Wednesday, 15 January 2014

50 Shades of Blue

You what ?

The who?

The Womans institute

I went.

I can hear you gasping.

Yes it's full of people who are older than me.

In fact I think I am the youngest.

I went to the woman's institute with my mother when I was seven I think it was a talk on birds.

I went to the on a trip to the New Forest as well I think .

And that is my only venture till now into the world of the woman's institute .

I joked  " I suppose we sing Jerusalem"

We sang a hymn it was  "`Jerusalem"

I rather like this hymn.

Yes there this cake.

NO doubt there are cliques but in the most friendly of ways.

There was a resolution to vote on for and it was to vote against genital mutilation.

Which I think it a rather good cause !

Who says the woman's Institute was out of touch !

There is a  "Fifty Shades of Blue " party where you wear blue .

I suspect I shouldn't go dressed as a giant smurf ....


  1. Brill, I went to WI for a year, it's a great way to feel young :-) I must say they were a very friendly bunch and made me feel very welcome maybe in 15-20 years time I might rejoin.

  2. they sound like a friendly bunch! I've often wondered what it is like! x

  3. I'd love to go along to our local group - maybe I will this year x

  4. A friend of mine made a documentary on the modern WI. Apparently they're ever so trendy these days!

  5. sounds interesting! I think groups like this are a great idea to build friendships in your local area

  6. I'd love to join my local WI. I had no idea they still sang though!

  7. I think you should completely go as a giant smurf, you'd rock it out! I'd love to go to the WI but in our town it truly is the elderly who go, most of whom are my mum's friends! I'd love a younger WI group to start up nearby.

  8. I used to go to my local WI for a bit, ours even did a cocktail making class!

  9. I've been wondering what happens at a WI meeting. Thanks for sharing. I may pop along my local one too now.

  10. Dressed as a giant surf. Yes. Try that :) Kidding of course, but it did make me smile :) Lovely post

  11. Sounds like fun! I love the idea of the WI but I can't do crafts that require skill.
    I can bake though, and eat cake with the best of them.
    When I was in hosp last for a while I read literally every magazine in the building, and one of them was from the WI -
    it actually looked really fun! Will have to have a look and see if we have a local contingent as they are pretty posh round here (I am not lol)
    I love the New Forest to bits - hope you had a great time :-)

  12. My mum has just joined and she is loving it. Not sure I'll be joining her just yet though

  13. Heheh, I think I must be officially old now as when my mother tells me about her WI talks I think "Oh, that sounds quite interesting!"

  14. Good for you. I went to the local WI three times last year. I tried to fit in, but I was the youngest by over a generation! I gave up in the end!

  15. Actually yes smurf sounds a great idea!

  16. I really think you should go as a smurf, sounds like it was interesting though. I like the idea of the WI but it's probably more the thought of women being together and sharing ideas and a laugh and I guess you could find that in many different places.

  17. Sounds like a place to get together, enjoy each others company, eat baked goods and put the world to rights. Doesn't sound bad at all!


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