Thursday, 20 March 2014

Getting A Child To Write A Pleasure Not a Chore

Getting children to write should not be a battle after all they discover the world through play and if writing becomes a battle to them , then it can step up many battles for years to come. Children want to uncover the mysteries of the world we and and such we need to encourage them through active play . It doesn't have to cost money you can use what you have after all everyone has a teddy called Teddy.

My Teddy is called "Teddy"

Everyone loves a teddies bear picnic I don't know a child on earth that doesn't love the jolliness of a tea party . If you have a reluctant the presentation of a blank invite might spark a modicum of protest but if you gently build up to the actual writing of an invite then it will be less of a shock. This can start with the the planning of the sandwiches , which flavour jelly and then obviously a choice of outfit. So if you follow the simple steps below then it could help your child on the road to the start of a beautiful friendship with written word.

1. Build up to the event by describing what is going to happen .

2. Read books about teddy bear picnics.

3. Plan the menu.

4. Find some lined paper or any paper will do and draw a teddy bear shape onto the paper, you can ask the child to do this and then cut it out ( with supervision)

5. It doesn't matter where the child does this a desk is preferable but as I work in education any where a child can write is a bonus. My son has an expensive desk ; yet despite this I often find him doing his homework on the floor, I don't stop him as writing is a gift that needs to be expressed any where.

*Bansky* Graffiti is ok a he is an artist

When Teddy has his invite he is good to go * you are humming that Teddy Picnic song aren't you now ?


  1. This is a lovely idea, such a great way to get children to see things as play. Mine are way beyond this now but it might have helped with the youngest Glam Teen if I'd known then. GG

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment x

  2. Lovely idea - yes it's important to find the right approach to engage children with writing :)

  3. This is a fab idea! We struggle to get Chester to write anything other than his name at home (I have seen evidence he can do it at School) so am gonna give this a go!

  4. What a great idea. My girls both loved learning to write and still love writing now. They just need to work on their handwriting now because they both write so fast, it gets bigger and bigger with each word! :)

  5. Great idea! I used to love writing when I was little, my Mum recently found a notebook full of stories written by me, some sort of journal when I was about 6-7 we had lots of fun reading it all over again ;)

  6. A lovely idea to encourage them to write. x

  7. What a very good idea this is so good .x

  8. What a great idea, when the twins are at that age I may try this with them. My 9yo hates writing but loves maths but he does need encouragement x

  9. Some super ideas for encouraging writing in young children. Thanks for sharing?

  10. Such a great idea! I must remember to use it if ever the need arises when J is a little bit older. x

  11. What a lovely idea. My son doesn't always like just sitting down to write so encouraging him like this would really work.

  12. Isaac got to bring home the class teddy this weekend and i have never seen him so eager to write in the diary. I was surprised by how well he could spell too

  13. Great ideas, I really need to get my little man to write more. He is left handed and struggles sometimes as he is constantly covering over what he has written with his other hand.

  14. My children are forever writing little books. I remember when they started school, they wrote invites to Teddy's birthday parties. Totally bought in to the concept. Anything that gets them loving writing is brilliant.They went through a stage of writing my shoppping list. Made for an interesting shopping trip! #MotivationalMonday

  15. What a clever idea - and I know what you mean about not using the desks provided.


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