Sunday, 12 May 2019

Return Of Sid Vicious The Cat

Sid Vicious the cat revisited today and he’s swapped out his studded collar for a little blue number.He’s hard as nails and moonlights as security for Kanye West don’t cross him or he will take you done.He is ex military forces and taught that bloke Ant off the SAS program.

Sid the cat likes the new Taylor Swift song it goes well with his throaty meow.Sid is a culinary whizz but has never attempted a soufflĂ© or baked Alaska.Sid isn’t fussed about Game of Thrones and hasn’t ever seen one episode of Eastenders.

Sid is going for a screen test as the new cat villain in James Bond and he’s not afraid to use his claws.Sid doesn’t need you to comment on this post but safe to say he knows where you live if you don’t.

Sid does have a sensitive side he’s into flower arranging and has got the omplete collection of Downtown Abbey dvds.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Beyond Shugborough Hall

Going beyond Shugborough last time we went to Shuborough Hall there was a firealam and we got evacuated and there was a no fireman at all.So the other day we decided we would go back and visit the house not having had opportunity to do so and we had a very pleasant amble round the house and it is chock full of history and clocks and a magnificent library and there is nothing finer than a grand library . I would be quite happy to locked away in a library with a good book and an endless supply of tea and no one else around as libraries are so very magical.

I do love a good wander and after exploring the house ( we had managed to do Lord Lichfields private apartment last time we visited luckily) we took an extensive explore of the grounds and gardens and struck out beyond the boundaries of the estate and we were not disappointed as we came across a beautiful canal which really looked liked past times a gentler time if you like. I do believe you can hire a canal boat there as well.

There is something soothing about water just as long as I am not in it only if it is a Spa and I love walking along canals it is very soothing and people are very friendly in a very non fake or forced way .People take pride in their colourful canal boats and they are very relaxed as they saunter down the river without a care in the world.

And that is what I like about my week this week I am sauntering along without a care in the world so much so I accidenly left a paper tissue in my trousers and it got caught up in the wash.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Influence This With your Cup Of Tea

I think blogging has changed rather a lot in the last few years but I have never been one to follow the herd , long gone are the days of comments flooding my blog at least and this I am fine with.I mean unless your one of those keyboard warriors on the Daily Fail or on what ever account on instagram where I see such comments with utter vitriol.If and when I comment it is always constructive and with with purpose and I am very ever nasty or rude that is simply not my style. People blog how and when they want but since when did blogging become a vehicle to constantly berate your family and those around you and I realise this might seem a little pot calling the kettle black but there is such an explosion on the negative constant berating of people of late.

I continue to enjoy blogging for me blogging is how I want it to be and those who want the constant nature of comments then they are welcome to it , the world of blogging or influencing has changed with many breaking through to the world of being authors which is really exciting. I am thrilled to getting back to myself after months and months of torment personally and I am just beginning to feel my feet again.

I have never been one for in blogging posts why you must do this as I believe everyone is an individual and they will do what the hell they want.

And the thing is while I have autism and I am not going to ever hide from it it is part of who I am in recent times the overload of personal problems has fractured this from be and I am taking time to blend myself back together.

I am private but then again I am what you see is what you get and if what I write can help someone in some way then more the better I say.

So Influence this with your cup of tea I say !

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Dimples And Whiskers The Cat Detective Agency

I feel that my cat could be or indeed is a great Detective along the lines of the great Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot for who would question a cat as they're mainly sleeping or slinking their way through life.I have for example being talking to my cat for half an hour I thought my cat was in their day bed but on closer inspection thy were not the level of genius in my cat is unparallelled the level of genius in their owner is yet to be confirmed.So welcome to Dimples And Whiskers The Cat Detective Agency the only detective agency in the world run by a cat who does on occasion help Scotland yard and the FBI.

The fees for solving cases are on a case by case basis but a shed load of cat treats is usually involved.No case is out of bounds and napping on the job is compulsory but don’t be fooled into thinking nothing is happening as that is valuable thinking time.

