally when I got done the lane he was relating to his visitor about my headphones again gesturing this . He approached me saying about the headphones saying I should have been on the path , ( where you couldn’t fit due to the cars parking on the path due to the narrowness of the lane. 

I said this etc but some people are so narrow and blinkered in the views they just like to hear the sound of their own voice.

Now I know people can be in a world of their own with headphones but I have mine at such a level I hear the outside world.

I wear mine because of my autism it’s an unseen disability ~ and I didn’t even say this to him ( I didn’t even get the chance )

You might think it’s just one of those things but for me it nearly sent me home as it riles me emotionally.

Now my come back at people is just to call them a very silly person in such incidents.

Afterwards I was floored and emotionally upset but luckily I had work colleagues to pick me up.

And I mentioned it on line as well where I was offered sage advice and I’m grateful of that.

Being autistic I cannot necessarily articulate myself when I’m faced by irksome folk but I’m learning and it’s part of my self resilience.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Why Your Cat Needs An Instagram Account

A cat the 4 legged friend though it one letter from being a friend and more likely to be a fiend on many occasion than a fiend but a friend they always truly are. From apologising to getting the wrong sort of  cat foot to accepting that your cat is more popular on instagram than you are then cat ownership is here to stay.Fear not I am not jealous of my cat being more popular on instagram it is the modern world , I have to instagram on behalf of my cat , it's a blog think it is a blog identity , it is perfectly cat bonkers and harmless.

You won't see me referring to my cat as my furbaby it is not a term I like and it should be consigned to the same place as hollibobs and haul ( insert silent scream )

I know I know my cat can't actually instagram but you know it is part of my identity and now Jack has to be the Ninjakillercat as Rollie is no longer with us and Rollie so totally would have owned instagram!

Jack has very much adjusted to being on his own and wrapping everyone round his err paws ? and he has more toys than he knows what to do with and will chase stuff then tiredly flop down in a heap and paw them with muted enthusiasm.

And Jack is getting a few strange messages on Instagram including ones about fitness but the think he is he’s been catfished.People are using cat profiles then changing them sneaky ! so catfishing is not just a human problem! Pop over here to see his new instagram account 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Kitchen Clear Out King Prawn Broccoli Mushroom Beansprout Medley

It’s one of those days where you look at your fridge and cupboards and random supermarket purchases.As it’s Wednesday it screams randomness anyway and Wednesday today is 2 years long !



King Prawns 

Button Mushrooms 


Bean sprouts 

Oil for pan 

Soy sauce 

Sweet chilli sauce 


This is very much whack in a pan and there you have it type of meal.

Heat up some oil in a wok 

Throw in the chopped Broccoli, mushrooms and Beansprouts and King Prawns, ham
 dash of soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce .

Literally keep it moving for 5 minutes en-suite piping hot and then serve .

Quick and easy 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

A Handbag As An Investment


Though I myself am not much of a handbag person I do appreciate a good quality handbag as they are an investment and I have friends who obviously have lots of investments so borrowing a handbag is not much of an issue for me.Gone are the days in the 80's and 90s 0f matching your shoes, tights and handbag and thank goodness for that!A handbag that has plenty of room is an essential for me and one that zips up or closes up fully for security and I prefer one that I can sling over my shoulder though I don't mind ones that you carry in your hand but still allow room to sling over your shoulder.

A handbag can really finish off an outfit but a handbag aren’t just for a special occasions. There are many places to find out about handbag trends you can start by looking at Vogue designer handbags. A handbag is very much a personal choice and it is wonderful to have one that fits with your personality.

I feel also a handbag also makes you want to go places not just that you want to be seen but a handbag is just part of a landscape.People often wonder what to say to get daughter for the special occasion of their 18th or 21st  birthday well I think a handbag is an excellent investment.Any special occasion is a good excuse for a handbag purchase and I have my 21st wedding anniversary coming up and if you say that number very quickly it is no time at all a blink of the eye in fact.Perhaps I could have a handbag that fits in with my love of countryside and walk and my practicality of life.

