Monday 29 December 2014

The Revolution Of Bletchley Park

I could do three good things in a day but that really isn't me , different strokes for different folks as they say . I always have a fear that things are going to go wrong , for instance I wonder why people like me , silly I know. I have never really achieved resolutions and when I have found I do it has been half hearted .

So knickers !

I'm going to go out revolutions today's revolution was to not be on my mobile until I got to my destination which was Bletchley Park, so often my nose is in a digital device , I know the irony of going to visit somewhere steeped in the history of computers and code breakers is not lost on me.

I feel wonderful to be outside again , I even managed to clap my eyes on Beneduct Cumberbatch ... 

If you head over to Bletchley Park there is a display of some of the props used in the cracking film.

The world is a better place for the brilliance of Alan Turing , he achieved much in his short life and we all owe him our debt.

My owned grandad worked at Dollis Hill never said what he did , official secret act and all that. Even when he could say he didn't old fashioned silent hero to the every end of his life.

And as ever I'm all about the bunting oh yes , bunting is the eternal cheerer upper !

More bunting that you can shake a stick at !

And no trip to Bletchley Park would complete without seeing Colasses and Tuny, we quite simply would not personal computers,smart phones and tablets without these.

Revolutions are fun : Space Invaders fun

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  1. I'm envious. Bletchley Park is somewhere I've always wanted to visit (along with Jodrell Bank, and the "Secret Nuclear Bunker" with big brown tourist signs!). It's an amazing insight into a very special part of our past, and as you say, we wouldn't be attached to our digital devices without them. And congratulations on Cumberbatch spotting. I would probably have been completely oblivious & walked straight past him.


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