Thursday, 12 June 2014

Circles Of Life , The Slice Of Life

Yesterday, at school one of the children said to me " But I don't want to lose my tooth" . "Why?" I asked quite earnestly . "I don't want to grow old " said the child quite ridden with angst. "We have to grow up sadly , I did". " Oh I don't want to be like you " said the child most confidently . "I want to be a doctor " There you have self assured , assertive behaviour and that is what we love about children isn't it.

I am thinking right now my life is easier with a herd of cats the expectation of remembering is not exhaustive it is get up open the kitchen door and nose dive onto the floor as the little angels trip me up. Don't expect to be able to get a cup of tea first oh no , for if you do one for certain will be shimming up your leg as if it is conquering the Matterhorn , just be grateful you didn't have your legs. It is Rollie that will try and shimmy up your leg, like a pensioner going for the knockdown bargains at ASDA not relenting for one minute till they get that reduced potted beef for 10p. The other cat is like a teenager coming and going as he chooses, he demands to be let out of the front door comes in through the cat flap and then circles round again. And for his show stopping piece he will want to come through the patio doors and then run away as soon as you open it.

At the push of a button you can can thing you want in your home , all hail Amazon Prime bless est is the delivery of Victoria Sponge cake tins by 1pm . And yet as a family collective with the brain power of a small planet we forgot to go to my sons football event , ironically I was checking my village on twitter and some photos came up of a football event. "Shouldn't we be someone where " I said to Mr T " Oh sheds" said Mr T. Cue much calamity ,waving of arms sobbing , guilt tripping accusations and then "ooh well" The digital age for if it is not in my little God box then it is not happening . I think should I write stuff down more like the good old family calendar but I would probably just forget where I put that as well. I have a nagging feeling I should be doing something right down "oh bugger the bread in the oven"

Phew it isn't burnt and I am purely wafting this tea towel because I am hot.

Anyway back to you lot.

Soon I am going to brave the world of Gumtree , I have heard whisperings of this and the declaration of the brilliance, so I am going to give it a whirl. Usually I just plonk it on Ebay and then be done with it  , the odd wrangle with a customer gosh the British do love a moan or constructive debate as we now must call it. I am a hoarder and it is driving me nuts , I am forever finding an excuse to keep that Irish Patrick's day hat or that Pirate hat. I don't really like dressing up but at a push I may dress as a minion , folk hate fancy dress parties . Just wondering will my son hate me if I dish out all the pictures of him dressed up over the years for when he is 16 later this year. You can lay the blame at some of the left of toys , we really didn't think out  that talking Yoda didn't we, annoying little sod.

A tune comes onto Radio 2 and it reminded me of my Nan and she didn't suffer rolls gladly , my Nan was cool as you can read here  a must read particularly if you need to choose your Na's mafia name and trust me who doesn't ?! What my the tune I hear you ask no some airy fairy lavender soaked tune. It was "I fought the law and the law won"

Sandwiches I dispatched my husband the other day to fetch sandwiches a simple task of bread meets filling, no complicity , no drama no fuss. Except he came back with pizza themed sandwiches "They were reduced " I mean if a badger with a tire print running through it was reduced I wouldn't expect him to haul it may triumphantly for the family roast just because it was reduced . Some combinations of sandwich filling you just don't do and pizza filling is one of them, he knows I suffer from a fear of sliced cheese in sandwiches ( this is an actual phobia ) it is called Turophobia- fear of cheese

Brie afraid..

Oh how do I like my cheese grated but it has to be the small grated side , I am afraid of the big grated side.


  1. Pizza sandwiches… hmmm. That is such a man thing to do! lol x

  2. I thought for a minute there you were going to put all of US on Gumtree. And where's my kitten? I've not had a kitten for my last comment yet. I want a kitten!

    1. Or wine, wine would be good. And it doesn't climb up your legs.

    2. I am dispatching both wine and a kitten to you . Red or white wine ?

  3. Ohh I like the sound of your cat!! Keeps you on your toes!! If hubby did bring "a badger with a tire print running through"- wouldn't it be good to feed the cat with? LOL

  4. Love your cat - we had a water spray to train ours not to do that!

  5. Pizza sandwiches? Something my 4 year old would dream up!

  6. Urgh Pizza sandwiches, that made my stomach turn x

  7. No cat gets between me and the kettle first thing in the morning. Not sure about pizza sandwiches though


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