Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The True Lack Of Social Care

I am by no means an expert on social care I can only comment on what I know from my own family situation and it is a postcode lottery at times and meeting of panels to decide who gets what and where and quite simply it is not good enough.The constant battling of the system is not helping if social care was looked at properly and scrutinised that I am sure it would improve and even save itself money.

So here I am from 2018/2019 saying what needs to be done in regards to my own mother .And the things I’m saying will not cost much but with the situation left to fester from various agencies you ultimately reach a crisis.The system is failing the most at need there’s a safety net but it has gaping great hole in the middle.

I don’t know what the answer is but what I do know that basic social care is the pinnacle of human right.Social care should people to live their very best lives and they shouldn’t be scrambling for scraps.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Living On The Cusp Of The Countryside

I live on the cusp of the countryside it is there on my doorstep and I have my own tadpoles in the pond , tree bumblebees living in the bird box and house Martin s ( the birds and not the band ) I mean can you imagine the pop band House Martins outside your window.Since giving up work I’ve been busy in the garden with the help of my husband and working hard to make it both a wildlife haven and a garden we can enjoy.I've benefits of a garden from my own mental health well being to see a sparrow hawk dispatch Bob the wood pigeon but don’t worry we have Bob the 2nd.

I can amble where I like or bimble just as I did in my last blog post I can basically circle my house on a countryside route there is the march of progress of houses which I am not convinced is entirely a good thing.Developers do try and balance the green space with their building but I am sad when there is a loss of the green space on what should be green belt land.I expect in years to come way way in the future that a small patch of grass will be in a museum for us to all look at.Though I think that is somewhat a Dystopian future and hopefully not likely to happen !

The beauty of woods

I start my morning with a pond inspection of my wildlife pond and saying morning to the Tadpoles not invidaully but collectively as I would be here all day if I did, I rather hope they're not put out by this ? who knows do Tadpoles even bare a grudge ? Then I move on the bumble bees the the left of my house which are nesting on a nook of my neighbours house then onto my own bumble bees which are in the bird box on my house.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The Enemy And Ally Of Time When You Are Autistic

I am autistic and usually it doesn’t phase I work and roll with the punches and I saw I’m autistic as I see fit .I will not hide away from it but now and again there comes s situation where you feel the overload boiling up from your feet.You feel like the girl again who has forgotten their maths homework and your maths teacher is a crack commando and you end up in detention.

Sensitivity and autism do indeed come hand in hand but you know we just want kindness like everyone else.We are all human at the end of the day and some accommodations are just the basics of being human.I have found time is both my enemy and my ally in situations as sometimes I truly want the world to swallow me up. The passage of time allows me both to relax from the situation and offer a therapy by writing loosely about happens to me in such situations.

I really like being displaced it throws me and I have to throw an anchor out and hope it grounds me this could be anything from talking to someone to listening to classic musical I just have to work through my box of tricks to get back to where I need and want to be. I find social media can be a help I as I reach out tho those who know me and also other folk who are autistic.Reading the world helps as it allow s me to compute and quantify the situation of course there are occasions where it can go wrong but the path of life is a not always smooth.

Monday, 3 June 2019

I Bimble and SO should you probably

I have been walking for ages well ever since I could walk in fact and I didn't document my progress through the medium of social media .. it didn't exist back then in the mists of time and when everything was in black and white and everyone had rickets or some such Dickensian.Bimble is such a lovely word it drops on the tongue with a fizzy cola sweet and if you have one to many coal fizzy sweets then indeed you might bible just a little bit quicker.Yesterday was lovely day to wander and it was so glorious today however it is a very Sepia sort of day so much so I am beginning to think i am in the 1920s .

Walking is my source of fitness and I can not afford a gym and that is probably the cats fault they take an enormous amount of feeding I only have one cat but it is very demanding as cats are.

Bimbling allow you to go about your day in a leisurely way but I start of walking I always feel .. arrrgh until I get into my stride I expect it is a sensory thing for me but once I am going it’s all systems go.



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