Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Vienna Vibe

I’ve been up since half past 3 in the morning this morning trying to remember why Oooh that’s it Vienna , Heathrow is weird place early in the morning , you find yourself stuck between Duty Free and Oysters and champagne . Of course Harrods is thrown in for good measure and why not top it off with some Tiffany’s jewellery , I did splash the cash on a Boots meal deal well two meal deals actually.A smooth flight which was more refined as no one clapped when the plane landed.

After some confusion with our Vienna card in getting our airport transfers we made it to the hotel to drop off our cases and get the lie of the land.A few steps down the street we nearly got attacked by a sofa and going abroad I’ve learnt not to be surprised.Well that was until I saw a man who was dressed one minute then complete starkers they next , I think it might of been some performance art piece ? as he had a photographer with him.

Vienna so has a vibe about it ...

Monday, 4 November 2019

Beatles 48 Hours In Liverpool

Travelling on a Friday night might seem like a cuckoo thing to do as everyone and their cat will be travelling back home from work or or a break away and you can only but expect frazzles but if you are willing to take your time then Friday afternoon isn't that bad.I think it really does help to break your joinery if you're travelling say further afield then you're fresh and ready to go the very next day.We were travelling to Liverpool with isn't that far from us it is only one hour forty minutes away so no time at all really though it took round about two hours on the Friday afternoon but we weren't really bothered about that.

On our first day we were straight into Liverpool by bus , getting the bus near from where we were staying which was the Crowne Plaza near Liverpool airport and we got off near the Albert Docks and you are straight into the throng of it all. There really is SO much to see round Liverpool that I think you really need about 4 days to most of it and even then there will still be something more to see.We headed first to the Beatles museum and paid our money and took ourselves on the self guided tour.which is a timeline of the Beatles story with additional information and videos etc.The museum is good the tour is a little long winded in places mainly due the never ending video clips on the tour guide you are given but never the less we both enjoyed it.My husband thought that the museum could have be made ever better by having people dressed up as the Beatles characters to interact with people every now and again.

Then it was onto the Liver Building which dominates the skyline of Liverpool , it is so true than when you're in Liverpool that you really do need to to look up because of the marvellous architecture.

It’s costs £15 per adult to go up the Liver building but it’s worth it as you get a guided tour and talk.There is a lift most of the way and then there’s about 120 steps to the top but don’t worry you don’t have to rush up.There is a display to look round before you go up and there’s an app to download which helps you interact with the display 

If you’re going to visit Liverpool and you’re a National Trust member then it’s working booking in advance to see Paul Mccartneys childhood home and the home Mendips  where John Lennon  grew up . It’s around £9.50 each if you’re a #nationaltrustmember and £25 if not.They tell you there’s no toilet on the door but there is one you can use at the McCartney home ( not the one that Paul Mcartney used ! ) 

Mendips John Lennon

#abbeyroad50 #beatles #liverpool

Humiliation At the Doctors

I went the doctors with one thing and you know how it is you end up with a list of things you didn't go in for like humiliation and finger pointing at you that you're fat .. no sorry obese and made to stand on the scales like a fisherman waiting in their huge haul.Getting fit shouldn't be like this it shouldn't be humiliation ,  shouldn't be made to feel like if I do want a cake ( a rare treat ) that I am going to need a defibrillator standing by.

It was a case of OOOOh no you shouldn't be on that medication because you're obese and let's have you on the scales.

I went from a hero to zero in one swift mouthful.

I know I have to lose weight and you know I have really overhauled my eating habits and people know how much walking I do and all I got from the doctor was "you seem to be doing the right things"

I have a referral from the dietician which has been shelved because even they thought it was odd being referred in such a way.

I really do think I was fat shamed in a way ... because all the other times I have been to the doctors my weight has roughly stayed the same .. my blood pressure and cholesterol are all good.

I have joined instead a scheme with the council aimed at people with a disability where it is one and one and there is no shaming in fact I was congratulated on making that step! now to me that is far more productive and inspiring that what I experienced at the doctors last week.And I have been assured that it is on no way like far club from Little Britain.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Jack The Cat Political Manifesto

I have had more cat dinners than there has been Primeminster and I think it is time for it to stop , I wouldn't be bribed some treats did turn up in the post today and it was a bribe so I wouldn't stand this General election.

