Friday, 28 February 2020

Thinking On the Sunshine

We are a world away again from the sunshine , the other day here in brightest Derbyshire we had a glimmer of sun that rare and noble beast which showed it's face  ( does the sun have a face ? not like the one in Telebtubbies I might add) .But at the moment the sunshine is rare as rare as a slug riding a cat into battle shouting a battle cry and then there are other questions I ponder why don't butteflies use umbrellas.But hey the sunshine will return I hope and that is what is needed a glimmer of hope to step onto and each glimmer of hope gets us to wear we want and need to be.

I love sunshine I do , I do think the rain and gloom is sometimes a bit of a nemesis a ptomaine villain if you will to be booed and hissed at with you wanting to shout at people

"It's behind you "

The other day on way to volunteer at a local infant school I came across a purple fence , it was bright and on your face but it was just a fence but it so much more than that on  a day like today when it is yet again raining like it is going out of fashion.It offers brightness in an otherwise dull day and on the day I saw it was bright and sunny it stood out all the more and made me smile, just think about that a simple purple fence made me smile.

You see different isn't scary or to be frightened of although it can be at first, I fully intend to live and love my life every which way I can everyday and without sounding like a positive quote instagram blog it is about first learning ro love yourself and really not knocking those achievements however small they might seem.I have put a load of washing on and actually nearly put a second load on! go me !

I have to be my own cheerleader at times and that is why social media is important to me but at the same time I no longer get hung up on social media , I don't actually know if anyone will read this and go I understand where you're coming from and gosh this struck a chord with me.

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