Collaboration post 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn Celebration

It’s an Autumn celebration and I’m feeling like my year has just begun as myself and my family have been through the ringer as they say since March.But now oh now hopefully joyfully we are all catching a break life is like Tetris and we battle and work to fit it in.

We have dealt with a diabetes diagnosis, my mother had a bipolar crisis , I had an depression- anxiety crisis and I was diagnosed as autistic, and I returned to work after 6 months off .A lot you’ll agree and the ends are being tied up and we do what we do to get through.

So the year begins now it curves round to the expected and unexpected and it’s ok you can clap this no need for jazz hands.So bring on the tea and more tea I say and we will deal with the world one cup at a time.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Help For A Newly Diagnosed Autistic Adult

It's not as if you get your letter from Hogwarts when you're told you're autistic , in fact I am still waiting on my letter to confirming my autistic diagnosis even though I got my diagnosis on the day .I know am lucky to get my diagnosis in confirming why at times I feel fractured it  it very much like feeling you're Humpty Dumpty and it is a myth that us Autistics can not be empathetic. And I really don't mind me autistic in fact I like being me I am still me but it like being dropped in the middle of the ocean.

If you're under 30 and in derby then you can approach Umbrella for help and support after your diagnosis but if like me you're on the right side of 40 there is nothing but relief from a diagnosis.There are local groups out there and this is where looking on line helps from example the Autism society . There is a local group to me which I have yet to join I am doing stuff at my own pace as each and every day brings its trials tribulations or joy.

Auditory overload is my biggest nemesis especially combined with a roomy auditory space so at the moment I am going between earplugs and headphones and I have just ordered some headphones that will cut out so much noise.Do I want to be different yes and no do I wish I had been diagnosed sooner and my disability had been understood at school yes but life isn't how we always want it to be. It is about striving once you know and doing your best to be you and I can be empathetic I am not a robot without emotions . My brain wiring is different and that is the thing Autism is a spectrum situation condition and how I act and fail will be different to the next autistic person.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Love Of #HiddenCalke National Trust

You not only make use of your National Trust membership in summer but you can do so all year round , it is an excellent way not only to get out and about but also witness the changing of the seasons.And there is nothing finer than the Autumnal bounty of leaves and colour.

Enchanted is what National Trust gardens are a pure glimpse into a time gone by.See a leaf fall into existence, see a water can left as if the head gardener has only just gone away. I don’t live far from Calke Abbey and #HiddenCalke is very much in abundance.

It’s a favourite place of my to potter and wander round because every corner of the gardens beckons you forth.There is still flowers heralding their blooms at Calke.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Ten Things I Love About Tea

I’m pretty sure that there are more than ten things I love about tea , tea is life .

Tea is the beginning the middle and the end there is no debate and tea won’t leave you , tea is your companion.

Now I’m Claire and I’m autistic and I really do like tea and whilst I’m not huge in conversations and noise as a result of said Autism.Tea is a huge passion of mine I was asked in my assessment “ what would happen if someone drank out of your favourite mug ?”


Replying “ I said if that situation was to occur and that would be rare as I make the tea myself.It would irk me a bit if they had a favourite mug but I have so many it wouldn’t matter a great deal .

1 Tea is a conversation starter and also brings silence I love tea for this very reason. Tea is my mellow place and tea is all encompassing I so very much love my tea and really couldn't be without out my favourite drink.

2. Without tea I just wouldn’t be me Tea is just part of my personality.

3.You just can’t start the day without tea it’s an ancient law 

4.Tea is a niche I love belonging to and it grounds me as I especially get to grips with the diagnosis part of Autism for myself.

5.If you know a tea lover then a Christmas gift or a gift anytime is never a problem take this for example (it’s a bit pink and I don’t really do pink but there’s a cat ) 

It’s £3 from Sainsbury’s which is a complete steal ( obviously do pay for it with shiny coins !)

6. Tea no matter if you’re happy sad or distraught Tea is the thread that bines us.

7.I really do give a lot of thought to tea and I would lost without it.