Basically British Politics is like  using the cat flap I come in and go out

1. 23 1/2  hours naps for all .

2. An Amazon box to sleep in I reject your hipster modernist stool bed

3. As much toilet paper and kitchen roll as you want to shred.

4. That brand of cat food you like but then you won't like but will like.

5. Nail file and more cats on television 

6. No restrictions on the import of ping pong balls.

7. The sofa backstop .... the sofa is mine all  and I only let you use it out of common courtesy.

8. Classic FM 24 hours a day and a copy of the Guardian and NO Aled Jones stand ins ever ever gain on Classic Fm 

9. The right to hiss at nothing that is there.

10. The right to walk to the front door loop round and come in through the cat flap * repeating this action to your hearts content.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Christmas For A Baby Johnsons Sleep Tight Gift Set


Someone I know their daughter has just had a baby and sometimes you really scratch your head what to get them and the new bundle of joy as new born babies don't really play with toys.

The Sleep Tight Gift set is ideal for helping establish a baby in their bed time routine as well as bonding.And reading to a baby promotes a life long love of books and everyone loves a bedtime story.

Included in the Sleep Tight Gift Set is;
  • Handy Storage Bag
  • Useful Baby-friendly Gifts; Book & Bedtime Socks
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Oil 300ml
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Lotion 300ml
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath 300ml
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Wash 400ml

Each of the Johnson’s Bedtime Baby product contains NaturalCalm, a patented blend of relaxing aromas. They are all clinically proven mild, and dermatologist tested.

The Johnson’s Sleep Tight Gift Set costs around £12.00 or less as is available from Asda, Ocado, Superdrug, Amazon UK and Boots.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Hidden Tea Gems Of York

Hidden gems aren’t always hidden but as soon as you step into the world of the hidden gem you feel it’s magical pull.This hidden gem is hidden just behind York Minster , there’s a bank of tea shops with seating outside.Pay your £2.20 each and you’re given the treasure of tea with perhaps a Golden tea pot. This is how I imagine myself in Indiana Jones Raiders Of the lost Ark.I do love to let my feet just take me wherever they want to go and I often find this the best way to explore as it keeps the adventure alive within my heart and soul

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

A Book Is Very Much Like A Cat

A book is very much like a cat in such that they’re both gorgeous and demand and they are wonderful to stroke ! there is nothing like the feel and touch of a book and the smell.Though a cat on occasion can not smell as nice as a book they are just as useful sometimes you get what you want out of a book and sometimes you don't.But despite not being in love with a book maybe at the start more often than not you're in love with it at the end.Though sometimes there is that awkward stand off between owner and cat and you never quite understand each other and this is the same for books.There are those books that people rave about the ones that you simply must read the ones that if you haven't read then why did you ever learn to read !

I was really pleased and that is an understatement .. I was ecstatic to receive through a win the shortlist of the Booker prize books and they were all signed ~ how fabulous is this.I immediately ditched a science fiction book that I wasn't getting on with and started with Salmans Rushdie Quichotte and again that describes me a gentle reader grabs my attention immediately.

But a book won't  suddenly dislike the cat food you have just brought a joblot ....

Monday, 21 October 2019

Jack The Cat

I haven't written in a while about the cat and I just though I should after all it is the Ninjakilleract blog and even though we no longer have Rollie with us sadly we do still have Jack and he is a unique character in himself.Jack has managed well on is own despite the friendly rivalry with Rollie. We did think about another cat when we lost Rollie but after thinking long and hard about it we decided against it and just had Jack on his own.

Jack is not without his expense like any cat and he now needs a more potent flea treatment than your bog standard one you might get from Amazon or any supermarket.And I was discussing how often he would need worming if i switched over to the worming tablet the vets offer.

“ oh every 3 months if they’re a potent hunter “

“ oh he doesn’t bother much nowadays “

So of course later on I found a mouses liver in my kitchen ..

Friday, 11 October 2019

Long Gone

Long have the painted pictures from my son gone from the fridge , long gone are the school projects of yogurt pots , egg boxes and string,Long gone are the party invites , noisy whistles and lego feet traps , long gone is the overflowing laundry basket with its only one minute worn item.Long gone is the wait for the hot water again , long gone is the arrrgh from toilet paper run out or on the wrong way.Long gone is the parents evenings and is this my child I’m hearing about , long gone is the running out of shower gel when you’d just brought it.

