Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Secret York You Need to Visit

When I thought about writing about secret York I thought should I really share with you after all it is secret York in fact there is so much secret York that there is really to much to put all into one blog post.I truly and deeply love York from the Vikings to of course the well renown Betty tea rooms which is a sheer and necessary indulgence.My son is up at York university studying archaeology and when say we are in a pub with him having a meal we don't look twice at the Viking sitting next to us it it par for the course in York.Now we are always up in York and we are getting to know York very very well it is a delight to just wonder round just letting your feet take your whether you may wish.

One of the hidden places that is in York will surprise you and it's not what you expect it is English Heritage and no it's not a grand house or a ruined castle or fortification.It is in fact a Nuclear bunker

and it's not what you 'd think would be a tourist attraction but it is very interesting and well worth a visit.York is such a beautiful place you will will want to come back time and time again to this stunning city and should you want to escape York for a few days then Yorkshire is a stunning place with so much to offer.The magnificent York will still be waiting for you and will welcome you back with open arms the glow and warm of the stones is breathtaking.

Even within the centre of York you can step off the beaten track and be transformed into another world one that will bewitch and beguile you.I am talking about the Treasurers House in York that is practically next to the monumental York Minster and it’s a National Trust property.And the Treasurers House holds a secret within a secret which is that of the CafĂ©.

And even Bettys of York yes that must famous tea room in the world has its secret side from shop where you can step back and seems like your in some sort of Harry Potter cake shop to the Tea rooms both the one where anyone can go to ( and more than likely queue ) to the upstairs tea room where you must defiantly have to book.And the upstairs tea room is a whole new world of pure luxury and tea and cake decadence.

Collete Burgess who grew up in York and blogs at We’re going on an adventure at has some ideas for what to do in York 

“Growing up in York means that I often take the city for granted. I used to walk past the Minster every day and barely notice it.  Now that I've moved away I'm regularly struck by the beauty of this city and can totally see why it attracts so many visitors (even if they did used to drive me mad taking photos in the middle of the street and getting in my way when I was trying to go about my business!) 

There's literally so much to do in York - from climbing the city walls (this is really lovely walk and doesn't cost anything though isn't very pushchair friendly) to taking a horse and cart ride around the city centre (something I wanted to do my whole life and finally managed the week after Dave & I got married!)  

If the weather is nice you can't beat hiring a Little Red Boat and taking a ride down the River Ouse (you can go on bigger boats but it's not as much fun as driving the boat yourself!)  And, don't forget to try out a Ghost Walk (this is better done in the Autumn when the evenings are drawing in - it's not really as spooky when it's broad daylight!)  You'll laugh, jump and learn all sorts of random stuff about the history of York and its inhabitants!"

Karen from Minitravellers has some suggestions for 48 hours in York as does Leyla from Motherhood diaries as about how to spend 48 hours in York 

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Ways My Cat Is Like A Politician

A cat promises much much like a politician it makes all the right noises and never directly answers the question.Just like Bush with “ read my lips no new taxes “ You think you’re going to get a great deal and then your flowerbeds are not just dug up once but twice.An apology may be given but there’s never any true sincerity.

And also when asked if  they’re absolutely not plotting again a politician will answer “ no “ and will do completely the opposite with bells and whistles on top.

Cats are completely self absorbed like many a politician and will literally feather their own nest much to the despair of the bird population.

A cat like a politician will grab the headlines in any way they can.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Imitation The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

It’s a sunny day a lazy hazy cat lazing day , my cat doesn’t have a job its job is just being a cat and ensuring that I feed it at the appropriate times.Cats are their own individuals and they’ll do want they want when they if at all.

If cats were in charge of Brexit then it would have probably happened by now , but this isn’t a cats and politics post that’s for another day.Cats are rarely one to be imitated except by other cats doing cat things like puzzling about the universe and everything in it.They say that cats prove the world isn’t flat because otherwise they’d have knocked everything off by now ( sorry flat Earth believers)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say but I’m not sure that Jack ( Black ) the cat is convinced.Yes my cat has a double barrelled surname which “the cat “ and that very important that he remembers his airs and graces it is what keeps him aloft and endearingly enigmatic.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Still Gardening On Budget

I’m still gardening on a budget I’m like a horticultural Fagin , I really don’t like spending any more than I need to if at all.I had planted to do some vegetable gardening but it’s a bit late in the season and I don’t want to grow the devils cannonballs in the form of radishes.