8. A bad cup of tea is a traversity upon the world and a waste of an opportunity.

9. Tea won’t lead you astray like that floosie coffee and it won’t leave anxious and remonstrating against the world.

10 My iron Will is as strong as the colour of my tea which must be a strong golden colour.They say religion starts wars but you get people started on the colour of the perfect cup of tea then it’s like nuclear war.Serve tea like Gnats urine and you’ll be locked up in the Tower of London.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Halloumi Carrot Chickpea Salad Wrap

Halloumi Carrot Chickpea Salad Wrap 

Just because it is Autumn doesn't mean you can't have a salad as I am trying to be be frugal with the household budget ( I mean I haven't even brought a new bobble hat for Autumn yet though I have my eye or one or 2 ! )



Halloumi (  Grilled if you want ) you could cube it

Coarsely grated carrot ( works much better I think than finely grated it s less soggy in my opinion )

Chick peas drained and rinsed

Minced garlic clove

lemon juice squirt add in zest if you have a real lemon to hand

3 Tablespoons of extra virgin oil

Salt and pepper seasoning

chopped greens of your choice


1.Whisk  the lemon juice (zest ) together along with the oil and salt and pepper.

2. Add the chickpeas and carrots and Halloumi

3.At the last minute add in the greens/salad

This is perfect in a wrap !

Autism And Being My Own Hero

Well here we are 2 weeks into an autism diagnosis and I can confirm it is rather like a super hero trying with their identity , I am no different to how I was before if anything I am a little more assertive in my outlook to a certain extent.Noise I have to say is a big factor and too much noise put will lead to my ears buzzing like an rather instant alarm clock.I do however like to listen to Classic FM it panders to my intellectual side and whilst I don't like the unexpected ( like the Spanish inquisition ) I can savour and relish the tunes of a rather silky concerto .

Tone is voice with autism is separate I do suffer from and to illustrate the point myself and a find could have the same news and whilst inwardly I would be excited it is how you convey the news outwardly.And the person maybe without the autism will have more reaction to what they are saying , I am autistic and I can understand emotion to a degree I know who I like and if I like them. Eye contact is a mixed bag and I am more likely to give this if I like you , but I am finding people do unconsciously  talk over me. But talking over people is annoying habit people do anyway and now I am perfect valid in my kamikaze lack of spelling and grammar but that is not to say I am not trying .. very trying as my husband would like to point out.

Autism is spectrum disorder and I can be social in short bursts and longer bursts if I really know and trust the person but know my limits is a learning curve as my brain is accepting my diagnosis.I have know for a a long time I am autistic but being over 40 and a woman I am somewhat of a lost generation.But I hope my diagnosis will help those who are younger than myself and older than myself and the same same age.

Autism is part of me and I wouldn't want it any other way

Friday, 28 September 2018

Alternative Uses For Your Cat

You probably sit thinking of the alternative uses for your cat , well I know I do and I don't mean I wish they could do the housework their tails are rather useful with that swishing action.Also it means their swishing tail is likely to kick off several ornaments in one swoop.

So begins an inspirational series of tweets very tongue in a cheek centred round my cat and his demands and whims and wishes.It is pure harmless fun that is taken how you want to receive it !

He knew he wanted it , she knew he wanted it . He had to have his basic needs to seen to. But as soon as his tongue stroked lightly over the bumps. He knew he damn will knew she’d changed the cat food . Feeding your cat still sounding like an erotic novel ! “

He knew he could move mountains for her.

 He saw the wildness in her eyes so out of control . 

 “Will you get off the clean laundry “ she said

 Cats sitting on or in your clean laundry since ancient times. "

It hurt , it hurt so bad it was like a knife to the heart. He knew she had cheated before by stroking another but thought it was a one off , he thought their love could survive this. But giving Mr Tiddles one of his cat treats it was the last straw.

He lay there , his commanding presence was mesmerising.
She was unsure what he wanted?!
“just throw the damn ping pong ball “ 

He thought .
Interacting with your cat sounding like a bad erotic novel .

