Thursday 28 July 2011

Rugby Protection

You ask my about rugby rules and I'll look at you a bit fuzzy ask me about rugby protection and I can help you.I cannot stress enough how important as a rugby mum the correct protection is for your child even in tag rugby., more so as they move from tag to contact.  My son J moves to under 13's this year this is an increase in team size ........

When my son was in a rugby festival last year as an under 12's he got injured, whilst he was in a ruck it collapsed.He unfortunately was at the bottom of this rook and got injured. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital, frightening to say the least more so when you are only young.

The diagnosis in hospital was he had broken one of his ribs it is termed as a intercostal tear. Basically the rib is broken it heals but it heal above the break and below it. It was at the hospital that the doctors said the rugby protection was wearing had in fact saved his life. I am so glad he was wearing the protection, while we were there another boy was bought in. His injuries were head injuries , we later learned his life had been saved by wearing a scrum cap.

Despite all his injuries my son was still smiling he was more mortified that the opposition had been stopped from doing a collection for him.

Here is a quote from Kooga"In a high impact sport like rugby, protection is very important. Shoulder pads and headguards can shield your body from injury. Padding to the head, ears, shoulder, bicep, chest and spine protect the venerable parts of your body. A good set of body armour is an essential part of any rugby player’s kit’

A selection of body amour can be found in all good sports shops and on line.

So please ignore what you might hear about rugby being a mans game and you don't need protection , yes you do ., my son is tenamount to the fact you do.

Sunday 24 July 2011

#Silent Sunday

Saturday 23 July 2011

Zoe and Beans The Magic Hoop a book by Chloe and Mick Inkpen a review.

What a delightful book at first appearances from the Inkpens... My son lived Kipper books when he was younger. though at 12 he is a little bit old now. However I now keep a look out for wonderful and inspiring books especially for boys who are the hardest area to target. Again that involves 'doggy poo' has got be a winner for boys.... it won't put them off that the main character is a girl because in their eyes she will be well cool . ( typical six year boy speak, I assure you!)

You can't really see it on here but the title and pictures are glossy on the cover. This gives the look that the characters are ready to jump off the page. This is indeed what the story does for you and the children and you become enthralled with the words.  The size of the words brings the story alive as does the way the typeface is set . The words are engagely illustrative they portray the characters bringing them off the page, it is very very indicative of their book characters on the pages indeed.

The book tells of a little girls adventures after finding a hoop it isn't an ordinary hoop as you will see. Zoe's dog called 'Beans' is a  bit lazy but it will do any thing for a 'choccy teddy', like jumping through the hoop which turns out to be magical. That's where Zoe's adventures start Beans when he jumps through the hoop he transforms into Beans the rabbit, then Beans the mouse( I know I can hear you yawning already check the book out to see why ) Beans the snappy crocodile.....

The best as they say is yet to come in the form of 'Beans' the elephant , there is no way that an elephant is going to fit though a small hoop is there?... Well to see the end of the story you  will just have to either buy it or check it out your local library. My local library has a wonderful reading scheme this summer which centres round a circus theme .So this book is an ideal candidate to begin your life long love of books.

I am sure when I read this to a class of children they will be a fit of giggles. Lovely and endearing please check out and the other books in this series. 

Thursday 21 July 2011

Selling Mr T's organ...... and a competition

What price do you put on education if you go to a state school. There is the constant demands from an early age for trip money. If you do not pay your child will suffer blah blah. Now this is hard enough in this economic climate if you have one child but one if you have more the pressures are even greater. Now J my son is a truly able sportsman

Now its been a constant ask all through his school life so far for trips,charity , school PGL but I was not prepared for the shook of the cost of senior school. Now J does not go to private school just a academy school but it s like private school. For the off there was trip after trip  first skiing, then cricket , three lots of rugby, singing . Now I am pleased my son is talented I really am but I felt the need to draw the line somewhere so I said NO to the rugby tour. He was a little crestfallen but he got on with his life, We all have to make sacrifices in this world.