Long gone are you now you’re at university ..

But still we keep in touch :-)

Wether it’s blackout blinds or lightbulbs leaving Mr T to wonder if we did too much for you in training you about lightbulbs.Texts fly about lightbulbs and success and we were beginning to wonder how many students it took to change a lightbulb.

How many students does it take to change a lightbulb? 

Six - One to change it and five to campaign to make light bulb changing a new degree subject.

Long gone are you but you’re still there in the corner of your home.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Coconut Carrot Tomato Shallot Soup

Firstly I think I deserve a medal for using my nutri ninja they scary piece of kitchen kitchen that blends and ninja chops it is lethal and even though it has a lid making it tighter than when One Direction were together ..

I used to have a soup maker but that blew up


Bag of carrots

shallots or onion chopped

Tomatoes Italian or otherwise maybe a shot of tomato puree as well

can of coconut milk

700 ml of stock

salt and pepper to taste


Firstly get those carrots pureed

then add the coconut milk whizz up a bit more

Fry the onions through

Put everything into a big sauce pan

Add the stock and heat through constantly stirring

for about 15 minutes

you could add a little grated toasted coconut on top for that Michelin star approach.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Easy Way To Clean The Mircowave

The inside of my microwave looks like the Valentine Day massacre with splattered sauce and some of these stains do seem to defy the laws of gravity . Every short cut points at the not so humble lemon , oooh but alas I used my last lemon in a Gin and Tonic , such is life. Everyone knows phrase

"If life gives you lemons then first clean your microwave "

All I had was vinegar ! everyone is aware of the cleaning benefits of vinegar .

This cleaning technique was the best 5 minutes of my life except that time when I thought I'd won something on the lottery. Here is the horror scene that was my microwave before I got all domestic and decided to clean , I do apologise if you're getting twitchy looking at this . 

Fill either a microwave bowl or jug with at least 2 cup worth of water

2 Tablespoons of vinegar

A squeeze of lemon juice > the one that's shaped like a lemon ( your lemon juice doesn't have to be contained in a lemon )

Place the bowl / jug in the microwave and shut the door !!

Then microwave for 5 minutes , please be careful when opening the door ! 

You could if you wish let the steam work for a further 2 minutes .

Wash the glass turntable and dry , return the glass turntable to the microwave 

You should then have a sparkling clean microwave .

You Better Believe In Fairies

On my train journey once down to London on a blogging mission me and my son sat in a quiet coach or so we thought. There was the lovely fluffy granny with her two grandsons awwh. My son was quietly playing his electronic device or reading . I was worrying about weather I would  make it through dodge city =London. The little boy came starring over my sons shoulder by standing behind him, this wound J up but he and I were too polite to say anything. And then it all cracked off

Little boy to Granny

Little boy " If you say you there are no fairies then a fairy will die"

Granny " But you just said it"
Little Boy" I said IF you said it" 
Little boy  "Also if you say, you  believe in fairies then a fairy is born"

At this point the little boy's older brother jumped it and swearing my journey, couldn't get any worse  he decided to chip in.

Older brother"I don't believe in fairies!"

Well that  was it wasn't the little boy snapped ....

"Fairies are real . I believe in fairies"
So this continued for an hour with the two brother toing and froing  believe me the mood I was in once I got off the train I would have sorted any rioters out!. The first half  of our journey the little boy as you read earliar was staring over my son's shouder.

The door proof fairies exist especially at the bottom of your garden because she has a door in her tree for them )
 So please for love all things magical fairies do exist it may just save a rail passenger from losing the will to live.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Why My Cats Have Meant So Much To Me

Why My Cats Meant So Much To Me

My pets which are cats come as endless bundles of joy to me , at times I don't always quite realise it as I am live reporting from my kitchen about a mouse that is loose.

Much hilarity is to be had , I do think the cats and mice are in cahoots over this , I can hear the conversation now behind the blue shed in my garden.

"SO Rollie you are second in the leader board of mice in the house  , with Jack in first not forgetting the extra points for making your owner scream "

I have rung my husband at work before now at work before when I have seen a mouse on the stairs of course he didn't come home instead I relied on the teen to do the deed of removing the mouse.

