Friday, 16 November 2012

Schools trips pre technology! Galley : The Eighties

Awwwh the 1980's I was there with my beeble boopars , ra ra skirt proper sized Wagon wheels. I didn't have colour TV till 1986 and the Betamax was the big daddy in our household. Going to the video store was a regular treat it was the "Highway to the dangerzone" and everyone "Cut Footloose" and just relaxed.

In the days pre technology how did we really cope it would seem now there are no confines to the world of Social media. On my own son's school trips they use twitter and blogs  etc. One teacher  even used his mobile to record my son being airlifted off the slopes of Mount Blanc when he had a serious skiing accident. It would seem now that we are all social media junkies in some way or another! And whilst perusing a social media site called Technorati I came across an inetesting article about teenager and facebook how they are apparently abandoning facebook in the quest of other things such as twitter and tumbler. My own son for example is favouring at the moment something called Minecraft which has the graphics of a Spectrum 48k . But perhaps what teenagers crave simplicity not the tagging , the liking and perhaps other services like twitter and tumbler offer this. I may self seem to sway over to twitter more , I haven't yet got tumbler ( I fear any more social media and my head  may well explode)

*Update I am now on tumblr.. my head hasn't expoded yet.*

In 1984 I went to Normandy and I remember we stayed a Lion Sur Mer and We had to write a diary of our adventures . I wasn't allowed to take a camera ( boo parents) So I had to make do with postcards where as now you can instantly take a picture of where you are and tweet it around the world. I wonder if you over do this does it take the enjoyment away from the event because you are so immersed in getting every little bit of what you see ( or don't see as you are so busy taking pictures)

My 1984 Normandy Diary ( scrap book )

The start of my Normandy adventure.

What we got up to on the ferry.
French breakfast and lunch at the youth hostel.

Various stuff I collected as stuck in the scrap book as memories.

 A hand written account of what I did on a certain day.
I give you the Eighties :I give you bad hair!

I remember that the scrap books were the catalyst for conversation when I got back off the holiday , we had a special evening where slides ( remember those were shown ). I fear that Social media if not done in the right way can indeed dilute both the written word and the art of conservation itself.


  1. How lovely. We had to put more effort into creating our memories back then, didn't we? Love the Haribo packet!

  2. I used to always make a scrap book of every trip I went on... maybe I should start doing it with my daughter! x


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