Monday, 25 May 2015

My Role As A Teaching Assistant AND Being A Super Hero

My job as a teaching assistant more often or not as a SEN teaching assistant; there is so much to say but how to express it actually in words is the hard part, I just do what I do it is like breathing so therefore is second nature. I have been in my present job for 11 years and previous to that I worked at a dedicated Special needs school which was very challenging but very rewarding indeed, the unconditional love is amazing. I moved to the school where I am now as it was more particular to do so my for son and for child care purposes, and when he moved on to Juniors I stayed , he is now at senior school.

The age range of my school is 4-7 with 4 classes in each year group we are a very large Infant school the largest I believe with the city where I am. We have a mixture of pupils with different needs like autism and as such the care of each and every child is assessed in line with current guidelines , but we as a school go beyond these guidelines. It is hard not to have an emotional attachment in what you do , I am always professional but I do give my heart and soul and it does make my heart ache to step away sometimes . Colleagues always consult with each other and there are regular meetings such as teaching staff meeting, teacher training days ( known as insets)  as you never stop learning or training once you are within education.

To keep on what I do I write of course my blog which is injected every so often with what I do in a educational capacity which I have to write about in such a way not to identify my school or any pupils.

And Knowing in some small but great part that I am impacting upon a child's life is an awesome responsibility ; being a teaching assistant is rather like being a super hero really.

I work under both the amazing teachers guidelines and within the  national curriculum , I am always amazed how children learn , children teach us so many life lessons. From problem solving to encouraging traditional play I do it all and more.

Each day I work there a little more courage is escalated within my life and slowly but surely I am returning to hobbies in my life such as choir than I shunned, reading returning to reading as having had a depression breakdown it takes every ounce of my energy to concentrate on the matter to hand. And maybe I'll even attempt the odd doodle ......


  1. weldone on having such a fantastic role, my children look up to their teachers

  2. Wow, such a big school! I'm so glad you've found a job you so obviously love and that it also seems to be helping you as much as you help your children xxx (@mami2fiveblog)

  3. Such a fabulous role Claire, it must be hugely rewarding and it sounds like it's helpful to you too. So glad you are enjoying the hobbies you used to, that's fantastic :)

  4. Such a fantastic job to have.....It sounds like you really love it! Your school sounds huge! In my girls school there is one class per year with at the most 25 kids per class x

  5. I'm sure you're absolutely great at your job and the kids are lucky to have you. Glad it's helping you too (and love the doodle as well).

  6. I love being a teaching assistant too, seeing even little changes and achievements in individual children is so rewarding. There are challenging times but we are superheros! 😉😘

  7. I used to be an SEN Teaching Assistant, and I really loved it. The challenges are huge, and I think you do have to be a superhero at times - certainly super-patient! The rewards make it worthwhile though :)


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