We acquired a raised bed from my sister in law who has moved into a new house and didn’t want the raised bed that was in her garden.So Mr T and I moved it as well as the soil that was in it.It is identical to the other raised bed we have near the shed which I brought with vouchers I won in a competition.And when it came to filling it I used seeds from a magazine etc and the compost came in that instance from the compost bin.

I see inspiration in my garden from everywhere I go like yesterday when I went to Hardwick Hall.

This is the raised bed I got from my sister in law I filled it with clearance corner plants which were £4 each except for the David Austin Rose Harlow Carr which was £12 I Dave at least 25 pounds in the plants I brought.

I like the quirky and unusual 

And yes yes my Apple tree has only one Apple on it but you know that individuality is going to make it the best Apple tree in the whole world.

Gardening is kindness to the heart mind as soul as my late music teacher Mrs Button said “ Never B sharp , never B flat ,always B natural “

Here’s my cat highlighting the lawn ...

Gardening is a fabulous and definitely part of your outdoor prescription 

Friday, 12 July 2019

Don't Take A Risk In Fitting A Bathroom Yourself Get The Professionals In


Bathrooms we spent rather a lot of time in them, which is when we moved several years ago we made sure we had the bathroom refitted and that bathroom belonged to our son.We haven’t got round yet to refitting our en-suite, but we will as at the moment we are helping our son through university.Our son is currently studying archaeology at the University of York and the chances are high that one day he might settle in Yorkshire. Of course with him potentially being in Yorkshire then of we will visit all the time as Yorkshire is such a beautiful county to explore and settle in.

When he does perhaps buy a house then more than likely the whole house will need doing up and could even have the horror of an avocado bathroom suite, and tackling plumbing jobs s something neither myself or my husband would attempt, we would rather leave it to the professionals. The one time my husband attempted what he thought would be a simple plumbing job by removing a radiator off the wall ended up in disaster, and we had to call out an emergency plumber. So when it comes to revamping your bathroom it is always better to use professional service and if you are in the Yorkshire area then you can get impeccable bathroom design ideas from Harrogate Bathrooms

If you're going to get your bathroom done then do it right from the start it will save you a lot of money in the long run and using professional services you will know that you're in safe hands from start to finish.Quality bathroom product and installation of a bathroom will last you a very long time and the only thing you will more than likely have to do is just give the walls a lick of paint.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Moving Out Of A Student House

After the first year of university which is usually in halls then your student son or daughter is likely to move into a shared house with newly found friends.Hopefully when they all moved in they would have immediately have sat down and compiled an extensive cleaning rota to ensure when they move out there’s less to do. That’s the parental dream it really and truly is ! and you won’t have sleepless nights about what the bathroom is going to look like when you help move them out.Making sure the house is clean when they move out is key to getting back that all important deposit but we found in our case the house was cleaner when we left it then when we moved in.Now we didn't didn't go all out Mrs Hinch on the house but between the 4 students living in the house and other parents we gave it a jolly good cleaning working on set areas each then chipping in on other areas where and when neater as they say many hands make light work.

And cleaning does have to mean all those plethora of cleaning products you can clean naturally within reason like your oven , if the thought of those oven cleaning kits stripping the skin off your hands then please don't panic.The mum of one of my sons house mates had a Lakeland oven cleaning tray  and soaked the racks using a combination of bircabonate of soda and washing up liquid which worked a treat . You had to use a little elbow grease to get off some of the remaining stuck on bits but it really wasn't hard from what I saw.

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm

What does cat ownership teach you ? It teaches you to have the patience of a saint as your cat steers you to make the descisions that it wants you to make.You didn’t actually think you were making the descions in your life did you ! You can’t anywhere without your cat wanting to go to just like your small child following you to the toilet !

Cat ownership will also teach you that you’re going to get chapped lips and skin etc especially when you're standing by the door while your cat decides if the weather suits it or perhaps to spook the local dogs or just be annoying.Now I don't have my full winter kit while on while I am opening the door to my cat like my bobble hat , scarf and gloves so having a product like Aquapor Soothing Skin Balm to help me survive not only my cat and winter is amazing.

