Thursday 31 May 2018

Adjusting To Life With A Diabetic The First Week

Your world changes and the world does change literally over night and you point at certain items and shout you evil evil evil piece of bread or hide from the sight of potatoes.Being a diabetic is not only a change for them it is also a change for family and friends and oh how we smile when we are continually offered sugar.

You go from eating cake and whatever you like to to be careful of carbs , going to the shops you play carb bingo.The winner being who ever finds the lowest carb food item , I’m winning on this I think.

Type 1 is not caused by imsering yourself in a bath full of cake nor is it caused by consuming curries in your younger years.

Type1 Diabetes is a complex condition and my husband is only week one into this and it is a rollercoaster of emotions and discoveries but life doesn't stop , life it is NOT and I tell you Goggle is a blessing and both a curse.

Life expectancy is normal with proper care of yourself through exercise and a sensible diet all in line with the various medical professionals such the doctor ,dietician diabetic nurse etc.

I have to stress that there are different types of Diabeties and when I will take about it here I will be talking about it I will be referring to Type 1, now my husband is very practical and is dealign with this with a sense of get on with it.

1. The immediate things we have done are download an app which was recommended on a Diabetes forum it helps with planning out the carbs

2. Meal planning is key ,we pretty much plan we we are going to eat anyway but it just takes a little more tweaking of late and the fridge and freezer has had an overall. And certainly next year I will get back into growing our own vegetables within reason.

3. Register if you want with an online phymarchy service to get your essential medication delivered it will make life a bit easier especially if you work.

4. Look into bags that will keep your insulin cool whilst you are travelling and out and about we have a Frio wallet and it is very good and remember medical items for conditions such a Diabetes type 1 are Vat exempt you just have to fill out a declaration at checkout or if you're buying through Amazon just send back a declaration via Freepost.

Friday 25 May 2018

Stoneywell Cottage An Arts And Crafts Gem

Arts and Crafts is honest and simple and harks back to simpler times and is honest in its making.Life is fast paced and to have a house and garden in harmony is a rare treasure indeed.

The cottage which was designed by Ernest Grimson so it appeared as if organically grown among the rocky outcrops of Charnwood Forest and he succeeded and even Gertrude Jekyll approved. There are even rooms within the cottage and they are barely split on seven different levels.We found there it was best to go with the information and captivating National Trust Guide when we were looking round as they offer an unique insight into the property.

The cottage has a a slate roof originally it had a thatch roof but due to a fire which destroyed it in 1939, Stoneywell has so much magic and it is a quirky honest property.The cottage was first turned into a summer house to escape far away from the ravishes of city life and industry in Leicester, it went on to become a family home in the 1950's.Stoneywell was always adapted rather than be changed in any way.

The property was acquired by the National Trust in 2012 and you can only visit by booking on line , while visiting you can always partake in soup ,sandwiches or even cake and of course tea no National trust visit is ever completed without a that very British stable of a cup of tea.

The cottage is furnished still  with original pieces made by Ernest and his circle of Artisan craftsman. Just beyond the front door stands a beautiful dining table which top is made from one single plank of wood and today is well worth over £20,000 

All the books and toys that are around allude to a mush loved family home we were told on our tour that the children loved climbing through windows and running through the house.

Thursday 24 May 2018

Personalised Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is approaching with alarming speedy and you might be well prepared and you have the card written and the present neatly wrapped and over sellotaped ! But just in case you haven't even sorted anything yet then I can offer a few suggestions to elevate the pressure of you just a little bit.Now if you are like me you have already got enough mugs in the house then why not go for something completely different like a personalised cushion for that Father's Day gift ?

A personalised cushion is £19.99

And if you have a husband or dad that is anything like mine who loves their BBQ then a personalised apron is sure to hit the spot and keep them clean and tidy !

A personalised apron is £14.99

Now Mr T has been eyeing up a BBQ set and this one caught my eye and summer is all about BBQ s and having fun and I think we will be watching a lot of football outside this summer with the world cup just around the corner.

A deluxe BBQ set £39.99

And Mr T is taking great pride in the garden of late and has created a rockery despite coming out of hospital and I know he would love these garden tools.

