Tuesday 29 November 2016

Finding Your Motivation


My cat looks how I feel .

I'm pretty sure it can see into my soul .

You ever get so busy that you don't know whoever you are coming or going and you just want to say 

" Hey world just let me off the roundabout for one minute "

Now don't get me wrong I like being busy as much as the next person , but sometimes I want to be as carefree as I was but then again I was wishing I was busier. ~ go figure .

I think what it comes down to is priotising what I need to do and ticking it off on a list , the little things really do matter .

I used to talk at ten to the dozen at people but just lately I've managed to slow myself right down , that's not to say I'm not random as I ever was but I think of it as learning a new skill .

But an inner voice is pushing me through come Tuesday , it's tough so many challenges professionally but I've excellant support making it a winning situation.

Today my motivation was in a tree especially at preciously 2.30 am my teen was ill with the latest virus that's doing the rounds , it doesn't matter the age you still worry about them.

You know when you get the nod of solidarity from another parent that understands you've a ill teen and they've lost the ability carry stuff .


We are all starting to come down with flu even though I've had the flu jab , I've got the sniffles . My son has it worse and my husband too has it worse , and oh the shower screen collapsed while I was at work .


I've full blown flu type symptoms and my nose just wouldn't stop flowing , which was very annoying , I soldiered on with my job as an autism teaching assistant ~ I can't let the side down . I keep my bobble hat and scarf on , I look like a budget invisible man.


My nose is a tap and I feel like my nose is the size of a house , I'm doing my very best to keep fluids on board and dose myself up to the eyeballs . Along with the rest of the family I drag myself to " Fantastic Beasts and where to find them " I want a Newt scarf for Christmas ( Huffenpuff)


I just stay in bed all day Lucozade is my friend and that is about all I did, my husband did dust ( I am surprised that this occurrence didn't make the News at 10 ) 

and we are back to Monday where it all nose dived and I ended up at the Urgent care centre having to wait 3 hours to be seen. It was mayhem there made chaotic by a toddler offering everyone a cup of water and toys flying past your head . I eventually got seen and was given antiobitcs some really strong ones the type that would knock an elephant off its paws.

And when you're poorly you need the toilet only to find the cat has run off with the toilet roll and killed it .

Sunday 20 November 2016

Welcome To The 2 am Club

Welcome one and all.

Welcome to number 347658 of the parenting handbook of what do when you teen hits town when they're eighteen , and so much more . You'll hold your parenting cards , and your teen will hold their "I've come of age cards "and you'll both have your poker face.So starts the time they'll roll back from town negotiations , on a side note perhaps they should look to us to handle the BREXIT talks ?

You are reminded that 20 texts are not needed.

You remind them to not to make it sound like the end of the world has occurred in their text leaving your mind to go into overvdrive.

The cards are shuffled once more .

And even though many teens have been to town in ages gone by , you feel it is your parenting right to offer on the mantle of advice .


I know 

Don't mix your drinks 

I know 

Avoid trouble 

I know 

Time you need to be back 



2 am 

So as your teen heads off into the night ...

What about your coat ?

I don't need it ....


So you head off to Tesco to fetch a bottle of wine for your night in , you stand behind several other parents who give you that look that look of transition .

2 .05 am

SO where are you ?

A brief explanation and you don't settle till that key is turning in the door .

I don't think boys are easier than girls , well I can't say as I don't have one but I think boys have their struggle as much to find their independence as girls do .

This parent can parent and I'll still continue to parent .

Just I'll be doing it after I've been and got my wine .... 

Thursday 17 November 2016

Fidget And Fiddle Toys For Autism

Have you ever found yourself twiddling with perhaps blue tack , a paper clip or even perhaps doodling on some paper . It goes beyond being bored , it actually helps you relax and focus on the task in hand  . This is why autism fidget toys are so very important both at home and in the classroom. These Tangle toys are just one fidget toy that is brilliant , there are many different types starting from as little as £3 and I think it's the best £3 you'll ever spend.I can confirm it's the best £3 ( prices do vary from site to site )  I have spent( I don't mind spending my own money but you do what you do because you love the job you do. My job is as a one to one autism teaching assistant )

 They are great for help in new social situations  and in learning tasks , it helps induce a relaxed mindset, fiddle and fidget toys deliberatly use kinasethic technology to engage both parts (the left and right areas) of your child's brain. Thefore the fidget aid focuses your child's mind on an activity. This keeps busy fingers occupied and stops anxious behaviour taking over.

Disclosure as you've gathered I've brought this myself , if you root round the Internet you'll find it cheaper always the way . There are many different types of Tangle out there so I do recommend you do some research.  

Tuesday 15 November 2016

The confidence Of Self

The confidence of self .

It's a busy start to the week , I've already had to add a PS to a solicitors letter :

" Ps sorry there's holes in the letter , my cat was having a bit of a angry moment "

Yes you guessed right it was Rollie.

My cat Jack has finished sulking at me finally , it was a mystery as to what I'd done wrong but then again cats are so fickle .

