Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Friends Have Got This

My friends have got this ...

My friends have got me , my true friends that is and I’m going to fight back and I’m going to fight back doing what I want.I get people don’t want sadness in their lives hell did you think I do  ?!

I spent 4 years literally making sure I didn’t fall down the rabbit holes and everything thing I do is my therapy.People deal with things in their way and you might think I should steer away from social media and perhaps be a hermit.

I’m not going to be cross or angry at people in them thinking I should be living my life like a hermit.Instead I’ll tut and think their loss if they can’t share my view of joy of the world.You can’t force people to like you and neither can you always like people yourselves it’s a human thing but I’m always respectful of people and I’ve empathy , empathy is what makes use understand people’s condition.Now I’ll admit I struggle with empathy at times but I do have it , it’s just part of my self journey to find out why I’m wired the way I am.

Yes I’ve feel like I’ve had the joy sucked out my universe it’s funny how stuff dies that to you and I immensely take stuff to heart more than I really should but that’s just me.I am resilient but I like company then again I don’t like company , don’t be afraid to contact me as long as you have got something nice to say and are bearing tea .

Yes, yes  I wish I could catch a break but I’m focusing on me and my family ~ sounds kind of selfish yeah but it’s called selfcare.

And you know mental health isn’t an Olympic sport if it was then surely I’d have a medal or 2 by now.

What saves , what stops me screaming out ~ my photography my love of architect , my family oh and cups of tea.

You might me thinking I shouldn’t be sharing pictures and that I shouldn’t be having a life but it’s my recovery my selfcare.

But I’m living again there are more days where I do feel like myself and I shouldn’t be worried if someone is thinking I shouldn’t be taking pictures or not.

This is me.

This is my line.

I’m in the process of creating a garden oasis ( not a rock band ) there is a rock garden or 2 in there though , it’s amazing what stabbing the soil does for the soul , I assure you there’s no body under my patio!

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