‪She couldn’t see the whole picture and it was straining their relationship.‬

‪He thought this is silly I’m right here and here before your very eyes.‬

‪Cats demanding your attention since ancient times.‬

"His green eyes appeared out of the shadows and he slowly stepped out the shadows walking nonchantly towards me licking his lips "
Feeding your #cat sounding like a bad erotic novel

Monday, 24 September 2018

Gentle As Jam Me and My Autism

The other day I thought of a phrase as it was "Gentle as jam " and that very much describes me and I am that I am gentle I am kind I have a righteous indignation. Oh and I have Autism I have had it all my life and only an official diagnosis since Thursday , and I don't even a T short or a badge to the club.It doesn't mean I have Rain man abilities trust me , I have yet to come across the questions "like you don't look Autistic or everyone is a bit on the spectrum "

I don't see my diagnosis as a prejudice ye there might me prejudice out here but I will deal with it as and when and if I come across it , there is so much support out there if you want it. I am going to carry on being me I am still Claire who likes Tea, Cat and Bobble Hats and it is refreshing.

When I was shunned years ago when things when wrong for me in the blogging community and elsewhere is one of those things and would I want friendship back from those people who didn't know I had Autism well no I don't think I would. I understand life enough to know we don't get on with everyone and that's just so and what it is .If life was how we always wanted it to be then I would be drinking tea in a museum surrounded my cats.

I am clever I Am bright I am me and I have the social skills of a a tea spoon but I do follow rules mostly and I thinking being British and Autistic I do not mind queueing ~ weird eh . I throw grammar rules quite frankly out the window well because it is part of my Autism I think.

As I am only 4 days into being diagnosed it feels like very much like I am the whale falling through the sky in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.

I can hold a conversation though I might get overwhelmed I will be able to tell you this , I will give eye contact on occasions and more so if I really like and trust you . It is not going to stop me doing things I just need to plan to anticipate and humour is my socialising you might not always get it my humour is really an essential part of me. I do feel empathy I will feel especially sad if you spill your cup of tea , forget crying over spilt milk cry over spilt tea.

I will go to blogging events and don't be afraid to invite me places and I will review stuff and I will write about things , I am still me.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Jacamo Wish List For Autumn

Autumn is well and truly up here with warm days and  evenings including very blustery winds and everything in between it suddenly Autumn is a colourful season one I love to embrace. And you can be assured with the right clothing you will be able to tackle anything the weather has to throw and you and if you're a gentleman then Jamaco is where it is at . And of course ladies can wear their stuff as well as I have borrowed my husbands clothes before and not necessarily given back as possession is nine- tenths or something like that !

Jacamo offers everything you need online from hats, coats,boots,shirts and many accessories, Mr T loves shopping online as it gives him the freedom to take me to National Trust places ! Mr T likes relaxed clothing which is especially  important as he has to wear corporate clothing all day at his job at a big worldwide company. So he is glad that Jacamo offers such a range of comfortable clothing , Mr T likes hoodies and there is a superb range from their own brand to other brands you'll know love and trust.

Mr T has been a rebel at work and started to wear dark jeans which he is allowed to do prior to this he was always wearing smart trousers but since seeing everyone wearing jeans thought why shouldn't he join in ! It doesn't matter to Mr T if his jeans develop a hole he will wear them to destruction frays around the ankles and holes in the pockets which means I get any resulting coins that fall out !

And the struggle for jeans for Mr T is real when it comes to inside leg measurement as he has to hunt high and low to find his correct length or take them up ( luckily his sewing skills are legendary and he paid attention in sewing class ). At Jacamo the jeans are just right for him as he can select his correct waist size along with his leg length so no more hassle or fretting if he can't find the perfect pair.The prices are no more than you would pay in the high street either ranging from say £20 to about £75 in Mr T's sizing's.

And Mr T likes his functional footwear at an affordable price as well , he says I have more footwear than him though personally I think this topic is up for debate ! And these trainers bargain price of £15 would be perfect for him as well.

Jacamo has a wide choice and you're bound to find something for either that special occasion or just casual wear as I truly believe Jacamo has it all..

This is a collaboration blog post.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why I think you need to try AirBnB

If you are a follower and a reader obviously go my blog then you will probably me aware of the hilarity Mr T and I had when first trying out AirBnB it was very much like something form a Carry on film.You can read all about the hilarity at our first stab at AirBnB here but with hilarity comes a range of should I try this again and the short of answer of it all is a big yes and yes , we have stayed twice now at AirBnB and I think it makes a nice affordable alternative to hotels.

