Monday 29 February 2016

Where The Brave Will Tip Toe

Where the only the brave will tip toe :

1.Helping the teenager through a crisis .

2.Readying the teen to visit Aushwitz . 

3. Ringing up a dentist and actually booking an appointment for June ( not for  a person a person but in June ) it will be the first time I've been in years . I half suspected that one day my gnashers would be staring at me through a glass but there's a glimmer of hope that I can keep my own gnashers a little while longer. I come from a long long line of glass containing gnasher owners ,I'm hoping I do break that tradition .

4. I went to choir again , I was hiding in a corner with a cup of tea as I find the idle chit a chatter thronging to my head , I simply can focus . I really wish upon my heart of hearts I could have ear muffs inclosed public places which the throng of noise reverbs through my lug holes. Ironic yes I am in  a choir and there's singing noise but that chit a chatter noise buzz sets me on a social fight or flightb( more flight )

5. Tea my tea levels are just right at this very nano second .

Tea is where the home is ...

Sunday 28 February 2016

Just a Simple Hello

Hello from the other side , I must have meowed a thousand times .

Ninja Cat ( Rollie ) update :

This week red carpet isn't in as Jack( the stupid one)? went nuts after a flea treatment .

Also the 40 pouch selection of posh cat food , we no longer like after 2 pouches.

I will no longer sleep in the bottom half of the cat bunk bed , out the bunk bed on top of the bunk bed but no in it.

I will bite toes .

I will stop on the stairs and swipe as you walk by ..

You'll know the weather is warmer when "I " decide I'll stop out .

The sink "is " my other choice of where I sleep .

Don't even think you can trim my claws ...

I do like the bee dangly cat toy ~ I will demand you entertain me.

Isn't it a miracle cats can type ....


Friday 26 February 2016

Space Saving With Lockers

Lockers are cool , I loved my locker at school well the only time I didn't like it was when I forgot my locker key one day , and I was given 100 lines . Of course I did the lines on a typewriters! .When I see school lockers it takes me back to the American High s Lockers (from those 80's movies ) which bring an industrial look to any room and that's what we are trying to achieve with my sons room.

And creating extra storage within a locker is an utter art which the American high school students have got down to an art!

I did some space saving ideas for my son with his locker one of which was to cover this cardboard book from Hobbycraft in film poster wrapping paper in a decoupage fashion. The theme I was going for the locker was Sherlock Holmes / olde wolde England.

Getting ready to cover the cardboard book.

Decoupage covering a cardboard book.

Providing storage for fiddly stationery items
A cardboard book provides storage for fiddly stationery items.

Essential storage for a student
Essential storage for a student.

I also used magnetic photo holders to display old postcards , these could also be used to display essential study ideas when my teen is revising !!

Magnetic photograph holders
Magnetic Photograph holders.

The blue magnetic man can hold keys and other essential items like paper clips etc.

A cork board on the inside of the locker provides additional space to pin vouchers , event reminders , revision plan , school timetable etc .

A cork board provides a space to pin those memos , vouchers timetables  and essential revision plans etc.

Decorate the inside of a locker with paper
Decorate the inside of a locker is fun and easy , I glued these papers in.

I added a stick on light on inside of the locker ( on the roof ) which you can turn on and off provides light obviously ! so you can find what you're looking for.

A 1930s letter rack purchased for £2.99 provides storage for those letters, payslips so your locker stays clutter free !

A letter rack adds to the storage within a locker.
A letter rack adds to the storage within a locker.

I decorated the letter rack with some Penny Farthing cut outs which I stuck on facing each other .

Lining the locker with paper adds an interesting dimension.
Lining the locker with paper adds an interesting dimension.

I lined the locker with some paper print out s from a CD .

I love the quirky paper which lends itself to an old fashioned theme.

The old fashioned paper I used.

Everything fits nicely within the locker , neatly out the way and off the floor ! 

There is so more more to lockers , they're brilliant for storage and you can increase that with clever space saving ideas.

My sons loves the locker which is handily right next to his desk.

Disclosure ~ I was sent the locker as part of this space saving locker challenge , all thought s words and opinions are my own ~ as all the short cuts shown.

Papers used within locker and cut outs on letter rack :

die ~ Marianne Creatables
globe- Stamp - Dpcraft Chronology

other stamps - Viva Decor "Old fashioned "

papers- Debbie Moore's CD "Shabby chic vintage printing 

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Being In The Moment

Being in the moment of cycling down the lane to the old Manor House when the sun shining upon me , seeing the tree blossom next to the cottage . Oh how I love that moment in time , cycling down the lane where once a chauffeured motor car tootled down the lane to the old Manor House . 

