Monday, 5 December 2016

How A Cat Is Better Than A Hatchimal

How a cat is better than a Hatchimal

Your cat will be more interactive than a Hatchimal , please don't try to insert batteries into a cat they're not required .


Your cat should be ready to go from day 1 be it a kitten or fully fledged model , no 20 minutes what for it to hatch .

Now the training will be longer than a Hatchimal and your cat will require actual food and entertainment which you'll spend longer playing but that's half the fun anyway . Your cat will just sit in any packaging of the things you buy for it anyway .

Now your cat will enter into a naughty toddler phase like a Hatchimal but bear with it as this phase will last years providing you which such entertainment and conversation starters .


And unlike a Hacthimal cats are everyone including places that they shouldn't be going on * bad cat , very very bad cat .

And the novelty of cat won't wear off like a Hatchimal might but as they say they toy is in the eye of the behold * ps a cat is not a toy .A cat will cost more than a Hatchimal and will need to eat real food where as I don't think a Hatchimal eats at all does it ?

In the long run your cat will be around a lot longer than a Hatchimal , your cat is likely to be around over 20 years if you are lucky, your Hatchimal could survive that long and in turn become a retro toys worth scullions and millions of cold hard cash. I have wept at some the toys I no longer have that are now worth oodles and oodles of money but c'est la vie I knew killing that Tamagotchi would come back to haunt me but that is another blog post in itself.

So basically a cat will last longer than a Hatchimal and give you more than 20 minutes of love , though 20 minutes of love may be it completely ignoring you as that is a cats special power but it will still love you ...

Maybe ...

I have heard of lonely Htchimals sitting all alone and frightened on windowsills least a cat will knock all your ornaments off for you .

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  1. A cat can definitely show deep, passionate love by totally ignoring you!


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