Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The big blogging fairy cake

You know for once I am stepping out of my fluffy domain and saying there is room in the blogging world for us all. For example I am good at what I do .. I like to help people and will go out out my way to do so .

I think some of us need to get a grip, just because you have an a prize winning blog doesn't mean you can be little people, stamp on their toes or make them feel inadequate. We get enough patronising behaviour in the real world without it infiltrating our lives within social media.

We can all keep Calm and Carry on..

If I don't understand DON"T sigh and tut tut me or others in need explain simply even if you have to do it step by step in an email , I will be grateful.

After all we are only as good as out last blog post aren't we ... 


  1. Sounds fair enough to me.....

    I'm a tiny sprat in a huge pond, and fortunately I've been greatly helped by more than a handful of bigger fishes, for which I am incredibly grateful.

    Also - I'm only 5' tall :)


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