Thursday 29 November 2012

Tis the Season to be jolly? The School Nativity ......

This blog post was prompted by Pink Oddy and not the horror story of a man's finger being bitten of in a school Nativity.

"Pull Pull  Pull the Cracker Bang"

I work at at school so it has pretty much been Christmas since early November tinsel is everywhere you turn. They are playing Dragons den in Baby Jesus stable and I have to turn the demonic looking doll ( from the toy sack ) to face the wall if I work in the school hall. Baby Jesus's head has fallen off and we've repaired it with duct tape, Mary doesn't want to commit to being Joesphs friend and the Three Wise men and clonking each other with their gifts. The teachers are drinking Gin in the staff room ( not really ... although ).

And we are all struggling to convince the inn keep that no the stable hasn't been developed because of the lack of social housing.

My own son as a shepherd.

Don't get me wrong I love to be festive like anyone else I just don't like to do it too early.... Oh that reminds me the Easter eggs will be in the shops soon.

The run up to Christmas should be festive with festive activities and festive parties , now not everyone likes this sort of thing and that is fair enough. I like tradition such as the school Nativity but even this can be fraught with danger. Perhaps your son didn't get to be Joesph or your daughter has been demoted from Mary to the third camel on the right.

Look at the happy shepherd on the right!

Surely it doesn't really matter , what they are? as long as it is run well and the children enjoy it but rivalries are sparked and sadly such situations will and can get out of control. Sadly this is perhaps a reflection of today's society.So remember Christmas is for everyone young and old alike.

So I really must get ready for the festivities at my school yes what for it ( not my idea ) its a variation on Britain got Talent! Oh I haven't planned what to wear at all at out works Christmas do of going for a festive curry ( rolls eyes )


  1. I'm actually disappointed that they never actually do a nativity. This year it was aliens. I would like a simple Mary and Joseph Christmas - even if my son was just a villager or a donkeys behind. But maybe the arguing is what stopped them doing it the traditional way.

    Also do you have a method as to how parents obtain tickets and are seated? A successful one? Ours is a nightmare.

    Great post.
    Will link it up for you.

  2. I love a good nativity!
    It's a shame that parents feel the need to be so competitive over the starring roles & this has led to their demise :(

  3. In our school, the infants did the carol concert this year while the juniors did the play. Nowt I like more than seeing 20 shepherds singing 'Little Donkey'

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  4. They don't do a nativity anymore at the boys school as they decided that the children were too tired and opted for a march time proper play instead and we have a very civilised carol service now. I know everyone gets a bit funny about the parts and things but I do like a good nativity and all of the fun it brings!

  5. Thankfully at my little brother and sister's school,they have an age order with their Christmas plays, where the older pupils get put in the bigger roles, giving everyone a go as they progress through the school.

    I love that giant cracker!

    Naomi xxx


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