Wednesday 27 October 2021

Make Adipose For A Halloween Doctor Who Party

Making the Adipose is quite simple but please supervise small children round them.

The Adipose's party upon Matt Smith's Fez and who can blame them?

They are friendly but I think it was dangerous of them to come to the party !!

You'll need large white marshmallows, tiny white ones and cocktail sticks.

1. Break a cocktail stick into two , repeat as necessary .

2. Stick the broken cocktail stick into your large white marshmallow ( being careful of any splintering bits)

3. Stick on the little marshmallows .

4. Finish off with the arms and decorate with an icing tube !

5 . An Adipose just ready to walk away !!

Do make sure no one swallows a cocktail stick SO please do be careful round young children .

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Have A Very Kawaii Christmas With Edifier HECATE G2 II Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset USB Wired Headphones


Kawaii in the context of very popular Japanese culture means cute and there is nothing cuter than these headphones which every gamer is sure to love.Have a very Kawaii Christmas with Have A Very kawaii Christmas With Edifier HECATE G2 II Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset USB Wired Headphones they are just Perfect for all your gaming needs ,these cute headphones retail over at Amazon for £56.02. Gaming is ever so popular and has certainly come a long way since I was gaming when I was younger , in my day ( I promise you I am not 9o !) you had to load a game via a cassette tape if you were playing the Spectrum 48 k. And in those times of the 1980s you could not communicate with fellow gamers unless they were sitting right next to you after they had cycled round to your house after they had had their tea and then promised to be back by 8pm !

·         Edifier Custom tuned 50mm Audio Drivers Equipped with large 50mm drivers and Virtual 7.1 surround sound system provide superior audio and a realistic gaming experience.
·         16.8 Million RGB Effects Various breathing lights designed on the earcups to highlight the game experience.
·         Lovely Appearance With pink outlooking and detachable cat ear shape, this headset will step up you gaming look to the new level of kawaiI.
·         Less Weight & More Comfort 9.38 ounces ultra-lightweight, high grade soft over ear leather earmuffs, flexible headband and an ergonomic frame with plush headband pad provides a long lasting comfort for hours of gameplay.

And it is optional wether you put the ears on and why wouldn't you after all it is in the very spirit of a Kawaii Christmas !


Disclsore they were sent to me for the purpose of review

Thursday 21 October 2021

Love Leggings The Perfect Christmas Gift


Over at Love Leggings, they sell high-quality leggings for women and children.

After over a year of staying inside, staying comfortable has become even more important than ever. And that makes a soft and cosy pair of love leggings the perfect way to show you care. 

Leggings are a staple in most women’s wardrobe and with 8 collections to choose from, you’re sure to find something for any style. From classic colours to more contemporary offerings, our comfortable high waisted fits to lightweight crops, you'll delighted by leggings that are soft, comfortable and completely non-see-through.

But what makes their leggings special? Well, their  customers really do think they’re the most comfortable, non-see-through and stylish leggings out there. They are so proud to be rated Excellent on Trustpilot with more than 12,000 reviews :

My greatest bugbear with leggings previously was that they had no pockets and even worse is the faux pockets I mean what are they all about .It is either pockets or no pockets and I vote for a world with pockets .This is why I was so grateful that Love Leggings offered me the opportunity to review a pair of their Treggings and the Breaking news is that they come complete with pockets.

I need pickets in my life because not only do I happen to collect random stuff on my travels 9 not an elephant I do assure you you ) but leaves or shiny conkers and the randomness of the world that delights me.But I  also need a pocket to carry my inhaler because I am not inclined to carry a bag for just my inhaler or bank card / phone. I only carry really what I need to carry I very much love to feel not encumbered but lugging a huge bag around the place.

  • They are comfortable treggigns because of their 4 way stretch fabric and a non restrictive waist pant that won't cut into you after long days out and about or in the office 
  • They are very much tailored to you and are very much smart worker or going out smart , they're so adaptable. I even gardened in mine and then went out to dinner!
  • They are made with a quality fabric that keeps looking smart and with simple to care for instructions they're look fabulous for ages.
  • Prefect fit for size 6-26 and if they give you the confidence to shift down size without fear

I wore mine to the shops and a friend commented how slim I looked and they has given me such a new found confidence.The cost of the Treggings is £25 and I think that is money well spend and there is free shipping with orders over £50 and I know you'll love them as much as I do.

Disclosure I was sent the Treggings for the purpose of review 

Friday 15 October 2021

The Borrowed Beauty From Beyond

The borrowed beauty from beyond is a sight to behold and up there with the 8th wonder of the world and where can you see this wonder ?WHY my back garden of course and it is stunning and have something just appear from no where and you have not even planned it , the best things in life are often unplanned the spontaneity if just the best ( as long as it is all good mind ! )

The borrowed beauty is only here for a while and that makes us appreciate it all the more , to often we take what we see for granted in life , the world is fast and we jsut need to slow down once in a while.The colours of the borrowed beauty will vary be it the oft glow of the copper Autumn to the tropical colours that pack a punch in this cold weather.

Thursday 14 October 2021

NO I haven't seen Squid Game

 I have no idea what is trendy or what is not trendy and can you even say trendy now , or is it the world sic ? no idea , I think of myself as pretty much up to speed over stuff but somehow allude me such as being able to open a tin or Cornbeef .I know there is a popular new program called Squid Game out which seems  all the rage, I think #SquidGame I would do rather well at after all I was at school in the 70's and 80's 90's .Butt the thing that really foxed me today was an emoji of a red flag 🚩and I was foxed as to why it was on twitter posts and it was seems it is a Tin Tok craze that has spread to Twitter to indicate something that is not false . Well that is what I gather from the meme dictionary for the explanation of this issue 

The youth of today know nothing of the struggles of loading a Spectrum 48 K game that my friend is a true life experience and I bet you won't see that on Squid Game either. Neither has the youth of today had to do PE in their pants and vest at Primary school if they happen to forget their PE.