Jack seamlessly blends into the surroundings so undercover and surveillance work is no problem.The ongoing mystery of who or what shreds both the toilet paper and kitchen roll is yet to be determined but all good detectives have their absolute nemesis.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Travelling To Venice

Now Venice is a utterly beautiful place full of architecture mystery and Gondolas and it is the place that everyone wants to visit everyone down to your cat even it is that popular a place. Now I have been to Venice myself with my family but we didn't go in the peak season when it is utterly jammed pack like a proverbial sardine tin. We went in December and yes it was cold but it was oh so magical and full of charm and it is so the right time to visit this jewel of Italy as it twinkles in the winter light and with the lights of Christmas it is just breathtaking.

You don't have ride a Gondola even when you're in Venice I know I know it is seen as a must do but you can simply just travel in the water taxi to and from the airport and that gives you a taste of the opulence of the water cancels.People will say the Venice smells well it certainly didn't when we visited in December I cannot vouch however for any time of the year that is not December.

Venice is a truly awe inspiring place and you will be blown away by every little twist and turn you make so don't be afraid to get lost ! just go wherever your feet and heart take you , for me I adventure towards what i see in my minds eye.Losing yourself is the best way to discover the magic of Venice and your memories will thank you for it for the rest of your life and your memories will also inspire others to follow and make their own footsteps around Venice.The tiny alley ways that twist and turn along with the canals make the fabric of Venice.Venice is safe to walk around at any time of day but do make sure you follow keeping your valuables safe as you would anywhere.

Eating local isn't as expensive as you think just wander away form the tourist trap areas and you really can't go wrong the backstreet places are called bacari and it is where the locals go , they literally are hole in the walls places.The best places are crowded and this is where you will find the real and true venice.

The busiest times to avoid in Venice are summer time and Carnevale when it is absolutely rammed to full capacity and you 'll be jostling with everyone else.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Trinity College Cambridge

You can hear the silence fall , you can hear the burst of the purple haze of the beautiful twirly whirly wisteria

 and you can do this in the grounds of Trinity College , you can be an onlooker with your methodical nose pressed up upon the glass grazing through to another world of bowl hatter porters and Cambridge Dons, Professor and students ambling by.Time stops still in the hallowed sanctuary of Cambridge that bastion of learning with their premier league rivals being Oxford ( I am told they have a better shade of Blue)

Trinity College this was where Isaac Newton studied as well as Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking and you can not be failed to be blown away by this but the best education you can really give yourself is YOU !

Why was I at Trinity College you make ask ? though you're probably not wondering that bye me being me I am going to tell you anyway. was there helping in Autism research for someone doing their thesis on Autism and it was based on the quiet shopping hour. I travelled to Cambridge and it wasn't  a problem as I could just tune myself in Classic Fm , I must say it was rather exciting to help in Autism research from my point of view . I have to say I do not really view myself as disabled the only disabling thing is people actually themselves at times in their views and opinions but people are strange as they say.

I love nothing better than to mooch and meander not quite knowing where I will end up as this is why after the Autism research I asked to be dropped off at Trinity College and that was my seating point for me to find my way back to Cambridge train station.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Oak And Acorn Oakwood Derby

#Ad #Review

How dining preconceptions can jade you is something I’d not thought of until I realised I hadn’t been to a local pub because it was very much stuck in the 1990s and honestly this was the last time I had visited the Oak and Acorn in Oakwood Derby.So that made my last visit to this pub 20 years ago this was the era of the Spice Girls concidently they’re making a comeback tour this year.

And I was along with my family invited back for the launch of a new look Oak and Acorn.The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.

We were in for a very pleasant surprise now the pub is next to a local shopping area with smart housing round.There is a local park straight across the road perfect for walking off your meal afterwards or indeed a gentle stroll on your way to the pub.

The Oak and Acorn pub has just had a 200 thousand pounds makeover to bring it bang up to date the last refurbishment was done in 2005 so it was long over due.When we got inside we were taken aback how much the pub had changed.There was loads of chatter everywhere and happy smiling faces there was a good mix of ages and people there including families.

I was there with my husband and university student son luckily our table had been reserved for us.We looked over the menu and my husband and son decided to go for the crispy beef and noodles.I on the other hand decided to go for a Tennessee steak with chips.