The personalised tools are £18.99

Now on the funky pigeon website site there is all manor of personalised cards  and gifts to suit your pocket and a website like this is especially useful for my university teen who is away from home busy studying at the moment for his archaeology degree.

This is a collaboration post.

Tuesday 22 May 2018

You Fat Shaming My Cat ?

Number 1 cat has been at the vets again , I think my cat is in (cat hoots) with the vet as he must need a new car or something?! He’s got an abscess on his leg and last time we were at the vets it was thought he has a muscle injury.And so he was treated then with an antibiotic and anti inflammatory injection and had some follow on anti inflammatory liquid.

Oh this time oh boy it was the D day for the abscess and it was drained by the vet there and then ~ nice if you’ve a penchant for that type of thing?! Apparently there’s a whole subculture where people watch human spots etc being burst and squeezed-yuck !Then the cat was given another anti inflammatory and antibiotics injection.

Then he was ceremonially plonked on the scales to be weighed and the vet said 

“ I’ll give you some antibiotics tablets and some anti inflammatory liquid”

I said “ No antibiotics liquid “

“Not for his size “ said the vet 

I thought you fat shaming my cat ?!!

“It’s dead easy  giving a cat tablets “

Cue a a ninja based movement and voila he had demonstrated the art of cat pill popping , I thought you’re coming home with me tonight ( but not in that way !!)

So I’m crushing up tablets with the back of a spoon and feeling like my cats drug dealer.

Monday 21 May 2018

Gardening As You Feel

I’m gardening as I feel no rules here and some plants have just appeared like this Mountain Ash ( Rowan) which I’m just going to leave be has decided to grace itself with its presence so I’m happy to co exist with it.

To often we oik plants up without really researching what they are , we get rather pitch fork I feel about stuff and feel the need to burn it with fire.Thats not to say I haven’t got my battle with plants such as a bramble/ blackberry which is just relentless.

And the ivy I’ve a battle with that also think it’s marching from the neighbours but I’ve rallied my defence against it.

We micro manage our environment and I don’t use weed killer unless deemed necessary.I have a wildlife pond so I have to be careful and it has tadpoles in it and a resident grump of a frog.Mr Frog is a tad camera shy and won’t oblige with any pictures frogs are fickle things.

I had a black bird swoop over my head as if to tell me I was in their way as they flew down to drink from the pond.

And we craft what we want to see from our window like the lady of Shalott  as she weaves  ... “Near Camelot is the Island of Shalott, where a beautiful young maiden is imprisoned. She, the Lady of Shalott, must not look at Camelot but can only see what is reflected in a mirror as she works on weaving a magical web.”

These are windows viewing the natural yet sculptures landscape of Stoneywell Cottage.

Thursday 17 May 2018

Vlogging With A iPhone 8

I learnt a new skill the other day at a Three discovery store and it was a skill I didn’t possess as a blog and that was my ability to do a video . Doing a video was usually the domain of my husband and yes he’s comfortable with doing that and I wasn't comfortable at all in front of the camera.When you are thrown into something sometimes you have to run with it and I was grateful to Three discovery store for the opportunity to learn a new skill.

I suppose my husband could have shown me how to use iMovie but you know how it is sometimes when its your nearest and dearest you don't always necessarily listen wholeheartedly! This is maybe also why when my husband tried to help me learn how to drive he practically had kittens and slapped more L plates on the car then I had ever seen in my life.

It was super easy to get to the Three discovery store in Islington just one stop on the Tube to Angel from St Pancras and I do love St Pancras with all my heart she is a grand old lady but a truly decadent age.And I am so happy in my heart that new life is being breathed into her with hotels and champagne bars and the like , oh if I could only go on the Orient Express from there.

I met some truly inspirational people at the event ( there was 4 of us ) we were paired up originally but I went my own way as I aim just learning this craft.We were using IPhones 8 which is the same phone as my husband has it is his new phone as well I dropped my phone down the toilet a few weeks back so I had his iPhone 7. I didn't think it was quite fair that I should be the one that got to have the new iPhone 8 even though it is an awesome phone.

