Friday, 18 September 2015

Power Slide Into Your Age

So you are counting down to 30 or even 40 well jolly good for you , I am sliding towards the age of heated foot warmers , life insurances emails , and more emails like "stair lifts have you planned for this" Stop just stop . I refuse to be old before my time I really do  and when I saw a local undertakers were doing glitter coffin that really took the biscuit , they even had an open day where you could take a trip in a horse drawn hearse.

So this is the year in which I am 43 and I am not liking it one little bit , there seems to something glam about turning 30 and 40 , When you hit 41 that is still ok as you are in the vespers of being 40 still and you are jolly with it.

You can have your cake and eat it too ~ a moment on a lips a lifetime on the hips. Trouble is there is quite a few moments at the minute ....


  1. He he I love that photo :) did Kitty get any cake? Don't worry about age. Eat all the cake :)

    1. He he I kept the cake away form the cat he's obsessed by cake, ice-cream and yogurt! And yes to eating all the cake,

  2. Lol I hated turning 30 (2 years ago) but it is just a number. I do feel old though when I see teenagers of family and friends (who in my head must only be about 7/8) who look older than me with their scouse brows and inch thick contouring makeup! - time flies :(


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