Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Crossing Bridges In The woods : Gallery Cold

The bridge over the stream into the woods.

Happiness is achieved by pushing yourself beyond its mental limits , yes it blooming freezing and when venturing into the woods I'm half expecting to meet Mr Timnus by the lamppost , or see the ice queen sleek by in her silvery sledge.

Pushing forward when you are on your own you hear sounds like a non ghost version of moaning myrtle , I could only get so far as I only had my walking boots on and I haven't got any wellies. It look jolly good squelchy , squelchy mud as well.

The woods are also the local nature reserve , it is known as the brick works and was once would you believe it the centre of the medieval world for alabaster , warmer climates the alabaster is ideal outside but in the damp climates of England the uses are mostly inside.

Life provides many opportunities , your lifetime opportunity could come only once and whilst many opportunities would be nice , life doesn’t roll the dice like that. How your use your opportunity can affect other lives so much like ripples radiating out. Have I had my time ? I really don’t know I will live my life to the fullest and that is the best I can do.

A kindness doesn’t have to be justified , I took a colleague and friend to lunch and when asked why I simply said

“Just because it is nice to be kind”

Social kindness and nicest is not complicated like Atticus Finch you can learn a life lesson , our lives and souls are entwined with each other.

Entwined branches.

I am so much happier now I can get outside more after being ill at Christmas , I can't tell you how frustrated I am not seeing the sky and trees and the ever-changing canvas nature is, ooh and the bird song, if only Mr Robin would stop still for a a picture then life would be complete.

Eveytime I go to the woods I see something different , and I think one week I will have a winter picnic there ! Step up to life it is not going away !

The steps up to the magical woods.

I have had to cross many bridges to get where I am that is not to say there won't be sad times but I tell you what I won't be told when and when I can be sad but I am to polite to tell folk to go forth , I would rather use my energy and get and relax , they will figure they said a bad or hurtful thing the cosmos will twang their soul. I know I get a twang on my soul if I do something wrong and if I didn't make mistakes I wouldn't be human now would I .

The woodland bridge over the stream.


  1. It is nice to be kind! But so rare these days as everyone is so busy! Lovely post x

  2. People forget that even a little gesture can mean so much to someone else don't they. How lovely of you to take your friends out...and as much as I know I should get out more into the fresh air I am very guilty of not doing it enough. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  3. It sounds like a great place for a walk, even in the cold! And everyone makes mistakes!

  4. Your photos look so inviting, there is nothing better than a walk in the woods especially at winter time.

  5. I love a bridge, not sure why but I am always so pleased if I come across a bridge on a walk. Lovely pictures x

  6. What gorgeous words and pictures. Kindness goes a long way.

  7. It's true, none of us are perfect, and it is definitely nice to be kind x

  8. You just took me right back to my childhood and reading my favourite book when you mentioned Mr Timnus and the lamppost :)
    We went for a winter picnic in the woods when Aiden was younger. It was more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be!

  9. Kindness goes a long way! I believe in Karma - Continue as you are my lovely, don't worry about them!
    Thanks for sharing

    Charlotte x

  10. I always tend to be more kind with others than people are with me , i still open doors for people , smile at someone walking past hoping they smile back, its becoming less and less where people communiate in the street on walking past each other, worlds are enticed by social media and to me its such a shame , I believe in karma, treat people the way you wish to be treat so I always give my best and kindest and hope to have it returned also x

  11. Such a lovely post. I love going for walks too as it gives me time to think about the day and sometimes plan ahead. The pictures of the woods are amazing and a picnic there sounds cool!

  12. Sounds amazing and such gorgeous pictures #thegallery

  13. A very nice post Claire! So lovely to hear you so full of positinevess

  14. I love your photographs- I love finding places like this, where you see different things every time. The natural world is beautiful

  15. Beautiful photos, you've really capture the woods well

  16. I love the pictures, you live in such a beautiful place. You are so right too - being nice to each other is important

  17. Talk to Mr Robin. They understand, and sometimes they stop still to listen to you talking to them, and you can snap a cheeky photo or two.

  18. A beautifully written post.
    A nice walk whatever the weather is definitely good for the soul.

  19. It looks like a lovely place! I think there is something very beautiful about a wood in winter, even more so than in summer in some ways.

  20. woods are such exciting places, so magical! x


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