Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wanted Spaceman to fight space monsters ..

Ever had one of those days when life is just a blur ?

Where you feel as you in a movie and the whole of the world is revolving round you?

You're not feeling sad, cross, negative or angry,

Life's just feels mediocre,

You then have a conversation with a five year old relating to "what you want to be with you grow up"

You receive a multitude of answers.

"A Red Bull racing car driver"

"A Teacher"

"A Princess"

"A spaceman"

Now spaceman intrigued me since there is a susposed decline in children wanting to go to space.

I asked "what do you want to do in space ?"

The reply with honesty was "Fight space monsters silly !"

So I think the answer is to just let your imagination fly and then you getting the feeling I am going to be all right.


  1. Cute little person. Space monsters. Maybe his parents are Star Wars fans? ;-)

    1. Absolutely everyone needs to make their own choice , whoa re we to judge eh ?;-)

  2. OBVIOUSLY that's why you become a space man! If space men don't fight space monsters, who will? Then the space monsters will take over the earth & we will all be under their power, except for Rollie, who will rule them all with pure evil!

    Squeaky currently wants to be a cowboy, not sure why.

    1. Cowboy is a great job , please may I be one as well.


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