Thursday, 14 February 2013

Take away :Think twice

I have been a been a victim of a hold up.

A crime that will get repeated over and over again.

To be fair I am probaly a victim of my own laziness .. wanting a treat on Valentines day.

Yes I succumbed to that trend that is online food ordering. Its not something we do very often its a treat ....

But I tell you what in future I am going to the takeaway that I see on line and odering from them direct.

Now I understand that people have a business to run and that items will be marked up and that you will pay more I accept that.

But what I am outraged with is utter daylight robbery so below is a summary of my order.

Just eat prices and the Chinese takeaway prices.

Chicken Curry (Just Eat ) £4.50 Chinese Price £3.90

Egg Fried Rice Large (just Eat) £2.80 Chinese price £2.40

Pork balls Sweet and Sour (Just Eat ) £5.00 Chinese Price £4.00

Special Egg Foo Yung £5.30 (Just Eat) £5.30 Chinese Price £4.40

Just eat delivery £2.50 plus 50p for processing card Chinese price free delivery over £15 

Total order price for Just eat order £20.60 Chinese order would have been £14.70 ( but I would have ordered prawn crackers to tip it over the £15 )

That's a huge difference of £5.90 and again I stress I understand the need for a mark up we all have to eat .. believe me the irony of this statement is not lost on me. But what I object too and quite rightly is such a horrific mark up.

When it was delivered the man said to me never order through Just Eat with us as they charge too much.

I have been told that the price should be the same as ordering through the restaurant itself .. well its not and I feel as if I have been mugged.


  1. That is outrageous!! I have seen the Just Eat thing but it doesn't really operate around here much.

  2. The whole fun of the take out is putting your coat on and popping down the road. Going in, standing in a line, ordering, sitting down. Wait for your number. Paying and picking up the shiny white plastic mini bags and walking home. We MUST not loose that experience ever. Online fast food ordering is the work of the DEVIL

  3. I'm glad I've seen this - we only have one takeaway in the immediate area that operates with Just Eat. I was also under the impression that the cost of the takeaway was the same to the consumer. I'd assumed that the takeaway owners themselves would pay Just Eat a commission on each sale. That amount of money is one persons meal in my house, being six of us, including four children who eat like grown men.

    I've actually written a post or two on 'Fakeaways' and how little they cost to make at home compared to the cost of a meal. It was shocking. But then, you still have to cook it, which in itself is worth paying not to do :-)

  4. I was a bit peeved the other day as well, would have been more peeved had I actually been paying. I did a G/F blog review for Domino's last week, ordered online and collected. But when I went to collect they had prominently displayed a code for 40% off if you spent more than £35 - but only if you ordered online. Why was this not displayed online? Do they expect you to go in, see the code, go home and order on line and then go back and pick up ( mind a lot could do it from a smart phone in the car park). had I spent £50 out my own pocket and seen that I would have kicked up one hell of a fuss.

  5. Andrea Dodd (lifewithliv)15 February 2013 at 10:54

    Wow thats shocking! Its not really taken off around here thankfully!

  6. Don't use it very often, but now I know better!

  7. I knew they were a little bit more, but didn't realise it was that much, I'd never sat down & worked it out. It's hard, Just Eat (and Hungry House, and others) have to make a profit, and the takeaways are run on such tight margins they can't afford to lose 50p+ per item on the order.

    Just Eat has taken off big time around here recently, they've been really pushing the takeaways into signing up with them. I'll be thinking more than twice about it now - though I do love being lazy and having a delivery.


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