Sunday, 18 December 2016

Do Cows Dreams?

I'm often attacked by random thoughts ; sign of a genius they say , not sure who but someone yes . As we ere travelling in the car ( well I wasn't travelling by broomstick despite what some may think ..) I gazed out to see a herd of cows in a perfect circle ( this could have been synchronised cow dancing , their version of Strictly )

My husband commented he was turning into his Dad with having to travel to a garden centre miles away ;when perfectly serviceable garden centres were closer to hand.

Siri on my husbands phone is trying to kill me I'm sure ... screaming out " the internet connection has stopped " at 5 am , I think Siri is turning into Hal from 2001 a Space Odessy . 

"I'm sorry Claire I can't possibly let you out the front door "

A few weeks ago Mr T 's phone at 5 am again loudly announced the cricket scores at 5 am , oh how we laughed ....

Technology will be the death of me or quite possibly Mr T <

Oh and the doctor says I've to drink more , I resisted the temptation to say wine , so I must obey there , I must also eat cereal but I've also done today but I did try to put the cereal in the fridge. I've also a blood test on Thursday which will reveal if I've got this or that or I'm an alien , I'm my own worse patient . It's going be three phials of blood the vampires  and I'm going to have to explain my delicate veins , perhaps I'm just an alien.

That would explain it to a tea.

I wouldn't say booo to a goose , but exactly does who does say booo to a goose ?

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