Aquaphor is a product that can be used by all the family and I know my husband finds his lips get chapped when he is cycling to and from work and the winds are so icy this week so he makes sure he takes it with him in his cycling back. We are glad to have Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm as part of our skincare routine and the fact it is easy to use is such a handy size of 45ml.

It is also useful when we are out and about exploring we adore the British countryside and we are forever flying about here there and every where ( well not literally flying although I would love to fly up to Edinburgh one day )

About Aquaphor

  • Eucerin Aquaphor Soothign Skin Balm gives dry to very dry, cracked and irrupted skin the SOS care it needs.
  • Formulated with only seven ingredients ,Auaphor is gentle enough to be used on highly irritated skins as well on sensitive baby skin and in the nappy ares.
  • Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm protects the skin by creating breathable protective barrier, allowing oxygen and water vapour to circulate to and from the skin, allowing skin to 'breathe' and strengthen its natural barrier function.
  • The Eucerin Aquaphor formula was first introduced in the US market in 1925 and has been a household staple ever since - long trusted for its effectiveness in repairing a wide range of skin SOS cases.

Honestly it’s a happy cat really ! 

“This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin https://www.eucerin.co.uk/products/aquaphor/soothing-skin-balm-45ml” I was sent this product free of charge.

The cat is my own 

Homeserve Winter Blogger Challenge Room Makeover

You know what's it's like when they outgrow their playroom  and it's full to the brim with all the tat you brought them the really useful stuff they pestered you for .The room becomes unloved and untouched. It merely becomes a hoarder of junk , a case of out of side out of mind but then comes  a time when the room is needed again.

This time the room is needed for GCSE study I don't what it is about boys they prefer to do their writing anywhere but a desk , this is fine when they are younger but GCSE study demands more of them. They need a space for all their books, pens and pencils , laptops and other gadgets that will aid them upon their learning discovery.

The room had a England curtains and a England lampshade not quite what a teenage boy might what or should have! Also it had a side board *don't ask ok alright it harboured more junk ! We swifly sold the sideboard on ebay to make room for the mini room make over,  thankfully we had been given a £50 B & Q voucher from Homeserve as part of a Winter blogger challenge for this purpose and it couldn't have come at a better time.

England Curtains

With the £50 you bought a new pair of curtains which are far more grown up and thermal lined so saving us poor patents money ! and a lamp for extra light when he is studying ( thus us fitted with an energy saving bulb) With the money with made from selling the sideboard we bough a desk off an auction site so he has somewhere to study. The lampshade is from a collection we already had and again this fitted with an energy saving lightbulb.

We already had the shelving unit it has been waiting for seven years to be put up , it has certainly transformed the space.

It still needs a lick of paint but for a quick turn around I don't think it's a half bad job do you.

Even the cat is finding the room cosy ! wherever I lay my cat is my home !

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Instagram My Visual Storytelling

I was looking at my Instagram and I thought gosh isn’t it quite the strangest place rather like Twitter peddling it’s wares like someone at a travelling show.There is no problem if you advertise on Instagram or twitter it’s all done with the appropriate declaration.Same as with a blog post that’s advertising long as it is done correctly.

I like my Instagram to be a reflection of who and what I am and this is very important to me in the respect it helps me.I don’t viciously live my life out through social media but instead I see Instagram as visually story telling.

My storytelling as I’ve said helps not only me but may perhaps inspire other people to do the same but in their own way.Indivuality is very important to be I do want I when I want ( and no I’ve not robbed a bank )

My advice is do what you want on social media but don’t let it be a visual millstone round your neck.

Picture of cat obviously for full emotional impact ..

Monday, 8 July 2019

Georgian Windows At Southwell Workhouse National Trust

I’ve been thinking rather a lot about windows and how wonderful they are like simply the best picture frame you could wish for.The chinks of light that come through and play a merry dance upon the surface.Windows you look out and people look in and this is a story repeated over the history of time.Today it has been Georgian Windows situated in Southwell Workhouse Nottinghamshire.

These are Victorian windows from the Infirmary at Southwell

Windows have a simplicity to them but tell so much of the social history of what is seen through them both inside and out.I very much love looking through windows you see so much and they perfectly frame what you see out of them .

