Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beating The Half Term Boredom Factor.

Beating the quarantine boredom factor.

It can strike any at moment.

And when it strikes it can be utterly mind numbing and children in particular can go absolutely  scatty.Why not create a boredom buster basket, or box or shoe box if limited for space. The only limitation I have to say is your imagination most ideas to aid you on your journey you will already have, pens, pencils glue , sellotape etc. Pop over to the beautiful blog of Jenni's  to find a comprehensive list of messy and sensory play essentials.

It is always useful to start gathering scraps if you look back at this card making guest post from Jane at Onions and paper you will see that see she has used all sorts of scarps to make her cards and this can easily be adapted to do with children. And last year after going to a Forest school talk I made a pop up story story book as well as a journey stick.

Water beads can create a magical underwater sea world.

Rice can be used to create a magical musical instrument ( Guest post from Ghostwritermummy on Jenni Edspires' blog ) !

A scrap of paper is an adventure waiting to happen.

A paper plate is a mask waiting to happen or a whole lot more ( great activity from Activities4kids).

A pine cone can become a decoration.

A ribbon can become the sea.

A feather can become the flame from a rocket.

Instant coffee can be used for sensory smell. ( And other wonderful ideas from The Boy and Me )

Bottom of plastic bottles can be used to print flowers !

A paper circle can be a castanet who knew !

A box can become a boat for a pirate adventure.

SO you can have an adventure inside also why not create a treasure map , teddies bear picnic, bake cakes etc .

I remember when rainy days were fun , it is getting a bit beyond a joke now as it has been non stop rain for 6 weeks though!

Also after you've read a story to your  child you could do crafts associated with the book, also perhaps get them to draw a story map ( this is great for their literacy skills)

Create a den inside (from Childcare is fun) what child or adult doesn't love creating a den ! I know I do though nowadays it is called my duvet !


  1. FAB ideas! Will be needing these this week!

  2. Thanks for these ideas...will be trying some with my two girls!

  3. Some really great ideas, hope you have a good half-term.

  4. There are some BRILLIANT ideas here! This should help us through the week :)

  5. Great ideas for the little ones x

  6. Great ideas Claire, any ideas for a grumpy teenager lol?

  7. some really great idea! We have just invested in a craft box to get us started and have been busy today, the children loved it!

  8. What a lot of great idea's, Thanks for sharing x

  9. Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing, and just in time for half-term too!

  10. These are great ideas and will definitely keep us busy for any indoor fun! X

  11. Some lovely ideas, thanks for sharing.

  12. And to think I had so many ideas and now Kitty is too poorly to do a thing! #sodslaw

  13. Given the amount of rain we've been having, I am sure these will be excellent ideas for people! We used to love making dens :)

  14. A fab selection. My boys love stripping all the sheets and duvets off the beds (aarrrrghhh!) and building a den with them. Means a lot of work for me at bedtime - but if it keeps them busy/happy/occupied for a rainy afternoon, it's worth it.

  15. My boys love stripping all the sheets and duvets off their beds to build a den. Means a bit of work for me at bedtime, but if it keeps them happy/occupied for a rainy afternoon, it's worth it.

  16. Hubby makes the best imaginary adventures with the kids - apparently we have a purple dragon called Twinkle who lives under the trampoline and blows bubbles rather than fire lol

  17. Great ideas.
    We love water beads

  18. Lovely ideas. I especially like the craft idea of using a feather as a flame for a rocket!

  19. I'm never bored at half term - I love the endless free time!

    1. This is indeed the joy of working in education ! I'm never bored either !

  20. Great ideas. I love how we made a den this week and they said it was the Batcave!


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