Sunday, 8 February 2015

Purrfectbox Review By Jack Black The Cat

The human bean told me package would be coming for me , as I'm cat I've not concept of time , so I waited 

And waited 

And waited

Had a sulk and a huff.

Today Mr Postman is it for me ?

Then those awfully nice folk at Purrfectbox decided to send me a package( I've been told to point out the wait time wasn't actually that long but I'm a cat what do I know , I've not told the Grey one , currently he is in search of his soul.

Yay a box !

But wait it is full of goodies that I'm not sharing not now not ever !

The contents of the box vary each month in January's box :

Yes there was a Wasabycat wooden scratching block there and I was warned over my use of catnip as last time I got my claws on a bag of catnip I went and I quote ' jolly well squiffy ' but as this was in a block I would be just fine as the catnip was sprinkled in between the slats ~ the block is awesome dude.

There was a couple of toys in there I was particularly fond of the catnip horsey , least my human bean won't shreek when going into the kitchen bare footed thinking they've trod in a real mouse when it's just a realistic toy one. Then they moan when I do bring a real one in , see what I've got to work with here people a human bean with double standards. The other one was from Flamingo cat toys, which is was a toy on a piece of elastic string , in time honoured tradition I played with the string.

I had the sachet and was made to share begrudgingly the tin of Tuna cat food from Schesir. We liked it so much we were fussy and went off our regular cat food , well it is in the job description of us cats in really really small print.

 Avanti crunchy cat treats were literally a dream as they have cat nip in them , I like cat nip (floats off for a moment)

The  Sanicat Professional Aloe Vera Wash Mitts  not were an interesting inclusion , apparently my human bean says you can get cat shampoo ( inserts manic cat meowing) as cats  like having a bath... not one little bit! but I have to say the mitts are a very pawsome alternative.

SO if your human bean likes treating me  us, you , then they should get your handy mitts  on a Purrfectbox monthly goody box for your cat subscription, for just £19.90 (inc. delivery) The price does come down if you subscribe for a half a year(£17.90 per month inc .delivery) or a year (£15.90 per month inc delivery)

Cat disclosure : My human bean was sent this for me us to review and we loved it , I ( Jack ) am getting help with my catnip addiction.


  1. You know, Jack, you would be an excellent reviewer if you didn't drift off into a 'nip induced haze every now and then. I think you need to have a word with your human - tell her you need turkey. Cold turkey.

  2. Jack is such a lucky cat! Love the box that filled with goodies! Great ideas to pamper little one!

  3. Your cat is super cute - love all his 'waiting' he did! We are in the throws of thinking about/getting a kitten. Will be the first time we've had one as a family and I am still wondering whether its a good idea, but seeing yours I have to say I am being swayed!

  4. haha this is one awesome review! I wish my cats could write like this :-)


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