Saturday 28 December 2013

Judge Me ,

Do you judge what you see ?

Do you see a situation and make a snap judgement ?

Sometimes it's hard not to.

But spare a thought , what you see may have a reason behind it.

For example there was a less able person at the cinema who could still move , didn't really need help but I thought perhaps could have done with a hand perhaps from their family who had walked on ahead.

But then again , could I be wrong .

Could I be making a snap judgement ?

Perhaps they could be encouraging independence?

Who am I to judge ?

So when as a young parent I had a toddler with SEN issues screaming the supermarket down for cheese , or the fun times we had when he was screaming down the post office just because a package I collected wasn't for him. Or the moments he was obsessed with blue , or the occasions he refused to come into nursery shouting 'no' leaving me all flustered.

I am sure people were judging but I tried to block out any odd stairs and concentrated on what matter to me which was the well being of my son.

Judgemental is something I try not to be.


  1. As you know, I have a son with similar issues and we are judged...staring, tutting, comments about me being unable to 'control' my child... it used to make me angry but then I realised that I have no control over other people with their ignorant and judgemental the grand scheme of things, they don't matter- my son does.
    Having said that, there has been people who speak kindly in these situations and such kindness does go a long way. :) xXx

  2. People do judge, you see them looking and tutting and making I just ignore them. But I also work in a hospital and you do have to let people do things for themselves when you know they are able.


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