Monday, 6 July 2015

When Did you Read That Last Bedtime Story ?

When did you last read that last bedtime story ?

When you read that bedtime story to your child ?was it the last one ever? , when did the last bedtime story become the forever thing in the past ? I can't remember the last bedtime story so there is a twang of sadness in my life . I have just read Tattooed Mummy's Randoms on her daughter nearly turning 16 , out children at a similar age though my son is already 16. And you see 16 is that cusp of remembering what you were doing at 16 ....  16 seems now to be that twilight time. I don't have a party popping 16 year old , I have a just got first job sensible 16 year old , putting them selves forward in a job that puts them out of their comfort zone.

SO why do I feel so bereft I was the one that plonked them at Beavers when they were sobbing with their arms clung round my legs with my husband saying he wasn't ready, I was the one who signed them up to try ballet ( despite husband mutterings ) I was the one who signed them up for horse riding lessons. I was the one that booked Cairo and trekked my child in the Egyptian desert , I was the one that booked Dubai and let my child go down the worlds highest water slide. It wasn't pushy parent syndrome.

And when asked "Is this a GCSE text " I nonchalantly said " OOOH no" and handed over a big pile of books while running away. I was the one that said

"WE don't have that as a screen saver"

I am strict and yet I am fair Game of Thrones hasn't been watched by the teen here but he knows what has gone off through discussion on youtube ( his youtube is restricted ) I am the one that checks the occasional attitude ( do some husbands have a filter  ? probably laughs like Eddie Murphy)

There was utter panic when I couldn't contact him in the next rural village , it is a mum thing , husbands I think are more chilled out ... SO 5 phone calls later and furious typing on my husbands mobile , we actually went a fetched him from the village mobile blackout spot . I don't think it is the most helpful reply from a certain mobile phone company that suggests if my teen moves 4,000 metres outside the village they will get a better signal. Not the best in a rural location in the dark ....

But I need to see them as an adult in the house and not a Gremlin ... mmmm maybe not yet

As I type this they are still asleep yesterday they worked hard in a pub serving food....

"What will you do with your money ?"

Big shrug of shoulders ...

So when did I read the last bedtime story OOOOH when did I ?


  1. I want to stop the clock and for them not to grow up anymore. We still read to the boys. They are 10 and 9. I do wonder about kids watching inappropriate stuff.

  2. This has made me want to read more bedtime stories. My oldest is 19 this year and it's been ages since he had a story but the little two love a story, I'll make sure a keep it up for ages x

  3. Oh dear, that's such a moving post. I still read to my son - long may it continue...

  4. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes does it? Since we were tucking them in!! I can still remember the words off by heart to the story I read to both my two. I'm sure it's etched in my brain now!

  5. Oh I can't comprehend how I will ever stop reading bedtime stories, I want them to stay little forever

  6. I've not read to my children properly in ages! The older two are competent readers and devour books so fast I'm not sure I'd keep up! My youngest starts school in September oh where does the time go!

  7. You're right, you never know which bedtime story will be the last. My youngest is 12 and we stopped reading bedtime stories at some point after he started secondary school. I might see if I can read e few more with him though!

    1. Roald Dahls boy is a great one to read at that age.

  8. Whenever I visit my nieces and nephews, reading is one of the things we always do first x

  9. I'v not read to my 12 year old for quite a while but we stil do things together and that is enough for me. Mich x

  10. Awww precious times. Great news on your teens first job, a very well done. Stories are so important and I say never too old to read one at night ;)

  11. Well done on him getting a job. I cannot remember when we stopped reading to our older ones - now they read to their brothers and sisters

  12. That has brought a lump to my throat. We remember the firsts, but the lasts are so easily overlooked. For we don't ever truly mean them to be the last x

  13. My babies are all grown up now and I get to do it all again with our Granddaughter. I do miss my 4 all being small though x

  14. Time just flies by doesn't it Claire! Well done on him getting a job, that's brilliant. We've read to POD since she was 6 months old, she's only 4.5 now so will still read to her. Her vocabulary has definitely benefited as a result. She said 'that's preposterous' to be the other day LOL!

  15. I do read a story to Pickle every night. It is currently Peppa Pig and Recycling! He loves it - and I am always glad when I have read it. Kaz x

  16. Now a days reading bed time stories have become rare , its so sad when my kids were small we read every day


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