We had opted to dine at 6.30 and it was busy then and it got busier which is always a good sign.And someone had a cocktail and it wasn’t me !

And of course a family occasion isn’t complete without a desert !

The prices are reasonable and in line with what you’d pay elsewhere for example the crisp Chilli Beef was £9.49

Disclosure I was given £50 credit for the meal and all thoughts words and opinions are my own.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Tour De Force Of Yorkshire

Myself and my husband spend a lot time in Yorkshire as we are ferrying our son to and from from there and we have been taking the opportunity to venture out and look at the beauty that Yorkshire has to offer.I find that Yorkshire is a relaxing and most beautiful place to be in except when your the passenger in the car with a nervous husband driving across the moors the it is slightly misty as he was very freaked out by not knowing the lie of the land however I think he is more relaxed about the Moors now.Using York as our pace for venturing out from we first took ourselves to the stunning town of Richmond ( Yorkshire ) not to be confused with Richmond in London that is equally stunning. Richmond in Yorkshire has a refined elegance about it it is almost seaside town in nature and it is so relaxing you simply will not want to leave its majesty.

If you have English Heritage membership when you are in for an absolute treat as there is a a magnificent castle than dominates the town and its surrounding.There is no tea room at Richmond castle but of course there is a shop and they sell ice creams and all the other usual shop items. I do love to meander wound castles and ruins and Richmond is a very relaxing place to be which such a beautiful vista I would love to live round there as I would never tire of such a view. Richmond Castle is set on a rockery promontory just above the River Swale this great castle is one of the oldest Norman Stone fortresses in Britain , the building of the castle started in the decades after the conquest. While visiting the castle do take in the story of the conscious objectors that were imprisoned in the keep during the First World War it is told in a interactive display.

Richmond Castle Yorkshire
Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle Yorkshire
Stunning views from Richmond Castle

Richmond is the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and you’ll happily spend the day exploring the unique traditional town which has changed little through the centuries.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Day I thought The Words Had Stopped

The day I thought the words had stopped because anxiety is horrible and it holds no prisoners it is without mercy and it is there niggling at you for attention like a toddler demanding attention 24 hours a day.I have been tasked in finding a joy list that’s however not a list of people called Joy though when I meet back with my nice therapist lady I will tell her I know a couple of people called Joy such is my humour.

Joy is tea and how I love my tea so much so that I have to travel with tea bags just in case there is some sort of  world wide teabag shortage and I may only have the last few teabags left on the planet .

Joy is getting out and about either on your own or with the ones you love or ( moderately like ;-)

And I have been getting out and about and I had truly thought s the words had stopped that my creative abilities had been nipped in the bud much like my promising Tennis career ( which wasn't much as I never got selected for the school Tennis team ever and I was always selected last for Rounders )

Joy is communicating online with friends from all round the world be it Twitter, facebook instagram ( I don't do Snapchat I think it's a Generation gap thing ! I mean I don't quite get Millenial speak at the best of times my University age son has one of those light up messageboxes and the message on it lately has been "Have a Dope day !" And this apparently means have a duplicate day.

Joy is sunshine and a mustard coloured jumper 

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Dinner Dinner Bat Cat

Everyone as the song goes wants to be a cat  ( and of course everyone want to be me )

And a cat like me ( you never see Batman and a black cat together now that tells you something ) 

should never me made to wait as they will take it out on kitchen roll or toilet roll if you don't respond to their wishes asap currently it the cat verus kitchen roll/toilet role score is

Cat 1

Kitchen/toilet  roll 0

Obviously this isn't a fair match and the kitchen/toilet  roll hasn't been trained like Rocky and has a very atmospheric theme tune to boot and really quite honestly I think the Eye of the Tiger is more suited to a cat anyway. I mean as a cat it should be my tune !!

It’s meow sic to your ears !

My human thinks I don’t know they’ve put Aldi cat food into a Sheba box but I do > blooming Brexit putting up prices of my prefered food. You simply just can’t get the staff nowadays which is utterly scandalous!

Friday, 29 March 2019

How I am Coping As A Late Diagnosed Autistic Person

How I coping with being a later in life autistic person I think ok except for a few extenuating factors which are out my control.

