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Vax W-90-RU-P Rapide Carpet Washer blog review

Now I wont go all Stepford wives on you about cleaning , I really don't  love cleaning, it's  actually soul destroying and however much I wish I was Martha Stewart it just isn't going to happen and if I declared how much I loved cleaning in reality you would all be gorging my eyes out now wouldn't you!

Never has a cleaning product been so anticipated I was hoping and so was Mr t that it would unleash the domestic goddess that lurked underneath. Though Mr T's wish of me turning into Nigella Lawson isn't going to happen *wafts tea towel to shut up smoke alarm *

Anyway to the mission in hand:

The Product… Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra Carpet Washer 
Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra Carpet Washer 
I liken this to a sports car  a rather sexy sports car that James Bond himself would drive.Let us look at its specifications:

Power under the hood

1000 watts

Fuel  Capacity
(what it holds in  clean water to you and I)

4.5 litres

On board gadgets

It has tools.

The ability to get rid of baddies...
(How much dirty water it holds)

3 litres

Is it light enough to save the world?
(If you have to rush down stairs because you have spilt your martini
is it light enough to carry upstairs again?

Yes as It weighs 10.7 g 

Can it reach all those ninja fighting stains?

Yes it has a cleaning reach of 11 metres

Other accessories that are included :
Float chamber, handle locking pin, pre treatment wand & holder, cleaning solution.
And the all important Wash tool ideal for cleaning your stairs or more importantly the seats of your Always read the instructions though there is a quick start guide on the back of the water tank for the impatient like myself !

Wash tool

The saviour to the those horrible stains is the the pre treatment wand ...

Pre Treatment will tackle those nasty lurking stains that look well you know....
The first job to use was the Pre-treatment wand that fitted to the front of the cleaner, again with the easy to follow  Pre-treatment instructions.

I started with the recommended pre-treatment as my bedroom carpet hadn't been cleaned since I moved in 5 years ago and its beige ( well it was more grey ) The solution needed to be mixed with water and then added to the cold water tank. Using the attached wand you then spray the desired area.

Vax recommends that pre-treatment is left for the full recommended 10-15 minutes before starting the full carpet cleaning process. Giving you time to either have a coffee or tackle the bombsite that is usually the bathroom!

This is a over riding factor to me that will be money saving as no more will I have to buy those supermarket bottle to treat the irksome stains that frequent my house on many occasions * shakes first at silver tabby Rollie *
The ‘Rapide Ultra 2′ 
"The Rapide Ultra 2 carpet cleaner takes all the hassle out of washing, so you can be confident your carpets look and smell as clean as your clothes, every day. Its flexible hose and wash tool make it easy to clean your stairs, upholstery and even your car seats. For really stubborn spots, there's also a pre-treatment kit to break down dirt and stains before you wash. 


It is quite a beast of a machine but its a one shot deal in my opinion buy this and it will see you through all your domestic woes. I would defiantly recommend getting one if you have just become proud new parents  if you wish your home to look the same now your little bundle of joy has arrived.

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2′ has given my now beige bedroom carpet a whole new lease of life no more does my bedroom scream boring.It was easy to set up and was easy to use fantastic.   The cleaner doesn’t let off excess water making your carpets soaking like many others tend to do. The inclusion of  the New Dual V technology ensures consistent, powerful suction to carpets dry really quickly. I really wish I had, had this carpet cleaner when last year I spilt a can of that pink paint that turns white onto my beige, hall and stair carpet. I bought a cheap carpet cleaner to try and do the job but it didn't work now if I  had, had the The ‘Rapide Ultra 2′  it would have done the job and saved me £2000 pounds and I would now be sunning myself in Barbados. *curses*

 This product is ideal is you have carpets that regularly require cleaning, especially if you have a child or children that partake in muddy activities as mine does rugby , football you name it he takes part in it !, Then  the ‘Rapide Ultra 2′ will be your ideal cleaning companion.

Disclosure I was  given the ‘Rapide Ultra 2′ for review. all views remain my own and the words are entirely my own.

Also no villains were harmed in the making of this review. ....


  1. These look awesome I need to get me one of these x

  2. Mine is very similar to this one and I love it. There's something quite satisfying about emptying the dirty water chamber. (**I need to get out more**)


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