Initially when my son ( J)  was born we had had cats as I had always had cats as a child , my midwife however was very nervous about the cats thinking that they would smother the baby. As my son are he developed eczema which is hereditary , the eczema was very raw and weepy. It broke our hearts to have the cats rehomed but we knew that it was for the best at the time. Fast forward a few years till J was around 10 years old and we got Rollie the 1st, Rollie the 1st was very much like the cat out of Harry Potter sadly he was run over which was heart breaking for J and for the rest of us.

We had though got Jack at this time as we had though Rollie the first had gone missing so got another kitten after a long time of looking till we found him again ( but as mentioned previously he was unfortunately run over ) 

We got another kitten that looked like the first this was Rollie the 2nd who was more mischievous than Rollie the 1st ever was ! While one kitten was climbing up your leg another was sitting on top of the fridge or kitchen cabinets. Oh the fun we have had we they set off the house alarm in the middle of the night !

Rollie as a happy kitten!

The cats are family more than beds and a great comfort to all , like myself recently getting over my depression they are the best medicine for me. Indeed they are how this blog came about with it Rollie was the catalyst for the blog, Rollie and Jack would make great book material James Herriot would have loved them I am sure of it.

Rollie with this chacterful wink.

We Only have Jack now :-)

A Relaxers Guide To Ibiza

Admittedly when I was searching for a family holiday this year in no shape or form did a Ibiza cross my mind. It is not the first place I would have though of for a family holiday but the lure of the free child place was all too good. I had to be told of unbelievable sunsets that simply just melted into the sea and I didn't believe them until......

You can relax in Ibiza but just make sure you research where you're staying we were stopping at the Fiesta  Tannit which is 3 star whilst I'll be honest I'm a 4 star person think Holly Go Lightly on holiday from "Breakfast at Tiffany's " and you're not far off the mark!

Clean and adequate , the room was typically tiled and airy , the beds a little hard but clean and the balcony gave breath taking views over San Antonio bay. Having got up at 3am that morning to get a 6 am flight to Ibiza , we were all tidied , the teen was cranky by the time we got to bed. Now I'm no holiday grinch I understand children are going to bounce their little bouncy ball ( they win oh so joyfully from the bouncy ball machine ) but when it got to 11.40 at night my eye was beginning to twitch.

So I finally cracked I stomped down to reception complete with me in stripy pyjamas looking like an escaped Where's Wally with a hint of Jack Nicholson from the shining. Now I know no Spanish except hello , thank you and 2 beers please, so trying to explain " the bouncy ball bouncing on the floor above me is starting to annoy me " was hard . They did speak English but it got animated and I looked like I was on ' Give us a clue' they came up but guess what it went completely quiet but then the dum dum went off again, off to the offending room and sorted it out. And so peace was restored and we could begin our relax in earnest.

We never ever go to to welcome meetings preferring to do our research before we go and then if necessary asking the happy smiley reps in the hotel.

One of the first places we went being 20 minutes outside the bay of Antonio was the little aquarium which was along a beautiful breathtaking coastal path.

The aquarium is situated in a very picturesque area 5 minutes away from our hotel Fiesta Tanit the aquarium is tucked tucked into the cave on the edge of a cliff, and the walk there along the sea front path was breathtaking. The admission price is just over 4 Euros for adults and less for children ( you can pick a leaflet that gives you a discount at the Fiesta Tanit hotel.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

It is a very small aquarium , I'll be honest you're not going to see the marine life you'd see in a Sea Life centre there, but the ambiance and atmosphere of the place, the setting and the sense of fishing history make it well worth a visit. There is great snorkeling in the bay, and most of the fish you see in the aquarium are the fish you would see in the water around this area. The sea directly enters the cave where the fish are kept; the small bar, more resembling an Australian surf shack immediately outside the cave entrance is very atmospheric, and you can sit outside here with a drink, overlooking the sea is a great place to spend a short visit, also quite spectacularly amazing when the sun goes down and the breeze rustles your hair.

From aquarium Cap Blanc you can a water taxi to San Antonio it's not much 4 Euros one way and cheaper if you have a return. The water taxi is a proper little boat , one that looks like it could have been used in the Dunkirk landings but completely serviceable and safe.

