Friday, 30 May 2014

Hustle Bustle Calm

Hustle , Bustle , Not calm a busy shopping centre! 

The hustle 

The bustle

Then there Is the calm a museum my London sanctuary , indeed you might find me clinging to any museum as I can't do busy .

Hustle : I can't do hustle 

Bustle : I feel cooped up 

Calm : Is a go to place , I know there's still people here but they are spread enough out not to freak me out .

Hustle the need to shop for some.

Bustle no the vibrant busy that I love of say Convent Garden but the endless pounding and relentlessness of a shopping centre.




Calm is not being like a bull in a china shop !

My calm , my museum .

Hustle : No time to stop look and wonder .

Bustle everything is now now NOW



Calm is having time on your hands !



Calm is taking time out to relax and restore the mind.

Hustle spend that money !

Bustle get that bargain !

Calm look at times gone by of offering by pilgrims to a religious or other cause.


  1. This really resonates! You need a bit of all three in life, I definitely don't get enough "Calm"!

  2. I don't get enough calm and not a fan of hustle or bustle either!! Great post! x

  3. An interesting post! I need to exercise calm a lot more in my life >_<

  4. I love visiting London but could never live there. I can cope witht he hustle and bustle in short spurts knowing that it will come to an end!

  5. I think it depends on my mood, but I need much more calm in my live a a bit of quiet wouldn't go a miss either! x

  6. I wish I had more calm in my life! I can't be doing with the hustle and bustle either!

  7. I am still looking for my perfect "calm" spot and more calm moments in general

  8. I don't think I could live in the hustle and bustle of London. If I win the lottery we're going to buy a wood and build a house in the middle of it, away from everyone!

  9. I really need a calm spot, there is too much stress in my life. I never seem to stop.

  10. I definely don't get enough calm.....comes with having 6 kids lol


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