Monday 15 November 2021

Christmas Present Heaven With Voucher Express


We went fetch Mr T some joggers from M & S we are armed with a gift card , gift cards are they ideal gift for letting other people choose what they want . Mr T choose his gift card through VEX (Voucher Express ) because it can be changed for so many different type of gift vouchers including M & S . Fed up of shopping on line Mr T wanted to spent his voucher in a physical location though you can choose to have an online voucher .We choose to have a jaunt out to Fosse Park and their M & S there and it is huge so there is so much choice and it is a nice spread out store as is the whole of Fosse Park , the only niggle for Fosse Park is actually the parking getting in and out but choose your times to go there  I would say.

You choose the amount to have as a gift card or Voucher Express then it gets sent to the recipient and from there they can choose from over 150 places to have their voucher with ! spoilt for choice.

Disclosure We were provided with a £50 voucher for the purposes of review , all thoughts and words are our own 

Friday 12 November 2021

Being Kind Of Heart Always

I headed into town yesterday for a few bits and bobs from good old Marks and Spencer and whilst just pursuing the chilled items I happened to be spoken to by a old gentleman. He told me about his he could believe the costs of items and how people could afford to feed their children especially with some of the prices of food . He also told me about himself and how he’d been a bricklayer since the age of 16 long before the age of health and safety , he was now 83.

He told me he’d list his wife some years back , Ed exchanged words s d he was happy I think for the warmth of human words . It really doesn’t take much to be kind of heart , kind of hearing and just a good Al round egg .

Bolstered by being good of heart and good of soul , I thought I’d get down to some gold old leaf kicking .

Wednesday 10 November 2021



There is nothing like being the King or Queen of your own castle and you can have this opportunity with Cadburys by building your own , yes I know you've got to put in a bit of hard work but the rewards are oh so sweet. And while Rome wasn't build in a day you can build your castle in less than a day in fact less than half a day less then half a half a day , you get the message don't you  its quick .

The kit contains everything you need to construct your own castle containing airy Milk bars, Caramilk bars and Cadbury Dairy milk with caramel bars full instructions are included to construct your own circle.

Priced at £14 pop over to Cadburys Gifts to grab yourself one or as a gift for someone ! Perfect for any occasion 

Disclose I was sent one of these for review

Thursday 4 November 2021

ARRAN Sense of Scotland After The Rain Discovery Set


There is nothing like Scottish products they are unique as the Scottish and being a Scottish islander myself ( I was born in the Outer Hebrides ) I feel a sense of unity. Arran Sense of Scotland have been producing bath and home fragrance collections on the Isle of Arran sense 1898 and they are inspired by the Isle too.Refresh and rejuvenate your sense with their signature After the Rain scent.Discover the sensual scent of rose petals, musk and floral citrus, mixed with the soft notes of Arran's precious woods.

Such products are ideal for Christmas and just treating yourself or a loved one , I know I would love to receive such a product and a quality product is one that you will come back to time after time again.

Monday 1 November 2021

Make Your Own Prawn Chicken Pesto Toast

 I improvised making my own prawn toast , it was relatively quick and easy and I am pretty sure you could embellish it more than I could . I had my mine with pea and ham soup because I am as ever the culinary rebel and they do say rules are there to be broken but having said that Pineapple absolutely does not belong on pizza.


Now I know you're meant to use egg white but I didn't have any eggs 

I had 

cooked prawns 

ready cooked chicken 

I had no Spring either 



Whizz the cooked prawns and cooked chicken pieces together with some pesto about 4 teaspoons of pesto .

Then spread on bread ( I don't cut off the crusts )

Then plonk in the oven for around 10 to 15 minutes at about 180c  . Keep an eye on it.