Tuesday 15 August 2023

The Autistic Way Is the Best Way For Me

 When I was diagnosed a few years ago it finally put pay to me feeling like an alien in my own thoughts in some sort of way , being diagnosed has come a long way but it still has a while to go for it to be uniformed and not a postcode lottery to where you live.Children are facing at least a 2 year delay if not longer in being diagnosed and adults are facing even longer , the support after you are 25 very much varies where you live.It shouldn't be this way but you have to fight for what you want or least an an advocate on your side . Life for me now is much easier but still I have to battle on getting an ADHD diagnosis which I have just had to join yet another waiting list.

Honestly choosing a coat this morning was easier but frustrating I picked out what I thought was a suitable coat at M & S and purchased this along with one onion and a packet of mushrooms. But alas I had forgot my purse and I backed up the queue with pensioners chomping on their false teeth ) probably) wanting to get their fix of egg custards of which M & S do some very nice ones. I came home got my purse and then went and bought a completely different coat from Trespass.

I see the world very differently and honestly it it a joy through my eyes and I particularly love captioning art with captions , I am like that Nun who used to be on the BBC talking about the art . Well except I am not a Nun I think I would make a Nun blush. Anyway hello and I am back !