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Cats Are Awesomeness

I was going to title this cats are so over Brexit but that’s for another time , cats are awesome in each and every paw and whisker.This blog was named in part after my late evil silver tabby cat Rollie ( like the whiskers cat but not as sweet natured ).Honestly I think cats would make a job of running the country !

Cats I love cats and yes I’m allergic to cats but because I grew up with cats I’m tolerant to a degree of them.Get me near a horse then I’m likely to end up in A & E again.Cats are very much their own personalities I think if the Oscars were open to cats then they would win every single time.Nobody can deny the acting range and ability of a cat they’re method actors think Robert De Nero.

I think there needs to be a t shirt that says “ cats are awesomeness “

Cats are the bees knees ( do bees have knees ?)  Cats don’t give a flying fig at times and we could all do with that attitude at times I feel.

Cats are there when you do and don’t need them and they’re very much like humans in that respect !I couldn’t be without a cat and shouts cats are better than dogs !! 

We are still hiding Aldi cat food in the Sheba cat food box and this trick is working an absolute treat.I am pretty sure that cats don’t read labels but I am taking no chances.

You only have to look at the internet which the cats indeed did invent, I mean cats are the global superstars of the internet.Cats are hilarious and will leave you belly aching for hours with tears of joy streaming from your face.

Cats are easy to care for unless you make a rod for your own back and treat them like the Queen of England but honestly you’re going to do this anyway.

Cats are furry super heroes and can jump really high with no effort at all , they’re also really good at clearing shelves so Kon Marie 

Monday, 1 July 2019

Sherwood Forest Visiting The Major Oak

Now I’ve never visited the Major Oak which is meant to be the tree Robin Hood his in or something like that.Truth is it wouldn’t have even been a sapling when he was allegedly around but myths become legend and become ingrained in folk law.There is always perhaps a grain of truth in these things sometimes there are more grains of truth.I mean without it we wouldn’t have had Bryan Adams clinging onto the top spot for what seemed like 20 years with “Everything I do for you “ and Bryan we salute you.Bryan Adams however was not around when I visited Sherwood Forest with my husband and son back from university.

Sherwood Forest is a 450 acre nature reserve and is home to the well loved Major Oak as mentioned earlier.You need to visit this nature reserve and be part of the Robin Hood legend , it costs £4 to park at the Nature reserve ensure you have to correct change though as cards are not accepted at the car park payment machines.There is a RSPB cebtre there complete with cafe , shop and toilets etc.Also nearby is a lovely craft complex complete with another cafe.

And a direct quote from Mr T “This is the first time I’ve been to see the Major Oak, so was quite excited to visit this legend landmark of Nottinghamshire. I’m a big Robin Hood fan and was looking forward to learning more. There’s lots of information here from the original name of the oak “Cock pen oak” to becoming the “Major’s Oak” to finally becoming to World famous “Major Oak”. There are lots of walks around the forest of various distances to suit your needs. “

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Rage Against Early Mornings

I woke early early early so early that Stonehenge hasn’t been built yet and I thought about being cross.Cross with the fact that I was up early and no mortal was up but then I thought again that this would indeed be a waste of time and just enjoy the slumbering peace.I hung the washing out and I still maintain that hanging out socks it’s fruitless and soul destroying & and will bring about the end of the universe.

Whilst putting out the washing , pegging ? placing out the washing ( gosh do much description in a household task ) I chanced up the Starlings on the bird feeder and you know they sound just like a teaspoon tinkling in a teacup.

And with beautiful life observations ( I don’t mean hanging out the washing, pegging arrrgh ) I mean just the peace and tranquillity being in the beauty of the moment.So often we brush over the simplicity of life and yearn we yearn for it.

And before everyone stirs you feel that everything and anything is yours , you survey your kingdom and of course you have your cup of tea.

Mornings are what you make them and of course mine has to be with a cup of tea. It’s a wonder I actually dealt with the washing at all , I think clothes should take themselves to the washing machine at the very least.

Bedrooms That Grow With Your Children


My husband is one of seven siblings consisting of 6 boys and 1 girl all now fully grown.My husband is the baby of the family and growing up he of course had to share with his brothers and his sister got her own room.They had a large 4 bedroom house but one of these was a tiny box room and my husbands sister was in one room and his parents in another.That left 6 boys in 2 rooms one of which was the box room so it was a tight squeeze.I myself never knew the struggle of fighting to see who got the top bunk as I am an only child and the only time I ever got to sleep in a bunk bed was when I went on school holidays.

