Tuesday 18 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth #pktmnyparents

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth ..

I am a giant fail whale ....

It didn't last... it only managed a day ... My self imposed rest.

Why ...oh I don't know *shrugs shoulders* because my life is some what surreal sometimes things happen that are just plan weird and blogging is the only way to explain it.

What does my son want what is he saving up for? ... in the realms of fantasy ( bit like when he dreamed up the toe nail fairy) in would be a dragon as he is still young and there is a very thin line between reality and fantasy. But in the real world he is saving up for equipment for his Duke of Edinburghs award, his rugby trip to France and when he is old enough the sixth form trip to help orphan children in Uganda.

My son never ever does things by halves he goes skiing * gets airlifted off the slopes of Mont Blanc *breaks his ribs in a rugby game * and the best one ( but not in that sense of the word ) breaking his finer while wearing rubber gloves and playing rugby... Best you don't ask as my world as you see is quite , quite surreal.

So J needs a way to inspire him to save for all these wonderful events that are coming our way *slightly gritted teeth * but I keep telling my self its a wonderful opportunity and I really don't need that new pair or shoes and yes we really can have beans on toast one more night. Tonight is the school carol/band concert so you best sit down wind from us... *really I am not kidding*

So I stumbled upon PKYTMNY on Britmums and thought what a fascinating idea it was.

"  PKTMNY, who’s sponsoring the challenge, is a fantastic new website where parents can control their children’s pocket money, set goals for earning and electronically transfer pocket money or earned rewards onto a special card that they control and that kids can actually use at the shops. Kids use the site and the soon-to-be-released app to set savings goals, track their spending, manage their tasks or chores for earning, and create a wish list with pictures of the things they’re saving to buy. They’ll love learning to save before they can spend."

This is ideal J and for all his inspiration this is ideal, its that step between childhood whims and learning adult responsibility.

If only I could set the cat onto a path of rightousness with its anger mangement problems... but then again life would be boring wouldn't it ?

Rollie the cat has anger managment problems!

This post is an entry for the #pktmnyparents Linky on BritMums. for my childs, hopes, dreams and inspiration that will see him fly and becime the responsible adult that will emgere. Letting go of our children is the hardest thing we do as parents as we want them to stay young forever.


  1. Wow! He sounds like an adventurer. Thanks for entering on behalf of BritMums.

  2. I love your cat, but you already know that.As for your son I think it's great that he has ambitions despite getting injured in the process.I like the idea of this though.I need to check it out as bank's are rubbish at the moment for savings account.

  3. lol Never heard of the toe nail fairy before.


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