What happens when you lose yourself in a murk of a situation that's beyond your control a situation where you're not just being left alone where it a a very close to home issue , it is hard but I am wading through treacle and the moment and I am clutching back control.The situation is not going to go away but I am the one who says what is acceptable to me , I don't mean to be evasive but it is a family situation and I was on the brink of absolute collapse.

Even if I wasn't Autistic I would find the situation very hard to cope with , you see when you're autistic sitautions can overwhelm you and clog your sensory processing you simply don't have the energy to think , move or breath you're swamped.And of late I am have snapped and I am a very calm person but when your buttons are pushed and pushed you reach that point where you say no more I need to be me.

And on the subject of being me I have so missed the funny me the serious me the humorous me the whimsical me in a nutshell me. Myself I love being me and the though of being me again fills me with absolute pleasure as now I feel kiddy as a kipper though that situation is still there like and I can't control that.

What I love about me is the ability to be me and I’m very unique indeed, I’ve got to not key thing drag me down and that’s easier said than fond of late.

What I do absolutely love is the ability to talk to people on line I truly think it’s one of my life lines.And people messaging to see how I am is very much appreciated and it doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Cats Need Boxes

Cats need boxes or do boxes need cats ? I feel I only stuff for the box it really is like I’m my cats dealer.If there’s a box then there’s a cat to fill it as the magical lure of an empty box is just to strong for any cat .The size of the cat doesn’t matter and neither just the box as there is no such thing as the correct cat to box ratio

For what is a cat without a box just like Batman without Robin and Superman and Lois Lane.A cat may be more slightly Genghis Khan on occasions and voluntarily plot your downfall or maybe just on purpose!

Constantly waiting for an opportunity to bring about your demise ...

When you don’t win an argument...

When you’re trying to play it coy about wanting something..

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A Very Unbreakfast to me !

Ever had a un meal ?
No you say ?

I believe that everyone should have an un meal once in a while.

What is my meal this afternoon ?

It is an "unbreakfast" why stick with convention , you are only constrained with your food if you think about it !

Take my day today : an uninspiring breakfast , a pub lunch of a simple which took them absolutely ages to bring to my table . The knock on effect of this was it meant it was to late to do my planned tea , so what to do?

Looking at my Alice in Wonderland tea cups I instantly knew ; a "Mad Hatters tea party" I cried . I always adore to put my own spin on events so thereupon a "Mad Hatters Tea Party" became a "very unbreakfast to me" instead of a very "unbirthday to me" as the Mad Hatter cried at his tea party.

Alas no butter was added to the pocket watch and neither was it dunked into the tea as I very much doubt Mr T would have let that happen to his prized pocket watch ! though there could have been a sleepy door mouse in the tea pot.

This un breakfast includes croissants,muffins and butter from Morrisons ,  I applied to Britmums to be one of their #Morrisonsmum, they also have #MorrisonDads . We were asked to shop at out local store for a Bank Holiday shop and were given £80 worth of vouchers to do so. 

Today was my new start, I 'd shopped before going away to a blogging conference from Saturday till Sunday  and I knew that Mr T wouldn't starve due to Morrisons new prices and so I was able to get more food for my money. While I was away Mr T had cooked himself chicken Kiev , new potatoes and fresh carrots but had he taken a photo no ( I shall be hitting him with a big big spoon as that will hurt more )

"This is the start of a new cheaper Morrisons.

From today, we’ve cut the prices on over a thousand of your favourite products. Not temporary reductions or supermarket smoke and mirrors, these are new every day low prices on the things you buy every week. So you’ll notice the difference with every shop.

And although we’re cutting prices, we’re not cutting corners. You can check our pricing at

You’ll still get award-winning meat and fish, still get trained butchers and bakers, still get the best of fresh on Market Street and still get friendly Morrisons service.