For the ultimate Ibiza beaches visit this blog 

Ibiza old Town

We got a taxi from our hotel and it was about 26 Euros and that took us to the top of the old town where the fort is and a cathedral  and I am glad it did as I am asthmatic ! then we could wistfully wind our way down and oh what a serene and inspiring journey it was.

And being finally tuned to no wifi I was able to look up and see the shimmering beauty of the whitewashed houses than wound their way down to the bottom.The old town is split into distinct areas from restaurants ,bar and hippy clothing. Do wear good shoes as they streets are cobbled , luckily I did ! 

A holiday is what you make it and on the days when we weren't wandering about I were lazing by the pool reading or taking a dip, but a week was just enough for us perhaps long enough there had been more at the hotel but it was enough and sometimes that is all you need.

Me time
You time
We time

Family Time

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Autumn Has Positively Arrived

Autumn has positively arrived and it bears gifts of conkers ( and not honkers as my blog so gracefully wants to put instead blessed is the art of predictive text )

I just popped out to collect some conkers they’re useful as spider repellent s or you can chuck them at spiders the size of aragog from Harry Potter.

Here’s one if the horses who lives in the field ( obviously) of the farm at the end of my road.

With Autumn you can hear me cry :

“ For I am Queen of the thermostat you will not hear me shiver !”

And I did at precisely 12 midnight turn on the heating like Cinderella would have done if she had been cold.I didn’t sleep very well last night either and had to come downstairs for an hour or so because insomnia is a tricky beast demanding attention.

But despite feeling like a tea drinking zombie this morning faced with the apocalypse of housework, I soldiered on tinkering a little with the burden of tidying.Then I ventured out to welcome Autumn here positively.It would have been rude of me not to return the favour of visiting Autumn in return.

Ever Met A Person You know On Holiday ?

Have you ever met a person you know on holiday and I don't mean your family that you're going with I mean unexpectedly even when you're thousands upon thousands of miles away from where you live . You think awwwh peace and quiet until you get a

"COOOOOEEEE oh hello I didn't know you were here as well ....."

Your heart may sink or you might or no bang there goes my quiet holiday !

This has happened to me not once but twice three times if you include my husband seeing someone he knew on a flight who waved from first class us as we did the first class walk of shame all the way down to economy class.

And then there was the time I and my family was smack bang in Washington at subway station called Wooley Park getting our subway tickets for that days adventure.I suddenly heard a very high pictured sound of a child

"MRS Toplis ... OOOOH it's Mrs Toplis "

And there thousands of miles away from home was a pupil from the school where I was a teaching assistant  , I was shocked as you go away for a holiday and end up seeing someone you know ! I thought yes you are perhaps likely to bump into someone you know in Spain perhaps or even Portugal but Washington DC and a Subway station at that.

Washington DC

National Trust Hanbury Hall

Gosh I had a look and it seems like it has been a whole week since I blogged and I thought I had better put this right , well since my amazing recipe last week I have been to a National Trust property which obviously is no surprise and it wasn't even at the weekend .It was on a Thursday so put that in your non smoking pipe it was full of and these are the words of my husband "the blue rinse brigade"
National Trust properties where there is danger and not just because you might get tripped up by a rough Wethers original on the floor left by the older generation but by the fact that their are Scone traps.I have noticed an increasing problem at National Trust properties in that they lay these traps you might just thinking oh it is just a harmless cream tea but ooh no it is a human venus fly trap and it is mortally dangerous.

I think this is my favourite object from Hanbury Hall ( I did leave it behind ! however tempting it was )

Monday, 30 September 2019

The Lament Of The Past

Lamenting is the past is something people do for example when I was catching the bus the other day into town and don't even get me started on bus journeys ! There was a gentleman lamenting about eh past

"When I was younger all this was fields "

He continued on with "Don't you wish you could go back to the past ?"

And the lady he was having the conversation with said "You mean when you had to chisel of the ice of the window in the bathroom or go to the toilet at the bottom of the garden !"