Past the artists cottage I go , past the Georgian farmhouse, past the secret gate in the wall , pausing for a forever minute by the old cottage .

I want forever to return to that moment in time ....

Tuesday 23 February 2016

A Review Of Appleyard Flowers

I do love flowers but I am not very good at treating myself but recently I decided that has to change and to bring flowers more into my life. I love nature and the countryside of which I live on the edge of and I appreciate the outside when well I am out there so why not bring the outside in. Flowers are the the ideal colour pop to brighten your mood and your surroundings , I feel a spring in my step when I gaze upon them.

Flowers for Mother's day
I love to gaze upon flowers.

So when Appleyard Flowers got in touch to offer me a bouquet to review , I was delighted . I have used Appleyard Flowers to sent flowers to friends and family before , and they have been delighted at the results. After much pleasant procrastination I chose the beautifully stunning Harmony bouquet ( standard size ) which features white freesia,memory lane lilac roses , purple trachelium with ornithogalum and avalanche roses . The colours appealed to me and reminded fondly of my Nan's garden full of flowers  of which  I spend many a happy moment .

The flowers were delivered Sunday the 21st
 of February , the roses are still doing well.

The flowers arrived promptly and via the very happy delivery man ( so not frustrated neighbours looking after a delivery )

The flowers were packaged very well to protect the delicate blooms, I was impressed greatly as they were upright within a clever sleeve in a full length robust cardboard box. The bottom of the stems were within a little plastic box which held moist sponge so the blooms were delivered in optimum condition.

A care sheet was supplied so you have the longest out the flowers , usually I am a plonk in the vase and go type of the person which is probably why my previous flowers from other places don't last.

The bouquet has flowers which are yet to open like the freesias and since the bouquet was delivered on Sunday the freesia are just starting to bloom now . the fragrance of the freesia is a symphony upon my senses every time I enter the dining room.

The Harmony bouquet from Appleyard Flowers.

If you are planning to to send flowers to someone I can highly recommend Appleyard Flowers ideal for any occasion or just because , you never need a reason to send your friend and me flowers!

I will be by the door awaiting by bouquet from you  :D

Disclosure ~ I was sent the Harmony bouquet for a honest review . All thoughts and opinions are mine.

PS. I f my family are reading this Mother's Day is SOOOOOON * big hint , just remember I do the online shopping for FOOOD .

Friday 19 February 2016

Blog As You Life It

I pretty much blog as I life it , none of this stylised pictures you see on Instagram or sprawling out like a disco dancing spider on the platforms of social media .

Neither is my home a style magazine magnet , in fact someone pointed out that when I posted a picture of a room I was tidying up ( due to new furniture) they saw my bra hanging on the radiator. Look I'm just impressed I have 2 bras ; luxury would be 3 bras corr.

If I constantly blogged every which way then I wouldn't be lifeing it , I don't survive on days I don't Instagram what I've eaten or where I've been.

I blog and live in the moment , it doesn't matter to me that my tulips are bending on their stems . It might be a little sad but I see the Tulips as ballerina that is bowing gracefully . 

I don't do selfies and my Instagram isn't full of family pictures occasionally it is . I thought the other day when we went to the museum I should get a picture of him. He wasn't keen then again that's inherited , you'll not find me looking like a duck sucking on a lemon .

I don't blog to fit in , I don't blog for the oh so glamourous press trip travel lifestyle . I got offered a press trip to South Africa once but I couldn't go as I have a job in a school . I've spent 2 years getting back to me after a hiccup in my life . I blog without regret I think now , I had difficulties nearly 2 years ago in the blogging world .

I'll not lie it tipped me over the edge the cruelty I endured mixed in with a difficult working / personal situation . It left me like a scrumpled piece of paper with creases I couldn't get out . People would side step me like a leper trying to erase me out of existence.

But I fought back and I have done as I will continue to blog as I life it . 

I don't need to be the Pied Piper Of blogging or life , I want to be the one seeing the butterfly as you or others pout to camera .

My Cat Haiku

This week I have been on the antibiotics avoiding the sunshine and warm days of Spring Winter and yesterday was the last day of the holidays . I thought I'd write a Haiku to my cats collectively or individually ; how hard could it possibly be a pleasant way to spend 5 minutes . 2 hours later and now I'm getting cross and the cats waiting to be fed.

