Monday, 1 August 2011

Back to School Reading tips.

 Getting your child basically to read can can be like banging your head against a brick wall. Here are some simple tips that may help in that situation.

1. Find a quiet spot to read with them, squeeze in to a little play tent with them, make it an adventure. No distractions ! Ten - fifteen minutes is long enough. So if you want to start to read them the entire book of ' The Hobbit' is going to have to wait.

2. If your child doesn't pronounce the word correctly- first allow them to correct themselves. Encourage them to sound out the  word using the Alphabet sound. This is basically Phonics but don't get hung up on this it will come in time. A good place to find the frequency word is here click on Literacy then go to phonics . Go right to the bottom and you will find 100 frequency words.

3. If you are struggling at first choose a book without words. It doesn't matter that it doesn't have words, the things is to get them used to looking at a book reading and being comfortable.  This encourages them to talk about what they see and helps the with their comprehension and understanding of the book. Also if they say an word wrong don't say its wrong simply  ask them to read that sentence back asking them if that sentence makes sense with that word in it.

4. Tailor the book to their interests. For boys it might me snot,dirt,cars,bottom noises ()! dinosaurs, football etc. Books like  harry and his Bucket full of dinosaurs are lovely. For the girls its probably going to be cats , horses and ponies, fairies,ballet,or princesses. Of course this is a bit stereotyped and each child will  have other interests !

5. Hug your child while they  are reading , it is a wonderful thing it makes you feel loved and instill your child with pride and confidence,. one of those many quality you need for reading.

6. Why not read out side outdoor? learning is very important , why not make a story shoe box up; recreating a scene form a book you are reading perhaps change the story around a little, you could invent a different ending. Of you could even create a story setting in a tray or in your sandpit ? I am sure there is a product you can buy to encourage this , I will try and find it for you.

7. Try and remember what you enjoy reading as a child and go re visit those stories.

8. If you have any problems always go and see the teacher its what they are there for, and they are always happy you help and suggest things for you.

9. Don't fret just keep trying if they don't want to read today , go back to  it another day.

10 .  Have fun they are only young once !.

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And I sure that our local library will do story times for babies and toddles. Here is one I found for those of you in the leicestershire area


  1. testing nice review x @RedRoses4

  2. Great advice thanks - particularly number 10! @BrassoLasso

  3. I agree ! x Thanks for comment.

  4. Great tips. I will be sure to use some of these

  5. Some good tips! I was a TA before having my babies and my eldest, although only 2.5, is on the list for a speech therapist. I am not overly concerned as i do all the recommended things but good to keep ideas in mind for later on as abit 'out of the loop' the last few years! Luckily she's mad about books and sure she will progress in her own good time but will continue to encourage her and hope she enjoys reading as much as i always have when she reaches school age!

  6. Really good tips, as they get older this is quite often the only time you get one on one x

  7. What a great read! And such a help when you're at the head banging stage. I was one of those reluctant readers, and now can't get enough to read.
    Thanks for linking to Parentonomy.

  8. Great tips. Also one of the most important things when children are small is to let them see you enjoy books. If reading is something Mummy and Daddy enjoy then children are more likely to do it.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  9. I love your school based posts, particularly the autism ones, as I also work in education and have an interest in autism. It's nice to read posts from someone on the 'frontline', lol! x

  10. Great advice that I really need right now. thanks for sharing


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