Sunday 27 December 2015

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Monday 21 December 2015

Charity This Christmas

I know it's Christmas and charity is probably coming out your ears , I know we can't give to all and I know there are lots of charities who want your money. Without Charity my mother wouldn't be having her Christmas dinner with friends , without charity my mother wouldn't be in her association housing . without charity she wouldn't have her cooker , sofa or food at times. 

You see I do want I can.

She does what she can , she'll scowl at you in a garden centre if you take her table , she said something which struck me about charity .

"It's how you treat your volunteers "

Which is true !

So come one come all celebrate the volunteers this Christmas.

Without volunteers my mother wouldn't be have a dinner with friends.

So thank you those who volunteer.

The unsung heroes.

Friday 18 December 2015

Christmas Procrastination

I saw a quote which said 

"I'd rather have a passport full of stamps than a household full of stuff "

This is why I haven't got a new kitchen yet , indeed I've been ignoring this fact for a good decade I think instead concentrating on providing a good experience for my son and family . To fuel that adventuring spirit is second to none this year saw us going to Berlin 

and to Washington D.C , perhaps I'm the reincarnation of Philleas Fogg !!

I love travel so much I'm lucky to be able to do so.

This is from Dubai a few years ago , ooooh for a kitchen win or indeed a holiday win , I'm tirturing myself with looking at pictures of glossy kitchens . Today we even went to look at kitchens 

Mr T

" I like this one "

Which means " I don't "

The Christmas throws us into the mix of kitchens , decorating , holidays and what the hell do do with the Devils baubles 


I haven't a clue what is going on in Downtown Abbey ! 

Never seen it and haven't seen Call the Midwife either.

Christmas procrastination I love it.

For the first time I'm relaxing , I know in the new year sometime I'll be taking my flip flops on a Spa trip.

It's unusual not to be in a state of panic ..

Anyone seen my glasses ?

Sunday 13 December 2015

Call It Cycling Intuition

Call it cycling intuition 

The other day I was at the doctors due to a viral Lurgy things mybob , where the doctor who was jolly did declare 

" The NHS do like you to suffer for 10 days "

Which rather did make me smile ...

On the way out I did hear the receptionist declare there were no face to face appointments for a month , makes a mental note note to be ill for a month.

Though in January I've an allergy test to see if I'm allergic to shellfish , then an asthma review the following week.This week I'm seem to be waking up like the angry ladybird "hey you want a fight"

Of course I'm not fighting anyone at all except the lids of varying jars , obviously I want to get fit after Christmas so I'm saying it now. Cheese I think is my biggest downfall curse you cheese.

I'm really loving my bicycle with a basket it allows me slow blogging , it offers me unconditional love and it's my bicycle ....

I'm clawing my way to the end of term ..

It's Tuesday I can do this .

I think there's Prosecco in the staff room fridge ....


Friday 11 December 2015

When You Own A Cat They Steal Time

When You Own A Cat They Steal Time

When you own a cat ... ( scratch that one )

When a cat owns you , nothing gets done, this is quite possibly why my hall way has remained undecorated for 8 years. The current colour of my hallway is depressed peach I am pretty sure that is the naughties colour that was picked, we are decorating through every other room but strangely this one is being ignore. The transient nature of a hallway is obviously not demanding enough it is the equivalent of the person in the Post Office queue saying

"No you go in front,it's ok "

And then the person you let in front mysteriously magicking 10 million parcels from NO WHERE !

When a cat owns you I have discovered they are time stealers and stop you obtaining your goals for the day like perhaps housework except when you have to remove a mouse , or clear up that fur ball they have thrown up on your brown carpet.

SEE why have a brown carpet now, though one day I know my feet may regret that decision.

How else have cats stolen my time ...

You'll notice how in the top photo Jack has Mr T pinned down , this is why our bedroom hasn't been painted . Are you sensing a common theme here ...

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Don't Trust Your Cat With The Internet

I didn't order the cats' Advent calendar.

My husband didn't order the cats' advent calendar.

My son didn't order it.

Mystery it must have been the cat.

Rollie is having slight discipline issues so I am suspecting that Rollie has got hold of my Amazon account and tried to order a Christmas stocking for himself. He has tried to eat Father Christmas and is currently biting my Christmas cards , he has a card board fiction and tries to eat and chew card board.

Lawless cat.

Friday 4 December 2015

Christmas Morning Frittata

What if you weren't having your Christmas dinner till the evening  ?

Never fear super Frittata is here !


6 eggs ( lightly beaten )
1/2 onion chopped
1/2 red onion chopped
chopped spring onion 
chopped green and red pepper
3 lots of different cheese of choice
about 50 g of each so 150g in total
salt & pepper to season


Preheat your oven to about 160 / 170 allowing if you have a fan assisted oven.

In a frying pan , saute all together the green pepper onions and garlic (optional)for about 5 minutes or until they are tender. Remove and set aside . Next stir in the tomatoes and any herbs that you desire. In a large bowl mix together the ingredients that are left . Sir in the vegetables you set aside 

I pour the pictured in a non stick pie dish ( one of those ones with a lefty out base )

I booked for 25 in the oven , leaving to cool for 5 minutes .

I was able to pop into my local Co op which has been in my village for a 100 years all be in it in a new building but they still offer fantastic service, I know where I will be getting some of my Christmas #mycooptreats from.

Disclosure I was sent some vouchers from the Co op to develop this recipe .

Older Teenager Christmas Ideas

You're never too old for toys , otherwise what else is Christmas for ?, but the older children it gets more difficult it becomes to produce presents that delight and endure at Christmas. I've 2 Christmas left before my son goes off to University and I want make this a family Christmas to be memorable.

For the Star Wars obsessed teen 

It has got to be the droid that is Sphero BB-8 .

In a galaxy far far long ago that was 1977 I was there from the start ! hurrah , and seeing a blockbuster at Christmas time has always been a family tradition in the T household. So what better for a tech love at Christmas that the droid Sphero BB-8 The App enabled Star wars Droid that  I  can play with with this Christmas , cat is going to love that !

£129 is the price for this little chap may the Force be with you !

For the teen that loves gaming

As my teen get ever more gangly limbs a kimber like a startled bambi he is outgrowing his rocker chair in his bedroom , so a new gaming seat was in order . This bean gaming chair form is ideal and he will be able to game in comfort or sit their reading his A level books as he tends to work any where but his desk .

i-ex® Gaming Bean Bag makes a great gift for a teenager! Most teenage boys are into their gaming, and this specially designed gaming bean bag chair is the perfect accessory.

-          I-eX® Gaming Bean Bag - £99.99 (currently on sale at £74.99)

For the sporty teen

Trainers are essential for a teenager it enables them to go outside and experience fresh air and clouds and stuff ....  But really for my teenager good trainers are a honest necessity as he is doing A level P E and apparently they do more than shimmy up a top in gym these days. At the moment he is having his training sessions video towards his A level , Every thing is oh so technical these days.

So these ASICS Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-show running shoes will be just the right present for his feet ! and there is plenty of choice of other trainers from from

These are priced at £115 but are a top quality sports shoes that meet the demands of the modern athlete.
Disclosure  I was sent the gaming chair and the trainers for purposes of review , the Sphero however I brought myself and let me tell you the lack of cat treats  which paid for Sphero  however fluffy Rollie wasn't taken very well.