My husband says about the bed situation growing up “In Barlow St. Mum &Dad room a double bed plus me in a drawer , Philip in a cot, the others in the other room Chris/Alan, Mark/Ian bunk beds, Anne in a single “

And of the larger 4 bedrooms house they moved in when my husband was a toddler he says “Osmaston Rd Mum & Dad in their room. Me Phil in bunk bed with Alan and Chris in singles in other, Mark/Ian in a bunk in the small room and Anne in a double in the last room “

So when his brothers and sister started to leave home getting your own bed was sheer luxury! So if you’re struggling where to put your little ones no matter how many you’ve got then why not check out this blog from Happy beds.It is important to have a bedroom that grows with your child as there is nothing more annoying that continually changing the furniture , I think the only think you really should have to be changing is the mattress and the decor eventually.

I can’t believe that my husband actually slept in a drawer ! I think my husbands parents would have loved one of these Happy Beds triple sleeper beds to maximise on floor space when it was not covered in toys that they hadn't put away.

Here is my husband with all his siblings and yes they are the ones in the background !

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Cheats Waldorf Salad

You know I have never had Waldorf salad and I got to thinking which I tell you can be a very dangerous thing especially over a cup of tea , I thought about salad and how boring it can be and now we are entering into salad season I really do think salads could do with a pep up and taking to that next level.salad has never ever been so exciting and I think salads need to be more Bear Gylls less Danny Dyer!


Enough walnuts for 2 crushed and a little bit extra to sprinkle on the salad

2 ts of Dijion mustard

2 chicken breasts thinly sliced( already cooked) but of course you could cook your own chicken breasts through

4tbp of Olive oil


Use a salad of your choice

red and green apple wedges

a splatter of mixed fruit

More walnuts enough for 2 again

celery cut into chunks

lemon zest and juice if no lemons perhaps use ready made lemon juice


Heat some olive oil in a pan

Method brush the chicken with the Dijon mustard and coated with some crushed walnuts and cook the chicken through until thoroughly cooked if you are cooking them from scratch.You can of course use ready cooked chicken .

Cut up the celery into chunks and mix with the salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix everything together with with homemade mayonnaise or a very very good shop brought one.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Outdoor Prescription

It’s been raining men .. it’s been raining forever and ever and I’m really beginning to think it’s down to budget cuts ~ weather austerity if you will.At what point does it stop being good for the garden I think the rain started when I got a new garden table then I’m afraid it was all downhill from there.
We are over half way #30dayswild celebrating all things wild and nature.The garden has been a labour of love over the past few years and it’s taken shape nicely.I’ve a wildlife pond and have tadpoles they don’t contribute to the household income though.Also we have tree bumblebee s in the bird box and they’re super busy collecting nectar.

I wanted a bird bath but didn’t want a whimsical fairy or a constipated looking frog set in stone .Neither was I prepared to pay over £100 for a stone one that had been hand craved by a monk called Dave.So as my husband and I walked round the garden centre with a lost purpose until I spied though he says he spied first some glazed plant pots and saucers that would be ideal as a bird bath and it was a combined priced of 21 pounds.You could do this cheaper by recycling stuff and upcycling suitable shallow containers etc. My husband up turned the glazed dish upon the glazed pot just fixing it with outdoor sealant ( but do pick up the whole thing by the pot )

Gardening gives myself and my husband a great sense of well being as when you're standing there gazing aimlessly out the window doing the washing it , it so takes away from the drudgery of the task in hand. To see the bird hopping across to the bird feeder and to see Dragonfly's dip into the wildlife pond without a care in the world and it satisfying to see that carefree life it gives a warm glow to your day.It starts with something simple life plating some seeds in the garden , a few forgotten plants in the forgotten corner of the garden centre , swapping plants from friends.Gardening makes feel feel hope for tommorow because sometimes just sometimes hope can slip away but Gardeing promotes hope for tommorow and gives a tremendous sense of well-being and achievement.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The True Lack Of Social Care

I am by no means an expert on social care I can only comment on what I know from my own family situation and it is a postcode lottery at times and meeting of panels to decide who gets what and where and quite simply it is not good enough.The constant battling of the system is not helping if social care was looked at properly and scrutinised that I am sure it would improve and even save itself money.