Then came the school sports award night. J had already won various certifaces for academic achievement being best in his class etc glowing report etc. Model child, etc not stereo typical of Only
child syndrome. Well on the night he picked up award after award culminating in the sports personality of the year. Basically the teacher said if there was a tiddlywinks team he's be in . Now faced which this pride how could I refuse to NOT send him on the rugby tour. So another cost for me so far these trips total up as £750 for skiing, £120 for cricket, £350 for rugby not to mention £50 for another rugby trip ,£25 for singing trip and another £25 for another rugby trip . I try not to  add it up, knowing it is such a scary amount. And all this is before spending money, clothes etc. This is where i cam e up with a plan to sell stuff on that internet auction site. Good opportunity to clear out etc and help pay for all these trips. First up was Mr T's organ he didn't use it any more , it was just there gathering dust. I know it was hard but I just had to let it go.....

There you've seen it Mr T's organ, also I started selling his train set as well. All little amounts help, the school were puzzled as I started paying off these little amounts and indeed ring to ask me was this right. You do what you have to do so your child has a better life etc, but at what cost.?

So to perhaps help you with your costs a little by not going to the gym , I am offering some large hot pants suitable for sizes 16-20 its a fitness thing best you scoot over to see. Now I was given these but I have decided these as a prize ( this is not a sponsered post) .These are new and unworn I have to add.  So to win these just comment below with an extreme cost you've had to face doesn't have to be child related.

So I ask you follow 1. Follow my blog.

2. Comment below
3.Come and say hello to Rollie(my cat)  via @needaphone

Closing date is the 31 August

Saturday 16 July 2011

Monday 11 July 2011

Rainbow Fish bites again ....

One of the things that really inspires me is my brilliant job, its cool I get to play all day as an special needs teaching assistant.  I have started to  love doing crafts , this is really important in promoting fine motor skills in children. Also it is an important catalyst for their writing skills, especially in boys who are notorious for not like writing. For boys if you can tailor the activity or story right then it will grip them and they will be away writing or crafting or indeed both.

Why not craft and make up stories with your children here are a few that I down and ones that can lend themselves to any story.

And of course you can't forget "Olivia " the bozz eyed Octopus...

sssh Olivia is really really shy... This was my attempt at creating a magical aquarium / island in my classroom where I work. The children love to read their stories in this little aquarium den. There are fish glued on to the blue film which is the water of the aquarium.

This is Sharky the shark . Next we have a little weeny Octopus she is Olivia's sister .

I think this lovely lot would have a great time in the sea : don't you? . So please get crafting and see what idea's you can come up with .

Sunday 10 July 2011

A Rollie Review and giveaway

Now we all like to famous at some point don't we? I am sure many of us can point to link to some famous peoples in our lives. Now Rollie does seem to enjoy being in front of the camera as you might have guessed. When I heard MooskinsUK were looking for bloggers I quite frankly leapt at the chance. I was met with a friendly and polite response. There was was one burning question , which was would it be the sort of thing my readers would be interested in. I know many a lovey fan , who would love a piece of Rollie. The poor little mouse widow who is struggling to feed her hoard of hungry children for one.

 The first thing I was struck with was the easy navigation of their website. . I found it easy to upload my photo( my own photo please be careful of copyright)  and size it best to show off Rollie. Delivery is promised within three working days and indeed that was the case. The mooskins cost £19.99

I have to set out the differences that set it apart from other cases that are out there.

  • High grade plastic moulding
  • Integrated buttons
  • Scratch resistant and chip resistant
  • photographic quality print image

Overall I was ecstatic with the product there is only a couple of minor points. I just feel that if the product was a little bit cheaper that this might indeed open the product to a wider market. Another point is a tip of how to put the cover on, it is a bit I appreciate of teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs. The cover did not arrive with any instructions nor can I see any tips on the website. This however are minor points and in no way take anything way from the very high quality of the product.

I would order from this company again especially for my sons Blackberry torch as I believe their are plans to manufacture these covers. And definitely when ever I get My Ipad 2 and they do covers I'll be buying one. Thank you@MooskinsUK

Those nice chaps over @MooskinsUK have let me give away an Iphone 4 cover ( note phone is not included)

You have to follow both myself @needaphone and @MooskinsUK

You must head over to and have a play with uploading the picture you'd want on your I Phone 4 cover and comment back here how you found the experience.

And tweet the following "I'd mooooove heaven and Earth to win with @MooskinsUk and  @needaphone over "

The competition ends on the 5 August 2011

Silent Sunday Poppies

Friday 8 July 2011

Who's afraid of the big bad Wolf?........ and budgie smugglers.

