Friday, 15 January 2016

The Tsunami Of Decluttering

The other day I have to say I felt a blot on my own landscape , as if the Cosmos was indeed against me , A social media Jack in the Box . At times social media can esxperate any problems within your life and at the same time it can help you , it is finding the balance without being all Gretna Garbo in your relevant status's on Facebook or twitter on where ever you leave your social media hat  9 sounds like a song form the 80's doesn't it that)

I suppose it didn't help I had an Ikea delivery disaster  (seems my Mac book caused a glitch on my own ) We  I had already cleared the area in a no methodical system in preparation for some Ikea cupboard to hide the junk back into , what should have turned up should have been 2 cupboards with solid doors and one with glass . This didn't happen and all the same turned up so I sent them all back as is my right , it really seemed too much of a hassle to get someone to swap out the one cupboard , as I wanted everything all in one go  ( have your cake and eat it syndrome I call it  and why not )

So with  confused Ikea delivery mentaking the order back it was to the phone to Ikea customer services to tell them of the glitch on my macbook ( which probably will only ever happen to me )

You don't get through immediately to customer services ooooh no instead you get music 

" I've been cheated by you "

49 minutes of ABBA  

I like ABBA but not for 49 minutes solid it's not as if I was watching an Australian movie ....

Finally I get through and sorted it.

Just got to wait on the refund coming through .

My dining room is in chaos thank the lucky ducks I've a sideboard from another company coming to me on Saturday.

I welcome you to the tsunami of decluttering .

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  1. That's not a tsunami, it's a puddle! MY house is a tsunami - I hoard, I have clutter everywhere. I am trying,really I am, it will take more than a sideboard to save me!! Hope you got it sorted. Kaz x


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