So here I am from 2018/2019 saying what needs to be done in regards to my own mother .And the things I’m saying will not cost much but with the situation left to fester from various agencies you ultimately reach a crisis.The system is failing the most at need there’s a safety net but it has gaping great hole in the middle.

I don’t know what the answer is but what I do know that basic social care is the pinnacle of human right.Social care should people to live their very best lives and they shouldn’t be scrambling for scraps.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Living On The Cusp Of The Countryside

I live on the cusp of the countryside it is there on my doorstep and I have my own tadpoles in the pond , tree bumblebees living in the bird box and house Martin s ( the birds and not the band ) I mean can you imagine the pop band House Martins outside your window.Since giving up work I’ve been busy in the garden with the help of my husband and working hard to make it both a wildlife haven and a garden we can enjoy.I've benefits of a garden from my own mental health well being to see a sparrow hawk dispatch Bob the wood pigeon but don’t worry we have Bob the 2nd.

I can amble where I like or bimble just as I did in my last blog post I can basically circle my house on a countryside route there is the march of progress of houses which I am not convinced is entirely a good thing.Developers do try and balance the green space with their building but I am sad when there is a loss of the green space on what should be green belt land.I expect in years to come way way in the future that a small patch of grass will be in a museum for us to all look at.Though I think that is somewhat a Dystopian future and hopefully not likely to happen !

The beauty of woods

I start my morning with a pond inspection of my wildlife pond and saying morning to the Tadpoles not invidaully but collectively as I would be here all day if I did, I rather hope they're not put out by this ? who knows do Tadpoles even bare a grudge ? Then I move on the bumble bees the the left of my house which are nesting on a nook of my neighbours house then onto my own bumble bees which are in the bird box on my house.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The Enemy And Ally Of Time When You Are Autistic

I am autistic and usually it doesn’t phase I work and roll with the punches and I saw I’m autistic as I see fit .I will not hide away from it but now and again there comes s situation where you feel the overload boiling up from your feet.You feel like the girl again who has forgotten their maths homework and your maths teacher is a crack commando and you end up in detention.

Sensitivity and autism do indeed come hand in hand but you know we just want kindness like everyone else.We are all human at the end of the day and some accommodations are just the basics of being human.I have found time is both my enemy and my ally in situations as sometimes I truly want the world to swallow me up. The passage of time allows me both to relax from the situation and offer a therapy by writing loosely about happens to me in such situations.

I really like being displaced it throws me and I have to throw an anchor out and hope it grounds me this could be anything from talking to someone to listening to classic musical I just have to work through my box of tricks to get back to where I need and want to be. I find social media can be a help I as I reach out tho those who know me and also other folk who are autistic.Reading the world helps as it allow s me to compute and quantify the situation of course there are occasions where it can go wrong but the path of life is a not always smooth.

Monday, 3 June 2019

I Bimble and SO should you probably

I have been walking for ages well ever since I could walk in fact and I didn't document my progress through the medium of social media .. it didn't exist back then in the mists of time and when everything was in black and white and everyone had rickets or some such Dickensian.Bimble is such a lovely word it drops on the tongue with a fizzy cola sweet and if you have one to many coal fizzy sweets then indeed you might bible just a little bit quicker.Yesterday was lovely day to wander and it was so glorious today however it is a very Sepia sort of day so much so I am beginning to think i am in the 1920s .

Walking is my source of fitness and I can not afford a gym and that is probably the cats fault they take an enormous amount of feeding I only have one cat but it is very demanding as cats are.

Bimbling allow you to go about your day in a leisurely way but I start of walking I always feel .. arrrgh until I get into my stride I expect it is a sensory thing for me but once I am going it’s all systems go.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Photography My Storytelling Behind And Beyond

It isn't nice I mean really nice to have the privilege of the great outdoor and all the benefts it can offer and I really do enjoy a good walk outside no-one can have a bad walk outside unless they're eaten by a crocodile and that would be awfully rare in here in England though it may be more common in Wales I believe and in Scotland you're are certainly going to be eaten by a wild Haggis.

I think of my photography as a storytelling behind and beyond what I see ..



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