Yet again my friend dragged me off to a fitness class. I had flu , my nose was dripping, I sounded  like
Bonnie Tyler but with out the hair and the money.  Now I have a few fears in life the usual spiders, glass lifts, sliced cheese in sandwiches ( it has to be grated). I had put my swimming costume on before I had got there. I restrained from using my husband's razor to trim any wayward hairs before I went. Its not really to leave curly wurly hairs on his razor  now is it?

Now Aqua aerobics had to be different from Zumba didn't it.? There was mostly ladies there but what was this I spied two men... Alas it was not two chaps in budgie smugglers  ho hum..

So I entered the water with some in trepidation  though thankfully the water was warm, the instructor was not some hamster self possessed ( please see Zumba post). So all was going to go well  wasn't it, so after jumping round the pool flinging one arms like that hippo off Fantasia my FEAR of water came to a head. I know, I know I am afraid of water as well. For what ever reason the instructor made us do the the conga in a line.

I would not do this as it bought back the painful memories of my childhood swimming lessons, harmful enough I hear you cry but not when you play" Whats the time Mister Wolf?" I am half wondering if there is a self help group for me? Cheese sandwich anyone( grated please of course!)

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Mister Maker Under the Seapaper Clay Modelling Review.

I was asked to review the Mister maker Modelling kit. Anyone who watches Cbeebies must of heard of this chap. Basically he is a really happy sort that creates art in his room from the things around him. No  limits to his imagination, now working in education I found this a useful resource to give me ideas to make items for my class. There are lots of fun items on the website that hardly cost any money which is a bonus in this day and age, such as a bubble wrap cactus.

So to the item in hand....

Basically the kit comes with everything you need Modelling clay ,brush. paint, glue, googly eyes (my favourite) and various other little bits to turn the items into fridge magnets, badges key rings.

This probably most suitable for the ages of between 4 and 10 with adult supervision of course. I found the modelling clay easy to mould and shape. the instructions were fairly clear. The more complicated shapes would takes a bit of practice ,but this is OK as the modelling clay does not dry out too quick.

My only criticism and its a teeny weeny one is the quality of the paints and brush . I must admit for the shark I used my own paint . This aside I believe this to be a fun kit that children would enjoy and very useful for their fine motor skills.

Here is my shark....

I hope you like her .... her name why its Mummybarrow for her sharp grasp of the reality of life. x

And here is my Octopus.....

I made two of the models there is enough clay left to make another four models. It is an ideal classroom or home activity set.

I do have names for the shark and Octopus and have tweeted their namesakes. 

Saturday 2 July 2011

The Sun will come out tommorow....a Soda Stream review

I know what you are thinking "Oh Gawd not another Soda Stream review " but wait a minute mine is different. I shall tell you why as a child there was only two things I wanted in life a soda stream and wait for it a Annie doll.

Annie Doll

My childhood dream and do you know what I still want one now, part of us I think always hangs onto our childhood. My other dream , yes you've guessed it a soda stream but for me its just not about reviewing it it the completion of a childhood dream.

This was the first task inserting the gas cylinder which was very simple to do.
My other dream look :)

Next was filling the reusable bottle up  with water .

After which you screwed it onto the soda stream this for me took a little doing but I soon got the hang of it.

Press the button till you hear a little as i say PRR Prr sound  do this three times , pausing between presses. You can do an extra PRR Prr if you want it extra fizzy. Unscrew the bottle very slowly and add your cordial . I must stress please tip the bottle( at a slight angle)  while doing this otherwise it is like Krakatoa exploding everywhere. Screw the top back on and shake very gently!!!

Here is Rollie ready to help with adding the cordial.

Rollie is pictured with the lime cordial as ever Rollie is always really happy to help.

So after adding the cordial this was the result. Screw the top back on and shake very gently!!!

In this photo you will see how lovely bubbly it looks!

And of course the finished article poured into a glass.

I liked most flavours that are available the brilliant thing is there are samples flavours to buy so you can see which ones that you do really like. My son was most pleased about the cola flavour one and I shall be buying that one.

The sodastream I was sent retails at £59.99 and I was estatic about it. Please take the time to read the facts on their website about how many bottles you will save in your lifetime.

I think it would be useful to buy another bottle as it comes with only one. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did doing it. I hope you can achieve your long lost childhood dream.