Friday, 22 January 2016

The Book Seeker

One of my greatest joys as a child as an adult was reading , reading was very much my refuge when times were turbulent then I will snuggle down in a corner of the library and be among friends. Books are friends they bring the characters alive , they can frighten you they can comfort you all within a snugly environment. Reading as a child took me off to faraway lands , such as The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe , troubled and adventurous children seeking adventure through a wardrobe , even though I regularly seek solace in the Wardrobe. My virtual bag is packed and ready to go at the turn of a page, just as I love travelling to places by the spin of a globe.

"Come in be among friends if you seek a book  "

I was the child who spent all their pocket money on books be it CS Lewis books, Swallows and Amazon, E Nesbit, Charles Kinglesy the magical list goes on. Books were my sanctuary they still are I can remember the thrill of each and every book , for instance in the Phoenix and the carpet when the  carpet is unrolled and the Phoenix eggs rolls in the fire revealing the Phoenix that will lead the child on their adventures.

One of my favourite chapters is where they travel to Persia as the carpet wants to visit its homeland and they bring back 199 Persian cats , now wouldn't that be fun just think of the blogging adventures we could have .

And the books I read as a child I am now encouraging my son to read , as a world without a love of books in some form or another is a very dull life ( or can be )

Every book and any book is my friend, currently I am teaching guided reading within the infant school I work for in varied ability groups and it is very heartening to see the progress they make . I never thought I could have that impact in the world of reading other than to someone other than my own son.

Books are the word.

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  1. Me too! I was a right little bookworm! I would read anything and everything! The Famous Five was a favourite and slightly ashamed to admit it - Sweet Valley High and The Baby Sitters Club!


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