You don't necessarily have to establish yourself a vlogging identity unless you really want to crave yourself a niche in the world of Youtube maybe but perhaps just to do quirky videos of family trips etc. I am shy and I am am very hesitant to talk to camera but I will do in short bursts I think its the fact I don't like how I sound on camera.

iMovie is super easy to download from the App site and big bonus is that its free and its here you can either create a movie or a trailer , I think its really funky and I have created a few trailers myself inspired by the day my trailers are of my family trips!

So I challenge you to have a go with I movie and see what you can do and you don't have to speak if you don't want to you can use captions. I love learning new skills and you can never stop learning.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

My Friends Have Got This

My friends have got this ...

My friends have got me , my true friends that is and I’m going to fight back and I’m going to fight back doing what I want.I get people don’t want sadness in their lives hell did you think I do  ?!

I spent 4 years literally making sure I didn’t fall down the rabbit holes and everything thing I do is my therapy.People deal with things in their way and you might think I should steer away from social media and perhaps be a hermit.

I’m not going to be cross or angry at people in them thinking I should be living my life like a hermit.Instead I’ll tut and think their loss if they can’t share my view of joy of the world.You can’t force people to like you and neither can you always like people yourselves it’s a human thing but I’m always respectful of people and I’ve empathy , empathy is what makes use understand people’s condition.Now I’ll admit I struggle with empathy at times but I do have it , it’s just part of my self journey to find out why I’m wired the way I am.

Yes I’ve feel like I’ve had the joy sucked out my universe it’s funny how stuff dies that to you and I immensely take stuff to heart more than I really should but that’s just me.I am resilient but I like company then again I don’t like company , don’t be afraid to contact me as long as you have got something nice to say and are bearing tea .

Yes, yes  I wish I could catch a break but I’m focusing on me and my family ~ sounds kind of selfish yeah but it’s called selfcare.

And you know mental health isn’t an Olympic sport if it was then surely I’d have a medal or 2 by now.

What saves , what stops me screaming out ~ my photography my love of architect , my family oh and cups of tea.

You might me thinking I shouldn’t be sharing pictures and that I shouldn’t be having a life but it’s my recovery my selfcare.

But I’m living again there are more days where I do feel like myself and I shouldn’t be worried if someone is thinking I shouldn’t be taking pictures or not.

This is me.

This is my line.

I’m in the process of creating a garden oasis ( not a rock band ) there is a rock garden or 2 in there though , it’s amazing what stabbing the soil does for the soul , I assure you there’s no body under my patio!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Buying Randomly On EBay

Doesn’t everyone love a bit of sunshine I know it certainly makes me feel better and it certainly makes me want to unleash my inner Alan Titchmarsh.I realise that makes me sound as if I’m possessed by Alan Titchmarch ( I’d love that ) I’m attempting to do the garden up on a budget and I’m very much buy now explain later type of person less chance of a” no “ though my husband is unlikely to say “no” .So doing up the garden on a budget is hard yes even though I’m a blogger I don’t think I’ve ever done one review of a garden item. I’m all about what I can find myself or buy cheaply like my garden pots which should have been £69 but I got them for £25. Back to the EBay story I decuded to buy a stone sink on line as I’m trying to fill my garden and make it how I want.

The stone sink cost me £15 and we had to go to another village to fetch it the village of Repton which was once the heart of Mercia and is a very ancient village . I had to scale a gate and it was like my husband was launching the titanic , a top tip is don’t wear fit flops to go fetch something of a reasonable weight just in case you have to scale a gate.

Well of course when I was there I saw some old stones and Mill stone and thought “ ooooooh “ I think my husband was nodding and we went to fetch them yesterday.

You can buy all sorts on EBay it’s amazing , well of course Ebsy can have a dark side as well as I was recently trolled on there but on the whole my eBay dealings are ok , I wish the fees were a little lower though.I am doing the very best with my garden as I don’t have endless pots of money to through at . The term show garden is often banded about and show gardens can be many things though mine isn’t Chelsea standard yet.

