Tuesday, 7 January 2014

SwellPets Thermo-Kitty Cabin

"A cats life is a easy  hard life .

I enjoy a comfy spot just like the human beans and who can blame them but sometimes the spot I choose isn't quite the human bean want s. Here I am sitting in a empty selection box it was a protest as the human bean had moved the  heated Kitty cabin  into the dining room during the Christmas period to make room for the tree. But I made up for this and boxed the baubles off the tree and ran up it pahaaaaaaa !

Is an ideal cabin bed for myself and Rollie cat especially in this weather or as I get older and start collecting a pension  which I do hope is paid in mice ! . The Kitty Cabin can be placed anywhere there is a convenient plug socket. I really enjoyed sleeping in it and the human bean I might just keep them as they got this for me"

K&H have launched the new Thermo-Kitty Cabin.™  This a great new product for cats that keeps them cosy and warm.
The cabin comes with a dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit that can be removed when the bed needs to be washed.
The bed has a flexible exterior that can be formed into 3 useful shapes .The bed is designed for internal use only and comes in 2 colours, Mocha or Sage.

Price at £34.99 a good investment for your feline friend and so much better than an old a Christmas selection box.

Disclosure Jack the cat was sent this item by SwellPets and all thoughts, words  and opinions are that of Jack but obviously I had to type for him as we all know cats can't type.


  1. Jack looks like he liked it! My Toby is done with beds - he much prefers the sideboard, coffee table, back of a chair and in front of the fire. He out grew 2 beds then we got him one that he loved but then I seen one that matched the living room better and he refused to go in it. Put the old one back and he turned his nose up at that. Im sure he did it to spite me!

    1. Cats sleep any where.
      Sometimes I have to boot them off the radiator!.

  2. What a lush idea. I'm going to investigate for my three cats.

  3. "obviously I had to type for him as we all know cats can't type."

    Are you absolutely sure about that? ;) x


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