Saturday 23 November 2013

There's No Party Like A #DoctorWho Party!

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who !

Doctor Who beloved by all , everyone has a doctor who is their doctor , mine is Tom  Baker who loved Jelly Babies !

Here we have a fusion of Tom Baker and Matt Smith because " Bow Ties are cool"

The Adipose's party upon Matt Smith's Fez and who can blame them?

They are friendly but I think it was dangerous of them to come to the party !!

Making the Adipose is quite simple but please supervise small children round them.

You'll need large white marshmallows, tiny white ones and cocktail sticks.

1. Break a cocktail stick into two , repeat as necessary .

2. Stick the broken cocktail stick into your large white marshmallow ( being careful of any splintering bits)

3. Stick on the little marshmallows .

4. Finish off with the arms and decorate with an icing tube !

5 . An Adipose just ready to walk away !!

Next was the Dalek cake I brought the mould myself from Lakeland. It was at this point Mr T took over he was in Mary Berry mode. He used her recipe for the cake mix and it worked at the first attempt . Using the cake release product on the silicone mould really helped the cake and as a result no detail was lost.

Jelly tots are useful allies to the daleks didn't you know !

I love how the Adipose lovingly looks up at the Dalek !

But don't blink even for just a minute ...

The daleks name oh that would be Dave!


  1. WOW! Can I come to yours!! lol Everything looks great!!
    Those Adipose's are brilliant!!
    I'm so excited for tonight!! Not long now!!

  2. WOW!! It looks brilliant, more than brilliant, spectacular!

  3. Can i come too please! Love the Adipose :))

  4. OH MY... These are awesome!!

    My Doctor is Sylvester McCoy (I am an 80s baby who grew up with him as The Doctor)

    We don't have live tv anymore, so will have to wait until it is on iPlayer... so I better stay off Twitter tonight in case anything is mentioned I don't want to see!

  5. How did you get Dave such a great colour? Hungry minds need to know. And if I eat an Angel, will I survive, or will it get me from inside because I'm not watching it any more?

  6. How did you get Dave such a great colour? Hungry minds need to know. And if I eat an Angel, will I survive, or will it get me from inside because I'm not watching it any more?

    (Sorry if this appears many times, I am having a spot of trouble with my space time continuum. Tonight's lottery numbers are 6, 19, 23, 25, 42 & 49. Bonus ball is 3. {I'm totally going to have to put those numbers on now})

  7. Claire your Dalek is sooo amazing! much more detial than mine but then not being a DR Who fan I am not really sure of all the details! all the party food you have made is great and i hope you are enjoying your party x x

  8. wow I am so impressed, all looks amazing, and I love the adipose simple but effective. Nevr see a lot of foodie posts on here.
    Had to laugh at Lorraine Cooper...wee bit bother there with her timey

  9. I've loved seeing these popping up on my Instagram feed.
    The Dalek looks awesome.
    I loved 'The Day of the Doctor' but not looking forward to the christmas episode and saying goodbye to Matt Smith. :(

  10. even not being a Dr Who fan I am still loving these!! xx

  11. Oooo the Adipose is soo cute! I want one! <3


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