Fur is everywhere 
Cleaning up lots of messes 
I think the cat rules

Thursday 18 February 2016

Red Onion and Orange Chicken With Hassleback Potatoes

Tonight I'll will tell myself, I'll wake up brave knowing that the thought of sleep ; the very thought of sleep worries me , I put in perspective that sleep allows me to be creative . Yesterday it was randomness acts of kindness day , I don't need a day to highlight this as every day is a random act of kindness either to myself or other people . The world Is a much less scary place with kindness in it I find . 

There is a place in the world for no fuss food which delivers the result of beautiful food.

I was going to call this recipe "A Chicken surprised By a Red Onion and Oranges " but thought it don't sound flouncy enough 


Chicken obviously ( not a live one otherwise the chicken will not take kindly when you try and shove an onion and orange segments where the sun doesn't shine )

Orange segments

A whole red onion

Apple Vinegar a splash/ or a little splash

Sprinkling of good quality salt and pepper.


Preheat the oven to 200 C

Place the chicken in a roasting dish

Place the peeled red onion and orange segments up within the cavity of the chicken ( these are not to be eaten at all and must be discarded )

Splash the chicken with a little of the apple vinegar , and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Cook for 1 hour 20 , rembering to out your hassbleback potatoes in if you want .

Hassleback Potatoes 

I slit these potatoes 1 cm part or tried to making sure I didn't slit all the way through to the bottom . As there were 3 of us I did 3 potatoes ( genius )


Preheat cook the potatoes for about 10 minutes in the microwave

Spoon done melted butter over .

Then they joined the chicken in its last 30 minutes of cooking and Et Voila a Masterchef masterpiece.

Monday 15 February 2016

Tea Cups , Spring and Things




Spring is on it's way  I can see from my dining room as I type this my tree is starting to bud , the tree is in the shrubbery and this amuses me especially with Monthy Python and the knights that say Ni.

The cat is on the fence literally on the fence and not on the fence about politics and the situation in the EU , I really don't know what a cat's view on politics is , I may well have to interview the cat on this situation.

Valentine's Day was on a budget following on from those Tesco flowers (voucher used) . A visit to the grounds of Kedleston Hall was in order and everyone had the same idea . This was no problem as I had my trusty walking shoes in the car ! I had to gaze longingly and lovingly upon the snow drops with their flower heads bowed in reverence .

We do rather enjoy our National Trust membership, especially when there is so much stately majestic beauty on our doorstep. It's like having your own stately home but without the cleaning , though I'd quite to have a library I could lose myself in. Or indeed a wardrobe where I could find my beloved Narnia .

It was 2 for 1 at ye olde Starbucks , we pushed the boat out and has a tuna and cheese croissant ~ don't tell me I don't know how to live .

My favourite tree this week is this one , I had to step back to see how tall it was . I sort of get giddy when looking up at tall objects ! 

Tea will be served at 3pm bring your own cucumber sandwiches .

Review of Pet Life App from It’s a Jungle out there

Review of Pet Life App from It’s a Jungle out there

Every good pet needs a special personal assistant to treat them as the celebrity they really are, from changing their biscuits at a whim to cooking them scrambled egg or giving them their special teddy, the list is endless in the pursuit of their happiness. We buy shoes just to keep Jack the cat in the style he has been accustomed to, Rollie just sits on the draining board or in the sink (he is very much a maverick)

We celebrate special occasions with Jack and Rollie and it seems fetching the cats toys after you have thrown them (for them to play with) is the new fitness craze. I really do love chasing after a fluffy mouse with a multi coloured feather tail, I love light I have been in a fight with a parrot and lost.
The Pet Life App from It's a jungle out there is a free app that helps you manage all your beloved pet's life. It's a personal pet App that is available for devices: IPhone, Android or tablet. 
It keeps all your pets' important deals in one place, for example linking to your vet’s contact information(which is handy when you have to tell the cattery or kennels these details ) and chip details. It can also remind you of important events (perhaps that well behaved cat show you have always been meaning to go to) and of course your cats schedule (as cats do rule your life) 

  1. Keep your pets important details safe in one place.
  2. Track their weight.
  3. Get reminders for parasite protection treatments.
  4. Alert you on treatment timings, and insurance updates.
  5. Vet appointments and other import dates in their lives



