Monday, 25 September 2017

University Drop Off The Reality For The Parents

You've just dropped your child off at university at you've probably got the tune " Somewhere out there " looping round in your head. Your maybe writing this blog post at 6.30 am who knows , maybe your looking at the university pudding menu saying to yourself "They won't eat that that or that " You have taught them how to make Macaroni cheese so least they can make that on the weekend when they have to fend for themselves ( although he does have GCSE cookery )

When you drop off your child at university it's all a bit confusing it looks like a club 45 to 55 , don’t worry  there will be people to help you move in .At York University they are called SYTCS and they are super helpful lugging all the stuff to the room .

At the parent orientation talk we were told let them settle it and don't over text them ! the university found that a settling in period of 2 weeks is beneficial. There was a question and answer session ~ I didn't ask what happens if they don't like the pudding choices.

Of course that's not to say you can't text from your pets....

Once your into their room it's essential to make sure they make it feel like home even if all the rest of their stuff is strewn about.It really is going to take a few hours to get sorted and that includes the wifi and this is where their new flat mates come in as it gives them a chance to break the ice and make friends/get some help.

Taking a few things from home will make them feel at ease and there will be less for you to dust at home ~ result !

Thought update :”NO your child going to university means you actually have to do housework now as there's no teenager to blame for mess.”

Also it’s pure coincidence that there just happens to be a York shopping outlet nearby the university ...

“oh for Pete sake “ said Mr T

“Don’t think I know them “ says I 


  1. Aww! I hope your boy settles in well at uni...I can't imagine doing this but a few years ago I couldn't imagine my girl at secondary school. Time goes so quickly x

    1. It really does fly x I I think he will settle he has been texting about toilet cleaner so that is a good start !

  2. I'll try again! I managed to mess up the last comment! This all sounds very familiar, I was doing it this time last year. Fab post, I hope he loves it and that you and the cat) are doing okay!? :)


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