Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mexican Chilli And Lime Chocolate Sauce Pancake Recipe

I'm giving you forewarning that next week is Shrove Tuesday better known as pancake day it is a time of joy and much contemplation over pancake toppings.Pancakes are an international affair from Scottish pancakes to Mexican tortillas there is not a country I believe that doesn't love a pancake.

Can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.


  • 8 ounces Milk chocolate  chopped
  • 120 ml of water
  • 60 ml of double cream
  • 2 teaspoons Waitrose sweet ground almonds 
  • 1 teaspoon Waitrose orange natural flavouring 
  • 1 tea spoon of chilli flakes
  • Half the juice of a lime or add more to taste 


In a glass bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water melt the chocolate gently .
Add the water and teaspoon of orange natural flavouring .
Stir until the sauce is somewhat smooth , about 20 minutes

By now most of the water will have evaporated.
The mixture will have thicken slightly . Remove from the heat and stir in the cream and the optional liqueur . Also at this point at the teaspoon of chilli flakes , half the juice of a lime until combined well. Cool sauce completely and transfer to a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Sauce keeps, covered and chilled, 1 month. Set aside and move onto to making your pancakes.

The key to a good pancake is not only a good pancake and toppings but preperations good preperation will hopefully help and make pancake day feel more relaxed. As mentioned above the Mexican Chilli and Lime Chocolate sauce can be made well in advance.

For the batter mixture.

125g plain flour
2 medium eggs
25g melted butter
300ml of milk
1 tsp of salt
4 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder

For the pancakes shift the flour in a bowl .

Make a well in the centre of the mixture.

Add the salt,sugar, eggs, baking powder.

Gradually pour in the milk whisking as your pour until you have a smooth batter, then whisk in the melted butter.

To cook the pancakes , use a non stick pan . Heat the pan on medium heat until there is a slight haze coming from it. Brush the pan with with melted butter or oil then our in around 70 ml of batter in using a ladle if possible.

Tilt the pan so the pancake mixture covers the bottom of the pan.

Cook for around about 1 minute or until the batter has set and the pancake is lovely and golden. Loosen the edges of the pancakes and gently flip over then cook for a further minute.

Repeat the process to cook more pancakes.

Transfer to a plate and drizzle with the Mexican Chilli And Lime Chocolate sauce and decorate with strawberries and lime.

This a sponsored post in conjuction with Waitrose‘World cuisine’ Recipe Challenge


  1. Nom, they look so good love the sound of that sauce. We also make our batter the day before too.

  2. I am really enjoying seeing everyone's different takes on pancake fillings. Will definitely be making Pancake day much more exciting for us next week!

  3. i'm not particularly a fan of pancakes ..but i do love chocolate and lime!

  4. My goodness that sounds AMAZING. Can I come round for tea?

  5. Oh wow! That sounds amazing! Do I have to wait until next week to try it out though? *drools in anticipation*

  6. Oh yum, long live the pancake season!

  7. Ooh that sounds different, but delicious!

  8. It's great to see lots of pancake recipes doing the rounds x

  9. Oh wow these look amazing! Do come link up to #tastytuesdays if you fancy it!

  10. This is a definite to do for me. Love pancakes, chocolate, chilli and lime.Perfect!

  11. Ssssssh I am trying to ignore Pancake Day. They rarely work well dairy, soya, wheat and gluten free so I would rather not try :S

  12. Oh my! This sounds delicious - only for grown ups though right? ;)

  13. Pancakes at our house are so boring! I love the beautiful colours of the strawberries and lime. I have been inspired to totally pimp my pancakes!

  14. Oh my these look good! Choc and lime is a classic flavour combination that really works for me as it gives a zing to the choc and stops it being to sickly (as if it ever could be) ;-)

  15. These sound really tasty - will be trying your recipe out next week.

  16. They sound delicious. I can't wait for our pancakes!

  17. Looks absolutely fab! makes my mouth water even though it's past ten pm, I would really love one (or two. Or ten) :)

  18. I'm not keen on pancakes but you may have converted me with that sauce mmmm!

  19. what! amazing! never would have thought of this combo! x

  20. Wow this looks awesome! So much more exciting than plain old pancakes x

  21. What is it with all the dessert posts today (yummy)

  22. ooow I love pancakes!! Especially with chocolate. These sound tasty :D

  23. Such a great combination and it sounds delicious. i'm getting a really good list of pancakes to try for pancake day with all these lovely blogger recipes x

  24. OOO first time I see my plate collection - Denby fan as well I see :-)
    I love Halo collection... still missing few bits

  25. It's looks beautiful, Claire! It's doing well on Pinterest too :) Thanks for linking up with #recipeoftheweek :) I've pinned and tweeted this post and there's a fresh linky live now. Hope you join in x

  26. That sauce is really amazing. I've never tried making anything like it, and I can't believe it keeps for such a long time, it's got to be tried. :)


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