Monday, 14 September 2015

Crossing Blogging Bridges

As a blogger there is nothing worse then staring at a blank page but you put a picture up and immediately everything is transformed , just because it is not the glossy magazine type quality of others it doesn't matter. As bloggers we really should stop comparing ourselves to others , if anything we should take inspiration as comparing ourselves to others really can become self consuming .  After all I have seen those I know who started at the same time at me do very well and that is super and others like myself just stay as we are. If a change is thrust upon us do we lose a bit of who we are or do we gain ? I feel ti s a little bit of both after all it is real life.

Blogging is crafting and they are so many various of blogs nowadays.

If I feel low or just need a break I take myself out and capture the world around be to be inspired , what you do might me different.

I can blog about again I mean if you look back I blogged about my en suite toilet being broke , just in case you were wondering it is still blog and the plumber is coming at 7pm to suck through his teeth and give us his diagnosis. On the school front I am another £35 down for a state school I am finding the whole process of 6th form a very expensive one indeed consequently I am juggling blog design costs for my blog makeover.

I could leave my blog at it is after old it is old faithful and people say leave it we love it  ? I think we all need a little change as it is what keeps us fresh though we do have what keeps us constant in life and blogging.

I have crossed many bridges to get where I am today and I am proud of what I have achieved , still gaining in strength though keeping my eyes out for any frailties.

Where I live inspires my blog and myself so much and I am so lucky to have the countryside / woods on my doorstep.

You know once I had a flash of fame in the blogging world, you might need to sit down for this it was on the Mumsnet Blog Network and the blog subject was on Gnome Knickers , it was a post about Gnomes that wear knickers . I mean I know I am semi rural but we aren't that peculiar round here My Gnome lives upstairs in the bedroom is quite wild out there .

You see blogging for me can take me any where and every and that is how I like it .

I liken blogging to a toddler unpredictable .


  1. Absolutely. Blogging is a great way to express all kinds of things - from photos of autumn leaves, to broken toilets (I'm at home today as someone is here ripping our bathroom to pieces), to rants, and even what gnomes wear under their kilts. Blogging is a personal thing, it's a diary, just made public. Random is good :)

  2. A blank page is a source of inspiration for photos and words and every blogger makes their pages their own.

  3. The great thing about blogging is it's your blog and you make the rules. You can write what you want to write about and anything goes. As long as you're happy all your readers will be too x


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