Look out for the yellow markers when you shop in store and online If it says I’m cheaper you know it’s staying cheaper.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Rievaulx abbey

We chase perfection in our lives and so very very often it’s right there before our very eyes and I question what is perfection at time and the truth of it there is no real perfection escepailly in nature as nature does not conform to what we think of as perfection. I notice so much when I am in and I stood transfixed the other day at rievaulx abbey when a swirl of brown leaves went by in a very sleek mistral and it was magical somewhat ethereal you might say.There was no rain it was a crisp clear day with a touch of both warm and coolness in the air with them both buffering each other in the fight of the of temperatures.The noblest and most epic of battles with neither side winning in such a location as an Abbey there is an air of calm , the stillness of calm transitioning over the centuries.

This is why I truly love my English Heritage membership it affords me such treasures as this.And now my husband has a new camera he’s completely in his element in such magical settings.

I think you can have a electronic guide round the place we weren’t offered this but it didn’t matter as we love to wander at our own pace.

It is a very beautiful and calm place to visit and I am very much in need of calm in my life at the moment , there are is many photo opportunities round the place it is somewhere I will defiantly come back to .

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Looking For King Size Bedding


There are many ways to give your bedroom a new look from painting and wallpapering to changing the light fittings and curtains perhaps but there is nothing better than nice new bedding. Changing your bedding is the easier option for a new look and I have recently gone through all my old bedding and donated the ones I no longer want to charity etc. I have a king sized bed and I am always looking out for good deals on king-size bedding and this is where Yorkshire Linen comes in as they offer Kingsize quilts in multiples colours and patterns at amazing prices.

I really do think that good quality bedding does make your bedroom a calming and welcoming space and that is what both my husband and I need after a busy day. He gets up very early so I do get to enjoy the bed a little longer than he does and it also means I don't have to fight with the duvet either! We are thinking of moving our son who is at university into one of the other larger bedrooms and of course, that means a new bed and new bedding when they are university the costs never stop coming!

I have had a good look myself at Yorkshire Bedding and I am astonished at the wide choice there is so I know where I will be going to when we either need bedding for ourselves or more our son. You really do have to like the bedding you put on your bed because you spend a lot of your life in bed and you need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Disclosure This is a placed advert on behalf of Yorkshire Linen

Monday, 11 March 2019

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers Review

#Review #AD

It’s my brother in laws 60th Birthday and he really is the lovely sort of chap that really does have everything.When someone has everything they need it really does make it nearly impossible to buy a suitable present.My brother in law adores caravanning so this was the natural starting place to make his birthday card.

Caravan Birthday card

So when the Gift Experience approached me about a review I had a good look at their products I found a wine box with tools ( where the wine box can be personalised )

Personalised Wooden Wine Box and Bar Set boasts all the tools of the trade. Pop in a bottle of the intended recipient's favourite bottle of wine and you're laughing.

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

The wood effect wine box and bar set includes Wine bottle box, with fixation for bottle with waiter's knife, bottle cap and spout, wood. The box was personalised with a message of our choice which is laser engraved onto the top of the box. Perfect for just about any occasion! And this is perfect for my brother in law to take with him when he goes caravanning and now he is retired he will be able to go whenever he wants to. You have to buy your own bottle of wine to go in the box.

Measuring 122 mm in length, width 365 mm, height 119.6 mm , the wine box and bar set is proportioned to accommodate a nice bottle of vintage. Delivered boxed.Delivery was very speedy and it arrived well in time for the birthday celebrations.

Perfect 60th Birthday Present For Wine Lovers

We all were treated to a lovely meal by my brother in law and he was thrilled by all the presents he got.

Disclosure I was offered the Wine box and tools for review , the wine is not included in the box you have to purchase that yourself. All opinions and views are my own.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Tea And Hope Books And Scones

Tea And Hope Books and Scones really does sound like the title for a best selling book doesn't it I think set in a book shop come tea room with an air of vintage charm and days gone by.I love tea it really does give me hope there is nothing finer than a cup of tea with the spoon tinkling sound . I really think that a cup of tea is a call to arms like a raising an army and there are plenty of us in this army.And I constantly think about tea about how much I love it and how it excites me to me ,tea is life and life is tea !

A cup of tea really has been my emotional anchor of late and I really do like to think a cup of tea is an emotional anchor.

But if you want a triple anchor then add in a book and a scone and this is what I exactly did last week.



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