Sunday 9 March 2014

Fluff To Be Square

A ridiculously pretty boy handsome if you will yet he lives on his nerves and exists on vapours of worry. Is he like me ? Could be ?!
If he was more cuddly I'd show him but if not watched he'll eat your bag,your chairs your carpet won't meow unless hungry and gives death curdling stares.

Trim his claws

Good luck with that one.

This look is achieved after dry shampooing him.

Rollie is a medium to long hair .

He's 90% fluff.

He doesn't stick to the rules.

He's doesn't like cat food from award winning low price supermarkets.

He doesn't like foil.

He doesn't like Miranda.

He likes Classic FM.

He likes Monday.

He likes Faux Baileys.

His favourite play is The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov 

The other fluff bomb likes Of Mice and Men.

He's frustrated he never got the hang of knitting.

He's knows the other words to the Ghost Buster song " who you going to call  John Taylor "

A reference apparently to 1980 school discos .

He's never completed a Rubik's cube.

He knows the weather is connected to the height of Simon Cowells trousers.

He thinks bloggers are self indulgent and may make up any old nonsense.

His favourite song is "Kung Foo fighting " well those cats were fast as lightning .

He thinks it is better to wash up by hand and save the planet.

He adores hide and seek and will eat his own eye holes out.

He can't get the hang of selfies though.


  1. OH. MY.GOD. that is classic- love the Kung Fu Fighting and that pic with his eyes staring out of the box- he is gorgeous though but I can imagine he's a bit of a.............character!! :)

  2. A great post to start my day with. Your cat is a handsome devil, I've always had a huge soft spot for tabbies.

  3. Fantastic!! Brilliant post - love the selfie ;) I have three cats with plenty of Cattitude!

  4. Ha ha this is hilarious! I love the photo in the karate outfit!

  5. oh my! ha. What a funny cat x

  6. Haha great post, made me chuckle- beautiful cats too x

  7. He is gorgeous!! I have told my husband we have to get a cat one day because I want O to grow up with a real character of a cat in the house :)

  8. At least someone likes Mondays.

  9. You have a cat who likes Classic FM, I have a dog who likes jazz!

  10. Ha ha sooo cute he sounds like a right character

  11. haha love cats they are soo funny and have such characters its hard not to love them x

  12. Brilliant Claire, very funny sounds like a great character. The karate outfit is just inspired!

  13. what a personality, i have (well not me my in laws) have 2 cats, they are brother and sister and soo different, she is on edge and he is very naive, but both lovely

  14. He has such a lovely face - cannot believe he is a naughty puddy tat........and he let you dress him up!

  15. Haha I love it - thank you Claire this really made me chuckle which I needed before bed :) x

  16. How cool is that cat? Now I know where your blog got its name!

  17. That's so funny - especially him staring out of the box!!

  18. LOL and maybe one day he will get the hang of those selfies.

  19. Surely you can bring him to Britmums.... <3


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