You see stopping at hotels especially in the gorgeous city of York can at various times be very expensive it is a massive draw for tourists from all round the world, with Fish and Chips being very popular for Chinese tourists ever since Tony Blair took the Chinese president for this meal.

You might be a little resistant to stopping in someones home and it is certainly a weird feeling but we are slowly getting to grips with it , first of all we go for the superhosts option which is as the name suggests a stop that has all the bells and whistles attached not necessarily in physical form but in hospitality and the affable nature of the hosts.

I think AirBnB gives you an affordable springboard to visting magical places and none more so than Mounts Priory in Yorkshire.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Visting Epiacum Roman Fort

We had to go up to pick the teen up ( who will be called the teen till he turns twenty next week ) we had to pick up up from a dig at Epicaum way way way up on the roof top of Britain up in Northumberland on the Penine way . This has truly truly dramatic scenery as you can be literally driving along and you think you're going to fall off the edge of the world.

Apparently one of the people from Time team had been surveying the site a gentleman called Stewart.We didn’t get to meet him as he had left by the time we had got there and but Josh was aware of someone with a beard .Apprently there is a lot of people with beards in Archaeology. I donated just £5 to the archaeology dig at Epiacum and didn't think much of it as it is nice to support people in preserving our history and making it more accessible to the general public

Archaeology changes lives in understanding the past we can help preserve it and help the future, it is all very exciting and Acracheology is a career I would have loved to pursue when I was younger and I was very much in my element visiting this dig in fact I wouldn't have minded if they had left be behind to be honest. All the archaeologist were very well taken of care of on site including excellent catering so I am told and of course the great British cup of tea !

The scenery of Northumberland is breathtaking and it is a part of the world I would like to come back to one day without the picking up of a family member!

We drove hundred of miles to go pick our son up he wasn't camping like some where neither was he in a B & B instead we had installed him into the local YHA at Alston which proved to be good value. We purchased a year YHA membership for him which gives you not only money off stays at Youth hostels but also money off things such as a Young Persons Rail card ( sadly I am about 20 years too late for that one ) The membership for under 25s is only £5 and for those over 25 it is £15 which I think is this day and age is a true bargain.

"Romans what have they ever done for us ?! "

You can't help but smile at the brilliance of this Monty Python sketch and I do love my Monty Python  they're pure genius.You feel pride that your offspring is doing something useful and you do still check they have had their breakfast that part of parenting never stops !

So please do drop by the  Epiacum Roman Fort if you're in the area or plan to be and if you can't get to the area then please do either donate or visit the fabulous website that is bringing the Romans back to life.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Blogging Absence

I was thinking I had a blogged for exactly one week and a day did you notice did I notice ?
I noticed because I’m always blogging and doing stuff on it.I share my life within reason and that of my car and my family.I even blog recipes on occasion in a kamikaze style.

But what concerned me was ( you should never start a sentence with because my English teacher told me ) .What concerned me was the blurring of lines between social media and real life.It is good to blog and how ,why, when you do it is up to you.I saw then someone hadn’t updated their Instagram for 2 days and they were flooded with messages asking if they were ok ? They were ok of course and they were grateful for people asking think they had a cold something.

So I’ve been absent for a week and I had exactly zero messages asking where either I or the cat was .Hell does anyone even comment on blogs anymore or is that a bit 2010?!

Cat picture for dramatic effect ...

Monday, 3 September 2018

A Cat Reviews B & M

No I didn’t literally take my cat on s shopping trip to B & M but you never know one day that’s something you might see ! ( an emotional suppport cat maybe !) .Literally when I was walking home I did see a gentleman taking his 4 little dogs for a walk and a cat was walking along as well . This was much to everyone s heartwarming amusement as it was very endearing to see.

We had to pop to B & M for a few bits and bobs for ourselves but also ended up getting something for the cat as well.

This is the 4 stages of shopping at B & M cat or human 

1.You see it and try to deny it.

2. You step in for a look but it doesn’t mean you’re going to commit.

3.You just touch it to feel the quality.

4.Ooops it’s fallen in your basket!



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