Thursday 13 March 2014

What is Mumsnet favourite Muppet Character?

I thought long and I thought hard.

I thought I could fit this way blog wise.

I thought I could fit that blog wise.

I have tried being all Greta Garbo .

Didn't work noone noticed.

I DO do Mary Berry style cooking posts * we are getting there.

I do, do * home style * I blogged about a lamp it's work in progress.

I do take pictures really, really well.

I blog about my cat .

I have dressed my cat up in a Chef's hat before .

I blog lots about my cat.

I am what I am .

You see when I tried being all serious about some lost earrings once no one got it , even when I explained no one got it.

SO I have just decided to blog as I always do about anything and anything that pops into my little head.

SO today I have been ill distracted by the net and misreading thing like "Harrison Fords biggest parts "and misreading them as "Harrison Ford biggest pants"

He might have big pants I don't know he has a lot to accommodate.

I tried the other day to make a Mumsnet joke it when something like this.

"What is Mumsnet favourite Muppet's character "

Bit of a tumbleweed moment as no one asked so I am going to telly you anyway

"It's Beaker "

This is in reference to beaker gate

So I shall remain as random as  this ..

Suits me ? Yes ?


  1. Stay random, it suits you. And lol at beaker.

  2. Don't go changing....I luvs you just the way you are. x


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