Sunday 13 May 2018

Time In London

To live your life to be scared of what others think or what people perceive is no life at all. As they say be yourself as everyone else is taken a thousand people can thunder past and you’ve no knowing what their happiness ,joy or sorrow is.

I’m never going to stop learning I’m never going to stop doing what I do or explain myself you get to know me you see what makes me tick.

So I see the street life of London the day , the time is relevant you don’t need to know even the temperature of the day though the photo may tell you that but then again maybe not.

Life is a complexity life’s a mystery and it’s one to be enjoyed , you’ll not find me in a department store staring at handbags that’s not me. You’ll find me breaking free running away from the throng of the pack. I’m not a retail magpie I need space and architecture offers me, that it offers me structure (see what I did there )

I take something mundane and ordinary and elevate it and I do this every single time I use a camera or my smart phone.My photography is always in my mines eye if I see it with my own eyes then I frame the shot in the mind and then snap the moment is captured.That moment can be released to me again when I see the image and the memories, thoughts and feelings come back.

Friday 11 May 2018

Words I Never Thought My Hairdresser Would Say

Words I never thought my hairdresser would say does rather read like click bait you want to roll your eyes at and curse yourself for clicking through to.

When you go to the hairdressers which I don’t have to say I go to very often and when I’m there  I’m always poised to play:

Hairdresser bingo 

“You going or holiday or been etc”

“Which way to you wearing your parting ?”

“Thought about a colour ?”

“ That’s nice”

“ oooh you don’t say “

“ Want your eyebrows trimming “
They said this to my husband and he’s never been back to the barbers / hair place since.

“Is that ok ?*”

*Showing you the back of head the only time you see it.

If not had my hair don’t for well over a year and this this last year my hair was very short

So bitting the bullet I had my hair done and I solelmy promise I will not cut anymore knots out my hair and that’s a Brownie promise at that so it’s binding!

I don’t over chat as that’s not me I’d rather be silent but I’ll be polite when I’m talked to.But you know what my hairdresser was really intuitive and older despite her young years. Often we do not give the young people the credit they need and deserve. So what did my hairdresser say to me that was so profound and grounding ?

“ If you think you’ve learnt everything then you just need to give up!”

Wise words indeed...

Thursday 10 May 2018

Dragonfly Card By Jane Inspired By Art

I’m really feeling the Arts and Craft copper vibe at  the moment and it’s magical and one day I’ll get over to Stonywell which is an Arts and Crafts hub its the bees knees of arts and crafts. I’ve recently visited Canons Ashby and it’s old , it’s quaint ,it’s intriguing it’s unique it’s very much me.

Uniqueness is what I see and how I capture it is very important to me as in particular my photography is a mental health release.Having anxiety doesn’t mean you don’t leave the house for me it’s the opposite as I know what I’m going to but don’t know what treasures I’ll uncover.

While wandering round Canons Ashby I happened upon this copper screen and immediately the Dragonfly struck me. I knew just the person to send this to and I challenged Jane to make a card inspired by it.

And Jane didn’t disappoint and the crafted this  utterly stunning card and sent it to me which was a lovely surprise.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Beaulieu National Motor Museum A Must See

I have always loved cars for as long as I can remember and in particular my toy cars were my pride and joy.I was devastated when my toy cars were given away without my permission! I was gutted and I’m still gutted to this day I miss my toy cars !!My favourite car was the James Bond Lotus Espirit from the Spy who loved me and talking of Ian Flemming the author of the James Bond Books he also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .

Ian Fleming once said: “Never say no to adventures. Always say yes, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.”

You can see this much loved car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Beaulieu car museum which is a must for a throughly enjoyable day out in the area of the New Forest.

Myself and my husband were kindly invited to Beaulieu and my husband was equally thrilled as he hadn't been back since he was a a small child ( well children are generally small ! )

The charming village of Beaulieu stands at the head of the Beaulieu River and is home to
National Motor Museum and you can have a great family day out here At the National Motor Museum you can see over 250 stunning vehicles on display from every motor here,rnaging from some of the World's most iconic land Speed record breakers to motoring oddities such as a giant orange on wheels.