Last week I was so confidant then I started to crash in confidence towards the end of the week , problem upon problem was sneaking up on me . I screamed at the universe , and shook my fist but not the arm that had had the tetanus injection in it as that hurt like a hurry thing 

" sharp scratch , you'll not feel a thing" says the nurse with the huge needle 

" liar , liar pants on fire " I say in my head.

I felt as if I had taken the pill in the matrix ~,the one that leads you to the matrix !!

The weekend was my chance to relax and unwind 

Sometimes I feel the grip of life running away from me , it's as if I'm a kite in the wind , I feel a twang of sadness that I can get to my blog as often as I'd like . But then I start to write a few thoughts on my blog and the words at first stumble out , rush out , flow out , are thought out .

I only know myself through the words I write .

I received a gift off a colleague of a hat that's like my cat ; best hat ever in the whole wide world . There's nothing better in this world than a bobble hat , I think everyone needs a bobble hat in their life . So when I find my smile slipping I'll put on my bobble hat and give my head a little shake .

Coming home to warmth and a cup of tea then settling down to " Neverending Story " while Mr T and J are out at rugby.

You really must watch "Neverending Story " it's the most heartwarming film that really does give you that warm and fuzzy feeling . And I feel safe when I watch it it's as if I am 12 again safe with my books far far away from the school bullies . Films are wonderful and I am typing the last bits to this blog post as I watch through the gap in the door ( I am typing from the Mac now as my iPad has run out of charge )

In the words of a song  "Be young be foolish , but be happy "

Saturday 12 November 2016

Chocolate Brownies #AfterEightBakes

I've been left to my own devices ( which is bliss ) I have had a very challenging time lately so I need these little spaces of 'me time ' though it should hip of me to say 'Hygge' time the Danish way of taking care of yourself .
And now I'm doing this I'm beginning to find myself again , I know you're thinking how can you lose yourself , I mean I didn't just turn up at the local lost and found office to find myself waiting for me .

  • 128g Buttery spread
  • 5g Sugar
  • 2 Teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 4 Eggs
  • 90g Cocoa
  • 128g All purpose flour
  • Half a teaspoon of baking powder
  • Half a pack of 300g After Eights Mints
  • Powdered Icing sugar for dusting

  1. Heat oven to 180c (350F) and grease a13x9x2- inch baking tray.
  2. Add melted butter, sugar and vanilla extract to a big bowl and mix with a spoon.
  3. Add eggs, one at a time and mix between each addition.
  4. Add cocoa and mix until well blended.
  5. Add flour, baking powder and salt and mix with an electric mixer until blended well.
  6. Pour 3/4 of the batter over the baking tray, place After Eights chocolates evenly over the first layer and cover them with the remaining batter.
  7. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until the toothpick comes out slightly sticky.
  8. Completely cool, cut into 20 slices ans sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  9. Enjoy.

Disclosure the lovely folk from After Eight send me the ingredients to cook with . Cat update the cat is still sulking at me for some unknown reason.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Today My Cat Dislikes Me

This morning I confidently strolled into the kitchen ready to pray at the alter of the toaster and the holy tea pot of joy when I spotted the cat , I waved and said hello ; then it just looked at me and walked out the cat flap .Bemused I went to consume my toast and drink my tea and pushed thoughts aside that my cat was unhappy with me . After I went back into the kitchen where I spied the cat sitting on the mat ( they're so blooming stereotypical aren't they !?) Jack looks at me and goes back out the cat flap .... now I'm starting to get really paranoid .

So I go out the kitchen again ( I hear the cat flap go ) Jack has obviously come in again so I pop my head round the door to say a tentative hi and he's back out the cat flap . I go to the door look through the glass and show my sorrowful face , I make a heart shape with my fingers. Then Jack came back in and sat under the kitchen trolley for one hour 19 minutes ( maybe longer ) I don't know as I had to go to my job as a teaching assistant .

I returned home wishing in my heart Jack would be waiting for me with joy in his heart , my heart soared as I saw him so I sang to him , I sang Elvis "Are you lonesome tonight ?" 

Straight out the cat flap , then back in .

I mildly swore at the cat and was made to apologise .

Apologise to the cat that is .

My husband said " you know Jack only likes me singing Spice Girls"

This is true as I caught my husband singing " this is what you want what you really really want !" as he was feeding the cat treats .

I ask you I haven't a hope in hell have I ?!

Though I could sing Abba at Jack " THANK you for the meowsic"

Monday 7 November 2016

Don't You Just Love Some Words ?

Don't you just love some words ? Today I love " hunker " Hunker down : feeling toasty just saying it . A hug with a word

So I'm going to hunker down with a cup of tea

Bettys Tea Room The Fizz Of Luxury : Lady Betty Afternoon Tea

The other week during half term while my husband and son where on a father / son trip I decided to take myself to York . Whilst my trip to York was a jolly as I was doing York on the cheap , I decided I needed to have a fizz of luxury so I booked myself a treat in Betty's tea room. Before all you grammar gurus scream at me that there is no apostrophe in Bettys tea room they explain why here .

Are you all happy now ? then I'll continue .

