Friday 12 May 2017

Jack And His Cat Manifesto

I sit here before you to talk about my cat manifesto , I do believe it was leaked on line but there isn't anything in the cat manifesto that we can't achieve. You'll see form my photo that I am connecting with nature * ps not a mouse tail . Of course with the sad death of Rollie our party leader I have had to step into the political affray.

Did you know Abraham Lincoln loved cats and he kept 4 of them at the White House , perhaps there is a power crazy cat sitting on Donalds Trumps head ?

1. EU will someone left the door open so of course we will go out then come back in then go out again and so it goes on .

2. Nationalising cats after all there is power in those paws .

3. The right to knock random stuff off any surface.

4. What is yours is mine whether I need it or not ~ I own everything.

5. There is no word "NO "

6. Free tuition at the University of Cunning.

7.  I pledge more cardboard boxes .

8. I am not a pacifist I will launch weapons , claws , tails * sitting in front of the television.

9.  Smoked salmon in the bowl of every cat ~ no longer will you go hungry and have to put up with an empty bowl.

10 Naps 23 hours a day on a chair of your choice.

Of course I may backtrack on a policy promise here or there , you brought a whole case of the cat food I like ~

"I don't like it anymore "

You want a plant and a cat impossible "you cannot own both , the plant is going down unless you kill it first "

Popping to the loo ? then I need to come to and paw the door wide open * oh is there workmen in the house oh dear I am so sorry.


  1. Great manifesto Jack - maybe you should be in charge

  2. Ha, think Rosie would agree with the manifesto!

  3. I never knew about Abraham Lincoln's cats!

  4. Hey Jack, great manifesto, when are you taking up office?

  5. Well I think i prefer the sound of Jack's one to be honest! Especially if I get to have the naps too...


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