New for 2018 is The Luxury of Motoring with the glittering centrepiece of 28 stunning Lalique glass car mascot on show together for the first time.The new gallery showcases a selection of the worlds most luxurious cars ever built and tells the story of their design, the people who owned them and the chauffeurs who drove them.Spanning the golden age of luxury motoring to today's aspirational cars,preceptions of taste and class are themes that are explored though a range of fascinating objects, films and rarely seen images from the National Motor museum Trust's archives.

There are many special museum displays which include For Britain & For The Hell Of It featuring Beaulieu 's iconic Land Speed Record cars, also there is The Motor Cycle Story which takes you on a journey through motorcycling history. Grand Prix Greats and Road , race and Rally which features F1 rallying, trails and drag racing exhibits, as well as clothing, trophies ,photographs,film and video of both track and road racing from its beginning to the present day.

My husband in particular loved Jack Tucker's Garagewhich secrets the sights, sounds and smells of a typical country garage from the 1930s.As a Doctor Who fan I loved that they had Doctor Who's car Bessie on display , other On screen Cars include Del Boy's Reliant Robinl as featured in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and the flying Ford Anglia used during the filming of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

World of Top Gear has had a make over to reflect the changes it has gone through , and it was recently relaunched by Top Gear presenter Chris Harris.We are avid viewers of Top Gear and the exhibits are bang up to date including the impressive Ssangyachct built from the world's ugliest people carrier, the longest limousine selfie opportunity.The Enormodrome boasts a new studio which is in keeping with the style of the new series and in homage to the past there is plenty of vehicles and rarely seen images from the National Motor Museum.

We took the monorail to the Palace house and you can also travel on a vintage bus , the monorail gives you cracking views and I especially loved the fact it goes through the car museum giving you a unique viewing experience.

The stunning Palace House been to the Mintagu family since 1538 , the rooms are magnificent and the staff being costumed really adds to the ambiance and feel of the place.The staff will talk to you about living in a Victorian country house and you will come to understand their “Upstairs and Downstairs “ life.

Palace House Beaulieu

The Victorian kitchen is newly restored and has a fully working Victorian range and I was able to see what would have been in my old house.

Walking through the house you’ll see also the spectacular Lower Drawing Room and Dining Hall with beautiful fan-vaulted ceilings.You’ll be able to see clearly the monastic origins of Palace House.
A private wing of the house had recently opened which gives you a glimpse of the late Lord Mintagu’s private apartment and also includes his personal library.The Lady and the Tebel tells the story of two remarkable women in the Montagu family , Pearl Pleydell-Bouverie and Elizabeth Montagu. A section of the corridor has become the first Soviet Russian art gallery in the UK,with paintings and sculptures from the Art Russe Foundation.

After you’ve marvelled at the house then gently meander it Beaulieu Abbey where you csn see a film presentation and an exhibition of the daily life of its Cistercian Monk founders, the picturesque tranquility can really be felt and seen in the Cloisers and Herb Garden.Going upstairs in the Abbey’s Domus and you will see the impressive wall hangings which depict scenes from the history of the abbey.

Have a ice cream made with ice cream from the New Forest while you wander further round the Victorian Flower Garden and an informal Wilderness Garden which dates back to the 1770s.A Ornamental Kitchen Garden is laid out on the site of the original 1872 Palace House Garden. And be charmed by the topiary display which features Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with topiary characters sitting round their “thyme for tea” herb planted table.

A poignant must see is the Secret Arny this is an exhibition which tells the story of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) which trained secret agents at the Beaulieu ‘Finishing School ‘ during WWII.The brave agents were trained at a number of large country houses around the Beaulieu Estate before they returned to occupied Europe to work with Resistance groups.Sadly many paid the final sacrifice and did not return.

You get a lot for your money at Beaulieu as all attractions are included in the standard admission entrance.Tickets can be brought in advance online 

The prices of admission are for adults £24.65 on the day or £19.50 if brought in advance and children (5-17) £12.50 on the day it £9.50 advance purchase.