I went for tea at Bettys at their tea rooms rooms in York at the exquisite Belmont rooms which is like stepping back into the 1920s . When you arrive you have hang your coat on a coat rack just outside the tearooms ( so not throwing it over the back of the chair ) you enter the tea rooms unencumbered  and you are politely shown to your seats by a waitress or waitress .

If you have booked for the champagne tea then you are asked which type of champagne you would like or a Kir Royale cocktail ( I like this cocktail a lot but I feel I need a few more just to make absoteldy sure ! ) 

Did you know that Bettys started in 1919 so that is nearly 100 years of making the most exquisite teas and all this experience has been distilled in the wonderful tea experience Bettys provides today.

The afternoon treat must be booked in advance, and costs £32.95 per person (£39.95 per person with champagne). 

I began with the Bettys tea  from ( their own blend ) , and then the afternoon Darjeeling, a lovely accompaniment to our prawn cocktail starter served with a creamy avocado puree.

This was followed by bite-sized smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill roulade and miniature gala pie with quail eggs — The best things in the world certainly do come in small packages. The salmon tasted so beautifully fresh and the gala pie had a near-perfect crust.

The sandwiches when you first see them you think ' that will never fill me !" but I assure you it will , and you can have as many sandwiches as you wish . And if you wish to drink all the tea in the world you can ! The only think that is not unlimited is the cakes and scones but oh my the choice .

To sit back and relax whilst drinking tea was heaven scent even though I was on my own I wasn't really, there were couples celebrating occasions . Polite nods and quick chats were partaken and it was so very civilsed in the most British of way.

One scone was sultana and the other was Yorkshire Lavender complete with cream and Bettys own jam recipe. I am just getting hungry writing this recap of my half term adventures , oh how I would love a one of their tantalising cakes right now !

Disclosure : I took myself to York without Mr T as he was on a break with our son. yes the tea was expensive but oh my what an experience and one I would very much like to repeat again

Sunday 6 November 2016

HungryHouse Chinese Food Order Review

We all have one of those evenings sometimes when everyone it feels like is running late and you can't possibly juggle loads of teas (3 separate teas in my case )and you want something quick yet easy . But you want a dinner / tea that is worth while and not to be left thinking that really isn't enough or worth my money . 

I don't very often turn to takeaways but when I do I like to order from a company where I know I can choose the type of food I want and read what others think of the place. We all decided all on ordering a Chinese when Mr J and J decided to roll into the house. The thing I like about ordering from HungryHouse is that the website is very easy to negotiate ( whispers there's even an app you can download ~ oooh magic )

You just tap into your postcode ...

And then choose the type of food you want in our case Chinese ..

Our Chinese came to £31 plus 2 (delivery) for 3 people but reality there was food enough for 5 people , now I'm not the best when it comes to food presentation , I mean I think I would have got thrown off the Bake Off tent in the first week due to my shocking talents ! The proof as they say is in the pudding and there were just empty plates at the end of the day resulting in any all empty plates.

Thursday 3 November 2016

What's The Point In A Cat ?

It was last night at approximately 10.14 pm I asked myself this very question.

What's the point of a cat ?

I asked this question to my husband who let Rollie out the door , only  60 seconds later to let the blooming cat back in again, this is after Rollie had shredded the doormat. Poor defenceless doormat , it wasn't a fair fight at all and it sadly is loosing the will to live.

What's the point of a cat ?

I ask myself , what's the point of a cat who won't commit to sitting on your lap ( maybe Mr T who is  the holder of the sacred cat treats ! But instead comes and stares at you from the opposite arm chair ..

You see my point don't you now ?! what's the point in a cat ?

What's the point in a cat who doesn't play with the toys that you've brought it? instead you have to play cat buckeroo instead !

What's the point in a cat whose eyes are constantly staring into your soul at every eye level , you're met with saucers of wonder ...

What's the point in a cat who creates a barrier between you and your kettle , knowing forewell you need that come of tea before you open that sachet of cat foot that will get ignored at ( and the one you've bulk brought at that )

What's the point of a cat who judges you from the outside in ?!

What's the point in a cat ?!

Maybe this is the point of cat ?

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Drinks Miniature Christmas Stocking Fillers

As Christmas creeps ever closer ( sorry for mentioning it ) my husband is notoriously difficult to buy for and the one gift he thought he needed ( a miniature drone) just sits in the corner gathering dust.

So what about drinks miniatures an ideal way to gauge what you might like to buy a bigger bottle of and as my husband likes Brandies /Cognacs I thought thank s to 31Dover.com it would be nice from Mt T try Hennessy Xo priced at £15.95 for the miniature.

Maurice Hennessy devised the term “XO” from the words “Extra Old” back in the 19th century. The XO release is now the centrepiece spirit for the house and this delightful miniature is the perfect size to sample one of the world's most-loved cognacs.
100 eaux-de-vie are blended with one another to create the XO, with some of them ageing for as long as 30 years prior to bottling.

Candied fruits complement a punchy, spicy nose that when sipped, morphs into a full-bodied spirit with notes of fruit and cocoa.
Add a dash of water to a room temperature serve to open up the full depth of flavours.

And you can buy a few miantures and have them put into a gift box for your perfect little stocking filler for yourself or a loved one ( over 18 of course )