Rollie and Jack are ever so grateful for the app and that remembering to work and flea them will be done like clockwork now (which is just as well since someone forgot and Mr T suffered some flea bites) I still say the cats could have administered their own flea treatment I mean cats are clever you have seen them playing the keyboards and all sorts. It was very easy to down seamless in fact and of course you have to put the cats best selfie on there!
As cats obviously own the Internet Rollie and Jack can actually tell when they have to go to the vets so it is not such a surprise when they do go. And there is a resource page full of useful advice and videos on how to protect your pet and also what affects them.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Bayer, it’s a jungle’. The Pet Life app is part of the ‘it’s a jungle’ programme from Bayer, which aims to help you keep your pet parasite free. For more information, please visit –

Saturday 13 February 2016

My Washing Machine Valentine

All hail my washing machine which was delivered between 7.20 and p.20 arriving at 8.30 which was just ticketty boo as for the past month, my previous machine was starting to give up the ghost. I think it was stressed to the eyeballs due to washing numerous football and rugby kits over the years . And horror of horrors I had to buy this machine , you see I may love comping but I can't win everything. It was taking all the day to do one wash and Mr T was getting a bit alarmed at the lack of pants . With the decrepit  washing machine we had to turn the spin speed down by a quarter ( as the machine was beginning to sound like an asthmatic hamster). Also we had to set it to drain , a big nightmare and then woo or woo betide it shrunk Mr T's wool jumper into a action man size ( insert laugh ) never did like that jumper anyway it looked like a cat having a argument with a red fluffy cushion.

Ooh dear oh dear "

And to add to this stress I brought my husband a valentine card 

" To my Dear Wife "

aaaawh l'amour

Least I brought myself some tulips  saving myself money over priced Valentine flowers ~ with a voucher I hasten to add ( The voucher was From Orcgard - Tesco)

Ideal Sausage Recipes Perfect for Spring

Perfect recipes for the ultimate romantic night in this Valentine's day and also as Spring I promise you is round the corner.  There are a few recipes rom Debbie and Andrew's sausages that you could try. I decided to give the "Give A Fig Salad Recipe " a whirl. It was very quick and easy to do and ready in no time at all.

Give A Fig Salad

Give A Fig Sausage Salad

1 pack of debbie&andrew’s Perfect Pork Sausages
8 figs, quartered
2 red onions, peeled and quartered
200g feta
Balsamic glaze
Olive oil
200g bag mixed leaf salad
1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Place onions in a roasting dish and lather in salt, pepper and olive oil. Bake for 20 minutes until soft and golden.
2. Chop the debbie&andrew’s Perfect Cumberland Sausages into thick slices on the diagonal and in a non stick large fry pan, fry off over a medium/high heat until lovely and golden. Set aside.
3. Assemble your salad by layering salad leaves, red onion, sausages and figs. Season with salt and pepper. Finish with a generous drizzle of olive oil, balsamic glaze and crumbled feta.

And the sweetness of the figs balance beautifully the saltiness of the feta .

Perfectly Paired Pies
2 packs debbie&andrew’s Perfect Pork Sausages, chopped into chunks
1tbs olive oil
1tsp butter
2 leeks, washed and sliced
2 green apples (Granny Smith or Bramley), cored and diced
250ml apple cider
2tbs plain flour (for a Gluten Free alternative, try
Udi's All Purpose Flour Mix)
250ml chicken stock
100ml double cream
2tbs wholegrain mustard
1 egg - beaten
2 sheets of puff pastry (or Gluten Free alternative)
2tbs pumpkin seeds
1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
2. In a large heavy based saucepan over a medium high heat, fry off the leeks, sausages and apples in the olive oil and butter for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Stir in the flour and cook out for a further 2 minutes.
3. Add the cider and reduce down to half. Add the stock, mustard and double cream and reduce until lovely and thick. Cool.
4. Divide your filling between 6 small pie dishes,
5. On a floured bench top, cut out 6 pieces of pastry just larger than the small pie dishes/cups. Lay over the top of the pie dishes, using a fork tightly press the edges.
6. Brush the pastry with the beaten egg and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.
7. Bake for 20-25 minutes until lovely and golden. Serve hot!

Their sausages are available in Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Prices range in store . I found mine in Sainsburys and they were priced £2.00 so £1.50 with the voucher 

This post is in collaboration with Debbie and Andrew's Sausages ~ The recipes are theirs. The bottom photo of the pie is there  but the pictures of the Give A Fig Salad are mine.