Wednesday 13 October 2021

A Friend Who In Spas You !

 There is nothing better than friendship and to pick up where you left off then than my friend is the best friendship of all they say a friend is only one letter from being a fiend! But a friend you can go to a spa with and have wail of a time with is second to none and a friendship where you can talk endlessly then also have periods of silence and just talk with your eyebrows is unique I say .No that I am any sort of Roger Moore but I am open to being James Bond if he swap his Martini shaken not stirred for a nice cup of tea .

There is nothing like tea and friendship and maybe one of your 5 a day ( in liquid form ) everything in moderation of course but never ever friendship in moderation.

Monday 11 October 2021

Champneys Forest De Mere Review

I was lucky enough to win an over night Spa break to Champneys Forest De Mere as normally such trips would be a little behind my control but win it I did as I was so glad of it after the hellish time we have all had .And while Covid is never going to go away and we have to learn to live with it.Clawing it back how we used to live our lives it truly is a remedy for the soul. I will start with the negative and just get it out the way, I was disappointed that the thalassotherapy out of action as for only £10 that is a water treatment that is pure heaven and not to be missed. Also there was a few other things shut but nothing major and certainly nothing to really impact your stay other than the  thalassotherapy the only other diapoitnemt was that the lift was out of order and there was no pre warning of this unlike the thalsostherpay being out of order. I think like many a business and obviously having been shut during the pandemic there is the approach of hope then repair then ongoing maintenance. Other areas however were well maintained and I had no problem feeling that that Covid cleaning routines were top notch in fact they are one of the best I have seen in businesses and that gives me the confidence in recommending them as a brand.

The Spa

Great facilities and very relaxing and you can do as little or as much as you like you are as they say master of your own destiny and you could even discover something you thought you might not like. The spa is very relaxing and you Do get the problem with people saving a lounger with there towel but I say just remover it if they have not returned in an hour. I would like to see someone keeping the poolside a little more free for water ( yes ) I know it is a swimming pool ) but I am king to walk like Bambi on ice when walking round it. Great experience rooms especially the steam room, ice cave and rain shower combo. One of rain shower combos was stuck on one program but I suspect if someone switched it on and off again it would be fine !

The Room

The room was superb and loved that it was out the ground floor and it opened out onto a little area where you could sit at a table and chair and in summer I think this would be the bees knees. There was the odd cobweb but nothing too drastic and some of the led lighting needed putting back up but nothing drastic unless you're a complete diva.


I cannot fault the level of service at the restaurant and this was where I feel the most staff were focused as the service and covid cleaning regimes were top notch.the food is well balanced and enough you're there for a real and to be healthy you're not there for an all you can eat buffet. Breakfast however was a continental affair and there is a surcharge if you want something cook but if you did want to pay it really is not going to break the bank. The chicken Cesar salad was a little weird in using chicken tikka instead of plain chicken but it was still nice once you got used to it. Perhaps if they used a different sauce then they would be onto sure fire winner with a new type of Cesar salad.

 And of course the company was excellent ( I have told been told to say this ! ) and I am so very glad that I had a great and loyal travelling companion . Alas this time there was no gangsters in our visits but we can jolly well write a book on our collective experiences . I am very grateful to Jane for allowing to stay at Chez Willis prior to our Spa adventure.

Saturday 2 October 2021

I’m Just A Cat

I’m just a cat in front of a door waiting for it to open #Caturday #CatsofTwittter #BlackCat

Friday 1 October 2021

War Of The Worlds The Sounds Of Hope

 I am sitting here in the dark typing this and it is not through choice because of wither the fuel crisis or I am watching the pennies because of the energy price hike. I am sitting here is the dark because it is restful to my heart mind and soul as much as the season of Autumn is.I have date to fire up Alexa much to my slight annoyance as my battles with Alexa are a whole new blog post.I love repetition in what I do as it is soothing to me so that is why I am listening to War of the Worlds, I was that child who always listened to it as I loved the spooky spine chilling feeling it gave me.The melaconoly laced with hope is right up my street and thought I don't really like the unexpected I know where I am with Jeff Waynes World of the Worlds. it really does what it says on the tin and it is a cracking album and I do have it on vinyl cd and probably cassette tape.

Hope is in the sound of what you love be it music or reading to yourself , hope is the invisible thread of life and for to long I have not allowed myself to hope or hoped that I would indeed be myself.

The Hug Of Autumn

 The warm hug of Autumn throws its branches round you in a crinkle and glow as the leaves gently fall , Autumn is here but for a brief time . Coming in on the warm last glowing embers of summer that we so gladly bask in , ablaze every where are the colours of Autumn .A satisfying reassuring treacle of colour runs up and down the height of the trees.Autumn is a hug for the deepest of our souls and we need it so need it , Autumn repairs us and prepares us for the harshness of Winter and Autumn is still left behind as Winter falls with such Autumn leaf frozen in time till the Spring of our dreams gently starts to thaw.

What sets Autumn apart from other seasons is the richness of the reds browns and green all merging together as if an artists has blended the colours on purpose in some artistic nuance.Autumn nights do take on a cold touch at times but wrapped up in a jumper and good shoes then you're all set to explore and oh my I have missed the explore . I am enjoying so much the explore of the Uk as I see the everything in a unique way and if I am excited about what I se then I have a good outlook on life and my mental health can be evenly balanced . Life can be so very hard at times but I am always up for the fight and of late I have had to fight so very hard.This is why I am glad of the hug of Autumn it has got my soul and can eave its magic on repairing it.