Monday, 10 December 2018

The Advent Of Me

It’s Christmas not that you need telling or anything so why not grab Christmas by the baubles.I have always had to build up for Christmas sneaky in the odd decoration here and there so I don’t get overwhelmed. I don’t want to make it about my Autism it’s not something I can switch on or off .I have to respond to how I feel to light sound and people and judge things on their merit.It can be exhausting if you let it so I try not to as people round me still want to enjoy Christmas and I’m not a Grinch.

I’ve got the number 7 advent which is a very rare beast indeed but what oh what would I want for an advent of me ? 

1 I if course would need tea everyday 

2 To be transported to a location each day of choosing 

3 Cheese not to be fattening 

4  I actually fit into a size what ever instead of just leaving an item in my wardrobe just in case I will fit into it.

4 That my time is meaningfully spent and there’s silent appreciation of what I do.

5 Never ever to do News Years resolutions I simply won’t and will never believe in them, instead I’m much more up for revolution s.

6. To be appreciated by my cat I think this is the missing link humanity has been looking for.

7 Keep buying that tea .

8 Also ensuring I don’t run out of milk where’s a pantomime cow when you need one.

9 Private concert by Beethoven there’s nothing better than Beethoven ( the classical musician and not the film about the sloppy dog)

10 To know I’m good enough .

11 To be myself and know that honestly it’s not about follower numbers on Instagram, Twitter ,Facebook or whatever platform they come up with next.

12 Always be eclectic 

13 Not to go a day without drinking tea 

14 To spend time with family and friends 

15 To adhere to the Bambi philosophy of life 

16 To write that novel and about criminals in a Spa ( true story by the way )

17 Develop said novel into a screen play probably staring Sheridan Smith and Olivia Coleman and guest starring Helen Mirren .Maybe Harry Rednap could star as the criminal a skip magnate I think.

18 Afternoon tea is a must !

19 Invent my own Gin 

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