To which he replied "You had a garden ?! you were lucky , we just had a strip concrete "

( It did very much sound like a Monty Python sketch "

"Wouldn't it be nice he said to go back to the past but with modern plumping " he said

It is both the good times and the bad that we hang to those times with perhaps something in those bad times that made it all the more bearable in order to survive.I myself didn't have the easiest of childhoods especially when my parents divorced and there wasn't much food in the house and I had at times had to eat the cats coley! But I loved my cat who was called Boots and that is what made those very tough and tumultuous times easier to get through.

Cats are very useful like that and my current cat is a great sort of comfort to me now when I have been through stressful times of late.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

The Glory Of The Rose

Though you're weary and faded

Your glory isn't gone

The colour of your beauty survives

It falls like an autumn

Your head once held high tilts a little now

Summer days just a memory when the gently breeze thrilled you

You surpassed them all

Surviving the elements

You are the Queen of all you survey 

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Charred Sweetcorn , mushroom, chard, courgette noodle thingy

Thanks to my neighbour giving me some goodies from his allotment for mowing the grass verge outside his house.It was easier than I thought to actually get the corn off the cob and I shall be doing it more often. So all these enabled me to do a noddle thingy.




Chopped chard

Chopped courgette 


Sweet chilli sauce 

Noddles ( for quickness I used ready to go noddles ) 


Heat the oil it the wok then add a couple tablespoons of brown sugar let it go caramel ish . Then go onto to stir fry the mushrooms , peppers and Sweetcorn for 3 mins until they start to blister. Stir in some curry paste then add the prawns ,chard , courgette and mushroom stir fry for a few minutes then add the ready made noodles and heat through / serve immediately 

Helping your parents to be financially prepared for retirement and beyond

Helping your parents to be financially prepared for retirement and beyond



Seeing your parents getting older and needing help can be tough, especially because you may have always seen them as the ones who looked after you and made sure that you were okay. 

But chances are, at some stage, you are going to have to give some extra care and assistance to ensuring that your parents are safe, protected and financially stable. 

If your parents are at the age when they are beginning to consider retirement, or perhaps they have just retired, then it might be worth sitting down with them to go over a few topics that could really help them in the future.

Here are a few ways that you could help them out…  

Talk openly about money 

It might not be an easy topic to venture into for many of us,but having an informal chat with your mum or dad about their finances could help them to consider certain things that they might not have thought about previously. 

Chatting about different savings solutions, pension plans and monthly budgeting options could open their eyes to opportunities they might not have even been aware of. There are so many financial apps available that make budgeting and money management much easier nowadays, so spend a bit of time helping your parents find the best apps to suit them and give them a handy demo of how to use them. 

Make sure they are living in the right place 

Your parents may have been living in the same family home for many years, with spare rooms (just in case you ever needed to move back home!), but now’s the time to assess whether their home is right for their current and future needs. 

If their home is in the middle of nowhere, might it be better for them to re-locate to a town centre where they can walk out to stock up on groceries without needing the car? Do they really need a four-bed house, or could they move into a modern two-bed apartment, which would be easier to upkeep and much cheaper to own? 

Assess their monthly outgoings and subscriptions 

Just like many of us, your parents may have ongoing monthly payments leaving their account that they set up many moons ago. But occasionally, it’s a good idea to sit down with them and work out if all their outgoings are still necessary. 

They may still want to pay for Sky Sports  especially now that they may be spending a bit more time at home  but perhaps they no longer need their landline (in favour of a mobile only)their work-related magazine subscription or their monthly Oyster travel pass. Sit down with the last three months’ worth of bank statements and highlight payments that might no longer be relevant. 



Don’t let them fall for scams 

It’s a sad truth, but many fraudsters and con artists prey on the elderly, who they deem as being vulnerable and more likely to fall for their lies and scams. Therefore, it’s your job to be there for advice and to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your parents. 

Warn your parents about bogus callers and tell them never to give away any financial or personal details over the phone.Also advise them about unsolicited emails from organisations that appear to be their bank or insurance provider, but who turn out to be scandalous thievesPerhaps suggest that if they see an interesting deal or email offer that they send it over to you first to research and inspect, so that you can investigate whether it’s genuine or not. 


However healthy, happy and in-control your parents may seem at present, there is no harm in helping them to plan for an even happier and healthier retirement. Now is the time to step in and offer your best assistance. 



Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Slowness of Life

Slowness in life isn't a bad thing it really isn't and I like being slow it enables me to breathe and see everything in  detail.I do amazing things and they aren't always documented I don't always say , they are secret without being secret it is just part of my fabric of life.

I wake up and let my mind pull itself together after it has scattered itself to the four corners of the world during the night and it knits itself back together.

I take my day slowly doing what I need to do and sometimes it is thinking about what I need to do , that is how I work , it is like putting on show but without having a script and that is life it isn't scripted.

My slowness is a kindness to myself while others are beaming year to ear or stressing over how much they've packed into their day or will have to I take it slow.And my slowness of how I go about my day is part of me part of my character and part of my being.

And no one but no one tells me how to be I simply won't allow it , it is my slowness my being my world.Being autistic sometimes throws up its problems it is like in social situations you have a forcefield that won't let others include you and that is hard but the slowness of life helps you recover from those tricky times in life.And I do get on with those tricky situations in life.

I am happy in my slow and slow in my happy.

My speech therapist sees that stutter though mild has impacted me hugely and how I describe myself is a protection to myself and I have to say speech therapy has helped me greatly in my slowness where ironically I rush in my speech to get what I have to say out he way.I think this is so I can get back to the slowness of life and just wanting to be one with the world on my terms.

People don't expect me to be autistic I do get you never would have guessed , I mean I am not Paddington Bear where I have a label attached explaining who I am.I strive to be how I am what I am each and every day.I admire myself and also punish myself at times I am my own critic at the best of times but I am trying not to do this.

My slowness is brilliant it fits me just like a well fitting bobble hat and I like it , I don't work now I did so for many years in the fast based world of being a teaching assistant and some of that was as a special needs teaching assistant. I have tried here and there to volunteer at places but let me tell you trying to actually get people to take notice of you trying to help is an issue.

People make promises to me and they say yes we will meet up but life gets up in the way and they don't go for that walk with me and don't have the coffee , it is a promise in the win and the more sure of a promise is at the best of times to myself.It is a slow resilience to protecting myself and resilience is good though sometimes it is a sudden resilience out of the blue.

I breathe slowly.

I let the day unfurl I wait and watch while I wash up at the kitchen sink I don't take stock of the time and a leaf fulls.

I like the slowness of life.

Cat My Life And The Amazon Box

In a cat eat cat world there are those who prefer the hipster way of life with their cat pates and cat soups and their ambient temperature mineral waters , I was once parry to this world of opulence and proclivity towards this finer side of life.I slept in the very best of cat bunk beds , I slept in a modernist cat stool cave thing , the sort of thing that Batman would get for his cat if Batman had a cat but who it to say that he doesn't have a cat.But I am a cat whose form at function can not be pinned down by the needs.Us cats and box go together like tea and cake ,thunder and lighting, the world know knows we love a good box it is what the internet what was built for.

There is security in a box and I am pretty sure that given he state of British politics that soon enough my own human pet will climb into a box very very soon.How needs Disneyland when you have a box it is your very own theme park , I mean I can't get to Disneyland anyway though there is a huge mouse to eat I hear.

Human pet orders a fancy bed then I will sleep in the box it came in , the human can if they wish store items in the bed I simply won't sleep in and I am doing my bit for helping with saving the planet by recycling the box so it is a win win really I think.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Bonkers Wedding Gifts

I’ve researching my families ancestry and it’s fascinating it is throwing up all manner of strange and weird things.Amongest this is a a wedding gift to my Great Grandparents on my dads side.The bonkers wedding gift in 1897 was a tortoise and this is the very tortoise that I knew in my grandparents garden in Ramsgate Kent.Now I knew the tortoise as George which I think came from my Great Grandma s maiden name of George.It would seem that the tortoises real name was Billy and lived to the great old age of 120 dying in 2011.No one expects to find information about a tortoise on their family tree but there you have it, I do on mine !

George the tortoise

I expect in 1897 a tortoise was a very exotic gift and no one would dream of doing that nowadays as tortoises need quite specialist care.I have seen through searching on the internet that people have had tortoises as ring beaters I have no idea if George the tortoise was a ring bearer at a Victorian wedding.I have seen people in the news have cats and dogs as a ring bearer even a bird of prey but never would I have though of someone having a tortoise that is one slow walk towards the alter !