Thursday, 28 May 2015

Blog Maintenance The One Where I Am Not Teaching You to Suck Eggs

Blog Maintenance the one where I am not teaching you to suck eggs.

I am under going some blog maintenance which is a bit like dyeing your hair, shaving ; including the long like yeti hair on your legs, if you are a Greek God or Goddess then please do forgive me. You see for me blogging is fun , yes in those early heady days I got a bit woe is me and poor me and how I bemoaned my situation letting everyone know in the process.

Blogging doesn't have to be so so traumatic we all blog for different strokes and different folks.

I'll impart some of my infinite wisdom to you , you'd like that wouldn't you ?

You still there  ?


Are you sitting comfortably? ( ps if you have  boil on your bottom then I am sorry) , then we will begin.

It really as simple as this , check what posts you have in draft if you are like me then you will have a gazillion , gazillion for me translates as 48 , now some of these will be a title that is no longer workable or relevant to be so I'll start by thinning those. this will perhaps see me getting down to about 30 let us say.

Then I will work through the others and see if I can turn them into blog posts that I can schedule for the times I am travelling or having an exotic adventure somewhere, between us a cup of time is an exotic glamorous adventure for me, the little things do matter don't they now.

By the time I am finished I have about 8 blog posts that are scheduled to go out , half will be finished and obviously the other half won't . It is essential that in a note book / diary you must may a note of those that you have scheduled, of course you don't have to scudded but a little pressure will keep the content flowing and your creative mind in check.

As you read this I am relaxing in a Spa and having a thoroughly decadent time and as I wrote this before I went away , I can let my words do the work and have a relax. I hopefully have remembered to shave my legs before the Spa but if you hear screaming in the Hampshire area then I am sorry it is all my fault.


  1. I rarely have posts in draft, tend to throw them out as I write them. If I have outstanding review posts to write then the links and title are usually in one post as a ist but theat does not seem to happen these days sadly.

  2. I'm the same as Elaine with posts. I'm very particular about my Blogs and will only put content out specific to the theme for each - restricting but feels "right". I would prefer however to have One Blog with different sections, but I'm not willing to transition to Wordpress and/or self host. Too much hassle for a hobby.

  3. I have loads of posts in draft because when I get an idea for a post I want to write, I write the title and save it to drafts.

    I use Google calendar for scheduling and planning posts x x

  4. Hope you have enjoyed your spa break - sounds blissful! I need to get more organised with scheduling and planning posts, it is all a bit random at the moment ooops! x

  5. I had a good cledar out of my draft posts as well and managed to combine three into one x

  6. Great idea, I really should have a tidy up!!

    Helen x

  7. I don't like using drafts anymore. I used to use them when I first started blogging

  8. I always type posts out first in OpenOffice but what is written one day is posted the next! The only drafts I have are in my head.

  9. Good luck with your blog spring cleaning, I have to admit I don't have many posts in drafts, I end up deleting them if I don't finish them quickly lol. x

  10. Great tips. I never have posts in drafts, is it just me?!

  11. I'm on a blog maintenance/clean up at the moment - I'm catching up from a platform switch from a year ago >_< I have to do little and often because it is so monotonous!!

  12. I use cosedule an d it is amazing, but you can not use it on blogger. I am off to a spa tomorrow with my bestie

  13. I have so many posts in draft! I have never actually scheduled a post though, I should practice before I go away for the summer!

  14. I always have loads of half done posts in drafts, I try to have a clear out every now and again to keep on top of them xx

  15. That is a good idea - I hardly ever get to the bottom of my drafts and wonder if there is anything good in there

  16. Oh my - i can't even tell you how many drafts I have! I really need to get stuck into scheduling posts. Kaz x


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