Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fighting Spirit

I look forward to this year its a blank canvas but when someone attempts to spoil my canvas I take offence to the situation. How dare someone attempt to break into my home , it shakes you to your core. There are worse situations in life and you have to put all thoughts of what would happened if either myself or my husband had come across the burglars.

SO this year I will be patient.

I will not let situations spoil me , my family or my home.

I'm lucky despite all of this I still have my family.


Dear Burglar

"You didn't get into my home and I am glad,

You threaten my families safety I don't like that,

Perhaps you need help ?

I don't know ?

I am sure if you need help someone will listen ,

If you shout loud enough,

Someone will listen,

My mind plays out various scenarios,

You did that Mr Burglar you did that ,

But I rang 999 and the police came ,

I am glad,

Sheds and the such like can be fixed,

But minds well minds take time to quieten ,

Do you have a conscience?

I am not sure but I hope you develop one,

I hope,

But I will stand defiant,

And we will see who prevails

And I know it will be me.


  1. Oh sweetie, how awful. So glad no one was physically hurt but the emotional distress is horrendous. A home is supposed to be the one place we feel safe, so sorry someone has taken this from you, hope you all recover soon xx

  2. It's not nice, Claire...I do feel for you. x

    I've never had my house broken into (or attempted for that matter) but I have had a car nicked and the thing that upset me most was the sight of my 3 year old's paintings from nursery lying on the floor of the car with big muddy shoe prints all over them. It is distressing.
    I'm sorry that this happened to you. xXx


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